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#rockbox log for 2017-12-10

00:07:55jhMikeSUmmm...did android actually reconfigure? That one makes no sense.
00:15:58__builtinjhMikeS: Seems like a fluke to me.
00:16:32pamauryjhMikeS: are you sure you got the conditional right?
00:18:05jhMikeSit was the same warning all around. if I got it wrong nothing should build clean.
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03:10:16jhMikeSBilgus: pictureflow is crashing in get_context_map. I'm thinking likely b10c0e5?
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05:19:51tico-ticoHi, everybody. For some time Clip+ bootloader won't compile with error "[ERR] Packed data (134492 bytes) doesn't fit in the firmware (134136 bytes)". Is that something known? Sansa Clip+ v1 - Firmware version: 01.02.18, arm-elf-eabi-gcc (GCC) 4.4.4.
05:36:13jhMikeSyes, it's known and there was (is?) someone addressing that.
05:39:03tico-ticothanks for info, jhMikeS.
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10:36:05amofiuhr_I recently updated to lubuntu 17:10 and tried running Rockbox Utility. I got garbled text (see here: ). anyone know what the problem might be?
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12:25:08Bilgus_phJhmikes it is possible maybe a pointer issue, there really isn`t much going on there...
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15:11:33chriversevening folks. I just used RockboxInstaller to put newest stable rockbox on my SansaFuzeV2. It had been running the previous stable for a long time without any trouble.
15:12:01chriversAfter flash, it offered to reboot, which I accepted. At this point, it seemed to hang, so I let it sit for a little while
15:12:32chriversWhen it finally rebooted, I got "ATA error: -2"
15:12:39chrivers(and "Press ON to debug")
15:12:48chriversdrives do not present over USB
15:13:29chriversI've powered the device off, and followed the guide to do recovery
15:14:06chriversthe battery (+)-pin is desoldered, and I've bridged the recovery jumper pads with solder
15:14:19chriversbut even so, I still get ATA error -2
15:15:05chriversI can just make out "Loading Rockbox 3.14" (or however it says it), so it's definitely loading rockbox 3.14 at least a few percent
15:15:12chriverswhich makes it all the more strange
15:15:17chriversIdeas? :)
15:17:38chriverscorrection, it says "Boot Ver. 4.0" for a few jiffies, then "Ver. 3.14", both at the bottom of the screen
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15:49:10pamaurychrivers: maybe Bilgus can help you, he has worked a lot on sansas recently
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15:54:21chriversBilgus: If you have time and ideas, I'm all ears
15:54:51chriversdoes the rockbox bootloader (Ver. 4.0) react to any key presses? Is there any way to interrupt the normal boot?
16:01:35pamaurychrivers: generally speaking the only way to interrupt normal boot is a) press a special key to boot the original firmware, b) plug USB to enable bootloader usb mode (I don't know if this enabled on the fuze v2)
16:09:12chriversit seems boot-to-orig is enabled with "hold left on boot" from rockbox bootldr
16:09:19chrivers(according to rb manual)
16:09:29chriversbut this is stated to only work with the battery
16:10:11chriversand I'm a bit careful about soldering back and forth too many times
16:14:09chriversI can't even get it register as a proper USB device.. it's really strange
16:15:33chriverswaaaaaat... I let it idle in the "Debug GPIO" screen for a while, fiddled with the buttons, and then it suddenly said "Scanning disk".. something is up
16:26:27chrivers"PANIC" mount: 0 pc 30051318 sp: 300D5E58
16:26:43chrivers(followed by "bt end", which I assume means end of backtrace)
16:33:20chriversand at one point I got it to say "Error reading playlist", as well as "Installation complete"... however, it's still bricky :-/
16:34:33chriversand I notice that GPIOD seems to be flapping wildly. some of the high bits seem pretty random, even when I don't touch anything. Is this expected? Or is it just static noise on a floating gate?
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17:15:17Guest56968I screwed up
17:16:19Guest56968I wanted to install a new version of rockbox, I probably pulled the plug without dismouting the device, and now I can't reinstall nor deinstall rockbox
17:16:41Guest56968I can still mount/dismount the device though
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17:26:03Guest56968maybe if I try to delete all files by hand and then reinstall on top of that ?
17:35:33pamauryGuest56968: you should at least mention which device you have
17:36:01Guest56968pamaury: of course. sansa fuze v2
17:37:08pamauryif you pulled the plug with dismounting, maybe you should first run fsck on the drive, to make sure there are no errors
17:52:53 Part b0hoon
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18:15:14chriversGuest56968: wait, sansa fuze v2? I just flashed that today, and my device bricked.. I can't even mount the drives though :-/
18:15:47*chrivers wonders if maybe Sansa Fuze v2 firmware is b0rked
18:21:37Guest56968pamaury, chrivers : I ran fsck and it found some errors, I've now reinstalled v3.14 successfully
18:21:45Guest56968I'll try to install the dev version again
18:22:11Guest56968seems to work
18:24:31pamaurychrivers: yours sound more like a bad flash, a very common problem on sansa devices
18:32:59BilgusI'm pretty sure johnb has fuzev2 he has been testing with probably just coincidence.. chrivers are you on linux?
18:34:29BilgusGuest569968 you might want to put the multiboot bootloader on there while the going is good
18:34:32chriversBilgus: I am, yes
18:34:55Guest56968Bilgus: multiboot bootloader ?
18:34:58Bilguson the forum under unsupported builds I have some pre-compiled
18:35:01chriversBilgus: are you here a bit later? dinner is ready here :)
18:35:14Bilgusyeah I'll be around chrivers
18:35:28chriversBilgus: awesome, talk later
18:36:46Bilgusyou'll want to follw the directions for your device, you don't need the firmware for now but just the bootloader
18:37:13Bilgusunless ofc you want to run your install from the sd card to save the internal flash from wear
18:37:58Guest56968does that mean there's a bootloader that allows you to have multiple instances of rockbox on your device ? nice :)
18:38:27Guest56968idk if I would make use of it but I like the idea
18:44:14Bilgusit does but its more for when your flash goes readonly
18:44:33Bilgusor you know to prolong its life
18:45:20Guest56968hum ok
18:45:26Guest56968has it already happened ?
18:45:47Guest56968that someone keeps his DAP long enough for the NAND to wear out ?
18:46:43pamauryGuest56968: sure, plenty of sansa fuze/clip/clip+ have died because of that
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19:18:27Guest56968I would have thought that the battery would wear out before the NAND does
19:20:00pamauryGuest56968: it does but people change batteries ;)
19:21:06pamauryand Sansa's flash is exceptionally bad it seems
19:25:12 Join amofiuhr_ [0] (
19:30:25Guest56968pamaury: can you change the battery of a sansa ?
19:31:44pamauryGuest56968: yes, it involves a little of soldering I think but nothing hard, also the devices are relatively easy to disassemble
19:33:34Guest56968pamaury: ok thanks for the info
19:34:35[Saint]Reassembly on the other hand...
19:34:50[Saint]Looking at you, FuzeV2 wheel ribbon.
19:35:36[Saint]You need to be an expert at Operation for that one.
19:39:03 Join CrashBash-Kun [0] (~CrashBash@unaffiliated/crashbash-kun)
19:40:01 Join dys [0] (
19:58:39chriversBilgus: I'm back.. still there? :)
20:00:47[Saint]Bilgus is furniture now. He couldn't leave if he wanted to.
20:00:57[Saint]The trick is making him think it's his idea.
20:01:05Bilgusso run me through this you used the rb utility to install 3.14 and now you recieved ATA error? what version were you running before?
20:01:43BilgusI think Charlton Heston died like 10 years ago..
20:02:23chriverscorrect, I used newest rb utility to install 3.14, and I used 3.13 before that
20:03:36Bilguswell it could very well be that your device doesn't like the voltage scaling I can't remember if it was enabled on FUZE V2 brb
20:08:20Bilguschrivers can are you seeing errors in the bootloader or is it only after it loads the firmware
20:09:26chriversit says "Boot Ver. 4.0" for a few jiffies, then "Ver. 3.14", both at the bottom of the screen, and then "ATA error"
20:10:35chriversI'm getting ready to connect it back up to the computer now
20:10:43chriversBilgus: any ideas for recovery methods?
20:10:48Bilgusok well that does point towards the firmware and AFAICT voltage scling wasn't enabled in 3.13 so it is probably an issue of the voltage being too low, now you said something about not having the battery connected
20:11:09chriversoh, not having the battery connected was way later in the debugging process
20:11:47Bilgusah ok I was going to say it could part of the problem causing voltage droop
20:11:56chriversI tried following the recovery method in the wiki, which calls for disconnecting the battery, and putting a solder bridge on some pads
20:12:22[Saint]We need to hide that better.
20:12:26BilgusI don't think you need recovery if you are seeing the loading screen your bootloader is fine
20:12:40chrivers[Saint]: please, hide it less :D
20:12:53[Saint]The disclaimer makes it kinda clear that it's not something Joe User should even consider.
20:12:53chriversBilgus: alright, then I'm all ears on ideas for recovery. so far, nothing works
20:13:00Bilguswhat I need you to try is turn off the device and hold the 'up?' button while plugging usb
20:13:04[Saint]Most users make it worse assuming they need to do that.
20:13:09[Saint]Most often they don't.
20:13:30BilgusIt might also be the select button I'm not overly familar with the fuzev2
20:13:46chriversI'm pretty sure I've tried every button so far, but hang on, I'll try again :)
20:13:52chriversthe pdf manual calls for holding Left
20:13:54Bilgusbasically we are looking for it to say Firmware not found plug USB
20:13:57chrivers(which also does nothing)
20:14:11Bilguslet me look in the source brb
20:14:16chriverssure, thx
20:14:23chriversI'll put the thing together meanwhile
20:14:46Bilgusor if you can get into the OF
20:15:38Bilgus[Saint] it says contact us what more can we do?
20:17:19[Saint]While that is a fair argument....end users man.
20:17:21Bilguschrivers it should be hold select button while plugging usb
20:20:20 Join this_is_a_nick [0] (
20:20:20 Quit amofiuhr_ (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:22:17chrivers[Saint]: Should I feel included in the "end users" group..?
20:24:13Bilguschrivers are you able to get into the OF? or is it failing as well?
20:24:28chriverstrying as we speak, just a sec :)
20:25:18chriversso, battery disconnected. holding Select. plugging in USB. No difference
20:25:29chriversSame with Menu (the little button in the corner)
20:25:53chriversWould this only work with the battery connected?
20:26:11Bilgusmaybe? the OF is a pretty unforgiving bitch
20:26:32chriversit doesn't try to boot the oF
20:26:36chriversas far as I can tell
20:26:46chriversand nothing registered on usb
20:28:02Bilgusok grab the build for your device in that post..
20:28:10Bilgusput it on a sdcard
20:28:35chriverssure, sec
20:28:53chriversand thanks for taking the time to help :)
20:29:06Bilgusnext grab a decent usb power brick like 1.0 A or better and plug the device in to that instead
20:29:25chriversright, going to get that
20:35:21chriversok, I have the fuzev2 .rockbox dir in the root of partition 1, on an sdcard with a standard msdos partition table, fat32 on the partition
20:35:46chriversthe sd card is synced and in the fuze, and I have a 2.1A power source (no data connection). Should I just power it up?
20:38:28chriversSame result: Boot Ver. 4.0 -> Ver 3.14 -> ATA error
20:38:33Bilguswhta we are going to try to do is boot then in the sdcard run that other version of rockbox.sansa
20:39:42Bilguswell hmm if we can't get into either the OF, USB or OF we might have to do the recovery method
20:39:55Bilgussorry OF, USB or RB
20:40:23chriversAlright, and that's by jumpering the pins between the 0402 smds?
20:40:34chriversat least they feel that freaking small.. :D
20:41:27Bilgusyeah have a look on the pics and make sure 10x you have the right ones and are looking at the proper picture
20:41:35chriversI was preparing it earlier
20:41:45chriversand it's definitely the right board
20:41:45Bilgusyou really don't need a solder jumper
20:42:22Bilgusa small screwdriver works better because after it boots it needs to not be shorted anymore
20:42:55chriversbut it's ok if it is shorted while booted?
20:44:16Bilgusbasically it makes the device freak out when the flash is not accessible and it loads a special mode with usb and then we unshort it and access the flash again
20:44:30chriversah, right
20:44:35chriversI'll get on it :)
20:49:51chriversso the idea is to short it while it's booting, and that should interrupt normal boot?
20:51:21Bilgusyou will hold it shorted while you plug usb you will hear the usb connect on your pc and then unshort it
20:51:40chriversI'll try some more times
20:51:45chriversno luck the first 4 times
20:52:19Bilgusits a bit finicky but be doubly sure you are shorting the right place
20:53:09Bilgusit could also be coated with conformal coating I suppose but I doubt it so you might try scraping at it
20:54:09chriversI'm sure I'm hitting the right place, but so far I've tried like 6 times with no change
20:55:19Bilgusseveral things to try.. different port on pc, different cable, different pc
20:55:40chriversproprietary cable :(
20:55:52chriverstried a bunch of different usb ports
20:56:00chriversI'll try a different pc
20:56:32Bilgushold on did you ever connect the battery back?
20:56:49chriversnope, still hanging
20:56:52chriversI can do that
20:57:07chriverspowers on fine over just usb, seemingly
20:57:12Bilgusyeah Ive always had the battery connected
20:57:15chriversbut I can understand if that makes it do Weird
20:57:21chriversalright, I'll try that
20:58:08BilgusIf we can't get into 'recovery mode' I'd say its got hardware issues
21:01:13chrivershere's what I don't understand - isn't the "ATA error" a message from rockbox/
21:01:36chriversbattery is connected again
21:03:20Bilgusit just means it wasn't able to read/write the flash
21:03:41Bilguslike it tries 50x and if it errors out it panics
21:04:14chriversso at least it was able to load the part of the code that says that.. and shouldn't that part be able to recover, somehow?
21:04:58Bilgusas for why it could be the flash has gone bad, voltage is too low (flash is getting old).. it could also be a purely mechanical issue
21:05:28Bilguswell in theory yes since you have the bootloader we should be able to get into it and change the code
21:05:45chriversit's certainly not a completely new player any more, but it did happen during/right after the upgrade from 3.13 to 3.14, so a hardware issue is not my prime suspect
21:05:46Bilgusbut if you can't get into usb mode how can we do that
21:06:13Bilguscould you try holding select and plugging usb again now that the battery is connected
21:06:22chriverssure thing
21:06:35Bilgusits much easier to do things from within rockbox than in raw mode
21:07:39Bilgusalso try Of again now the battery is connected
21:08:58chriverswell hello there.. holding Up while booting (and holding for a while) eventually goes to a grey screen that says "Installation complete"!
21:09:05 Join CrashBash-Kun_ [0] (~CrashBash@unaffiliated/crashbash-kun)
21:09:30chriverstoggle wheel doesn't work
21:09:43 Quit CrashBash-Kun_ (Client Quit)
21:09:45chriversbut the home button at least wakes it
21:09:49chriversI'll check if usb is on
21:10:11Bilgusso you want to start rockbox.sansa from the sd card
21:10:23chriversManufacturer: / SerialNumber: 3A8B651490CF10D0C00000000
21:10:30chriversso USB is not toast
21:10:36chriversbut then 3-9.2: can't set config #1, error -110
21:10:40chriversmaybe a voltage problem
21:10:49BilgusIt most assuredly is
21:10:53chrivershang on, I'll get my in-line usb power meter
21:11:06Bilgusthe build I gave you has higher defaults
21:11:20Bilgusyou need to get that onto the device
21:11:26chriversany ideas for how?
21:11:56Bilgusif you keep pressing a button does it work properly
21:12:03jhMikeSBilgus: it's something like that. it's the ldr instruction that faults.
21:12:40BilgusjhMikeS i'll try it on my fuze+ and see if I can replicate its kinda odd though
21:13:28jhMikeSExact behavior depends on target. Goes from doing nothing, to crash to lockup depending.
21:13:43chriversBilgus: not every time.. it booted into kind-of-sort-of working firmware
21:13:53chriversbut the jog wheel and select button was dead
21:14:03chriversand usb wouldn't configure with the host
21:14:25Bilgusthat sounds very odd chrivers is this OF or rockbox?
21:14:34chriversBilgus: rockbox
21:14:40chriversvanilla stable 3.14
21:14:46chriversfrom today
21:15:10chriversinstalled with rbutil, as per official instructions. it ought to be 100% by the book
21:15:27fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision cd3ea08, 273 builds, 14 clients.
21:15:43Bilgusso wait no select button, you can even browse menus then?
21:16:37chriversBilgus: if you mean "can't even", then yes. I literally can't even
21:17:08chriversMaybe-losing my fuze is almost worth it, just to make that pun
21:17:56***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
21:18:21Bilgusdid you install a new bootloader as well?
21:18:40chriversnot today no
21:18:49chriversthe utility said it's only required the first time
21:19:24Bilgusok theen the bootloader should be able to start the OF
21:19:57Bilgusor pick up the select button to enable usb mode if not its a hardware issue
21:19:57 Join petur [0] (~petur@rockbox/developer/petur)
21:20:12chriversok, so 1) hold pwr for 15 seconds to force pwr off 2) disconnect USB 3) power up while holding Up for ~ 10 seconds <−− this seems to boot into the half-dead firmware mode
21:20:41 Quit ernestask (Quit: ernestask)
21:20:52chriversbus voltage is holding at 4.82V
21:22:06Bilgusits Left button to boot OF for your device
21:22:28chriverson the second attempt, rockbox connects two disks ("Internal Storage" and "SD Card Slot") over USB
21:22:33chriversno more usb but errors
21:22:52chriversbut neither of these 2 virtual disks are present
21:23:11chriversin the same sense as an empty flash card reader
21:23:45chriversI can select different "USB Keypad Modes" using the Menu button
21:23:55chriversMultimedia, Presentation, etc
21:24:04 Quit atsampson (Quit: kernel)
21:24:07chriverscan I get into mass storage mode from here?
21:24:56Bilgustype sudo fdisk -l
21:24:56chriversdisconnecting USB gave another panic - pc 30051318, sp 300D5E58
21:25:00chriversthat's actually the same as before
21:25:23chriversBilgus: they're readable
21:25:31chrivers*not readable :-/
21:25:50Bilguswhats the actual message?
21:26:18chriverssudo file -Ls /dev/sdf: /dev/sdf: writable, no read permission
21:26:18fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Build round completed after 650 seconds.
21:26:19fs-bluebot_Build Server message: Revision cd3ea08 result: 5 errors 0 warnings
21:26:28chrivers(same for /dev/sde)
21:26:38chrivers"writable" is a red herring, btw
21:27:04Bilgusno read permission thats an odd one sure sounds like a corrupted partition
21:27:49Bilgusok lets back track and try 'recovery mode' again
21:28:02chriversnot exactly, it's the "Media not present" state from the SCSI layer
21:28:25chriversit's the same behaviour as a usb flash card reader, when there's no flash cards in it
21:28:42chriversso it just means the fuze isn't offering access to the partition
21:29:16chriverssure, what should I try?
21:29:17jhMikeSweird, no build logs are visible on the last one
21:29:29Bilgusshorting the pins while plugging usb
21:29:46chriverssure, I can try again
21:29:56chriversCan you tell me what I'm looking for?
21:29:58Bilgusjhmikes I tried pictureflow on my fuze+ and no issue at all I'll try the clipzip next
21:30:18Bilguswe need the device to connect remove the sd card first
21:30:30Bilgusthen it should connect on usb plug
21:30:43Bilgusno disk though it'll be a RAW device
21:30:53jhMikeSand c200-v2 actually does build fine, so....more build farm glitches
21:30:59Bilgusfdisk should give you a message about no valid partition
21:31:16Bilgusprobably still on sdf
21:31:31Bilgusthen we will continue from there
21:34:38BilgusJhMikeS no issue on the clipzip or clip+ could you try passing NULL to get_custom_action?
21:36:17Bilgusmaybe its related to #ifndef USE_CORE_PREVNEXT
21:36:58jhMikeSI checked clip-v1 and gigabeast so far (no action on the former, bad things on the latter)
21:39:22Bilguscould you change that to return NULL; and see it it stops crashing?
21:40:15chriversBilgus: I tried a bunch more times, it doesn't seem to have any effect what so ever
21:40:26chriversI'm sometimes getting this from the kernel: 3-9.2: Device not responding to setup address.
21:40:34chriversas well as usb 3-9.2: can't set config #1, error -110
21:41:12Bilguschrivers the recovery mode bypasses rockbox and the OF it is literally the processor its self
21:41:31Bilgusif you can't connect there either Its the hardware
21:41:41chriversholy dingus
21:41:46chrivers12 tries
21:41:50chriversgot connection to /dev/sde
21:42:15jhMikeSBilgus: sure
21:42:18 Join atsampson [0] (
21:42:43Bilguschrivers ok fdisk -l say no valid partition then?
21:42:51chriversI mounted it and everything
21:42:57chriversdoing a backup now, for good measure
21:43:56jhMikeSBilgus: will this kill all keys because the problem only happens when selecting an album to browse
21:45:21chriversBilgus: so now I have access to the internal storage for the device. what's a good move from here/
21:45:32chriversI feel like an fsck would be a fine idea for starters
21:45:35chriversjust to make sure
21:45:58jhMikeSBilgus: I guess it does. Now I can't do anything. :\
21:49:28Bilguschrivers yes and I was going to say do a back up first
21:50:08Bilgusno be very careful you can wipe out the whole device in this mode normally the first 8 mb or so is hidden from you
21:54:18 Join lebellium_xz1c [0] (
21:54:23 Quit lebellium_xz1c (Client Quit)
21:55:12chriversBilgus: could/should I just unzip the beta fuzev2 firmware on top of the existing .rockbox in internal storage?
21:55:42chriversit's running fs check now, seems fine so far
21:55:58Bilgusoh did it actually give you a workable drive?
21:56:02chriversoh yes
21:56:05BilgusColor me amazed
21:56:06chriversafter 12 tries :)
21:56:38chriversI was surprised too
21:56:41Bilgusyeah you should be able to do that but just in case rename it and copy the new one to the drive
21:56:44chriversI was ready to salvage it for components
21:58:15Bilgusas in rename the current one .rockbox.old
22:05:48BilgusJHmikeS I think I see the issue
22:28:43 Join JannF [0] (
22:35:57 Quit JannF (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
22:48:33[Saint]chrivers: you have a FuzeV2 yeah?
22:48:39chriversbilgus: just wanted to give you a post mortem
22:48:45chrivers[Saint]: yeah
22:48:54[Saint]I wasn't joking with my remark about the wheel ribbon. Perhaps you didn't see it.
22:49:09[Saint]You need to be a qualified brain surgeon to get that back in right.
22:49:14chrivers[Saint]: I did.. and I know it's a real piece of work
22:49:39chriversthe first 5 times or so went ok, but it seems it gained a hairline fracture in 2 places, from the repeated movement
22:49:56[Saint]I guess I should add a note to the wiki to say *AT ALL COSTS TRY NOT TO DISCONNECT THIS*.
22:50:00chriversso while I actually have a bootable fuze now after hw recovery (thanks bilgus!), I also have a dead fuze
22:50:21chrivers[Saint]: reconnecting it wasn't a problem for me
22:50:33chriversit wasn't easy, but I made it work
22:50:50chriversbut having this tiny flex cable move even slightly, will make it crack internally
22:51:16BilgusIf its a double ended ribbon you could replace it if not it is possible to solder new ones on
22:51:18[Saint]The fragile nature is one problem, the placement another entirely.
22:51:33chriversBilgus: I'm considering it
22:51:43[Saint]I would guess yours doesn't actually have a crack causing the issue. It's almost definitely misaligned.
22:51:44chriversBilgus: I took the jog wheel apart. it's certainly possible
22:52:00chriversbut it's something like 16 wires in the span of 10mm
22:52:13chriversI'm not sure my time and sanity is that cheap
22:52:28[Saint]The tolerances between "works fine" and "masquerades as hardware issues" are incredibly small.
22:52:29chrivers[Saint]: it's absolutely certainly a crack, I can see it
22:52:41Bilgusmight be worth it to buy a brick for parts
22:53:58[Saint]Oh, I'm not saying it's not cracked as well. That's usually going to show up as intermittent or outright failure though.
22:54:13Bilgusif the crack is far enough towards the end you can sometimes cut them off and attach to a splint
22:54:37Bilgusbasically remake the plug end
22:54:58chriversBilgus: I thought about it, but the contacts pads are 2-row molded into the end, so it's not possible
22:55:22Bilgusthat sucks −− sorry to hear it
22:55:48chriversyeah, it's a bit of a downer... wasted the best part of a sunday too
22:55:53chriversbut thanks a lot for the help;
22:55:56chriversi appreciate it
22:56:05[Saint]With conversations like this as reference it night be more clear to some why I call these things Happy Meal toys.
22:56:08chriversbtw, the firmware you linked to boots up perfectly
22:56:15[Saint]They're basically disposable.
22:56:42chriverswhich means, that *possibly* the 3.14 stable fw for fuzev2 is going to brick between 0 and 100% of users
22:56:49[Saint]I don't regard then as a high enough quality player to risk my sanity over.
22:56:58[Saint]I reserve that for early generation iPods.
22:57:22[Saint]iPod Mini...looking at you, buddy.
22:57:34[Saint]Fucking ribbons made of porcelain and prayers.
22:57:49[Saint]Look at them wrong and they fracture.
22:58:48[Saint]chrivers: to be fair that should always be regarded as true.
22:59:10chrivers[Saint]: I think you know what I mean
22:59:15[Saint]It's not known if we've encountered every single possible hardware variant combination
22:59:25[Saint]No guarantees are ever given.
22:59:29chriversif not, let me rephrase:
23:00:21chriversI'm trying to offer the information, that perhaps the newest stable (3.14) for fuzev2 bricks people's players
23:01:05[Saint]Yes. And I'm saying that should always be regarded as true with devices with no dedicated recovery method.
23:01:12[Saint]Such as these.
23:01:55[Saint]There's a tiny subset of devices where we can say as long as the software doesn't do actual physical damage, you're good. The AMS players aren't in this category.
23:02:04chriversI'm not in a mood to argue semantics, you're completely missing the point
23:02:24 Join almog1006 [0] (051c8f77@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:02:25[Saint]The "unbrick" method isn't understood *at all*.
23:03:41[Saint]That's for all intents and purposes luck and magic. No clue what purpose that mode serves or if there's a standardized way to interface with it.
23:04:34chriversI don't know who you're arguing with
23:04:53chriversBilgus: thanks for the help.. I think I'll keep the fuze parts, and see if I can buy a broken one as parts
23:05:07chriversmaybe a frankensteinian fuze will emerge
23:06:27Bilgusgenerally you wouldn't have to use recovery mode and could get into usb bootloader so wouldn't be a brick
23:07:08Bilgusbut chrivers I am aware of the voltage scaling issues and will push that default voltage patch once I get it all figured out
23:07:23chriversBilgus: awesome, thanks :)
23:08:12chriversBilgus: I wonder, is there a way to (easily) mod rockbox to use the menu button only? Maybe something like shuffle always on, long-press=play/pause, short-press=next ?
23:08:17chriversit'd be better than nothing
23:08:29Bilgusyes completely possible
23:10:03chriverswould I have to compile a custom version, or can I just edit some config files?
23:10:12[Saint]The former.
23:10:19Bilguschrivers go into the debug menu and the io portion and see if you have anything at all that is working
23:10:33chriversBilgus: :)
23:10:35Bilgusyou should see the gpios bounce on and off
23:10:42[Saint]He can't.
23:10:43Bilgusduh :/
23:11:01Bilgusok you have a power button/hold and a home button to use?
23:11:12chriversthey work
23:11:26chriversand I can't remember if it's fancy enough to detect button press on headset?
23:11:34[Saint]I think on these the hold button actually depowers the other buttons?
23:11:36chriversif it is, that'd probably work too
23:11:43Bilgusdoubt we support it even if it did
23:11:49chriversfair enough
23:11:53[Saint]I think I can see the logic of using hold as a modifier but I'm not sure it can be done here.
23:12:15Bilguslet me have a look and see what we are working with
23:12:36 Quit shmibs (Quit: leaving =o)
23:12:37chriversthat would be great
23:12:53chriversI have to get some sleep, right about now.. or an hour ago, if possible ;)
23:13:19chriversbut I'll stay logged in here - let me know if you get any crazy ideas, I'm all ears
23:13:55 Join shmibs [0] (
23:15:22Bilgusthe hold button is not a actual lockout we check its position
23:15:45Bilgusso yes we can do it but It'll be a few days before I get to it
23:16:22Bilgusit'll be home button does movement and hold button selects I suppose
23:16:35chrivershaha, it's pretty crazy :D
23:17:06chriversI think the only real solution is to get a broken player for parts
23:17:11Bilgusmaybe something with the length of press or number of presses or something IDK yet
23:17:36chriverswell, I'd be content with just having a player in constant shuffle mode
23:17:50chriversthen I can load a new set of MP3s if I want to listen to something else
23:18:00***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:18:59Bilgusthat is possible through the config file if you want to edit it
23:19:07chriverswell now we're talking
23:19:27chriversthen I can use it like that, until the replacement part arrives
23:19:39Bilgusmaybe we can set party mode
23:23:17Bilgusin the .rb directory you should have a file config.cfg if not which is probable create a file and put 'party mode: on
23:23:18Bilgus' 'start in screen: wps'
23:23:36Bilguseach on a separate line no spaces after and no '
23:24:16Bilgusas for actually starting a file give me a second to figure that out
23:25:11Bilgusbeing that we don't have a playlist made we can't get a CRC to resume any files..
23:26:09chriversoh, is that how files are resumed? interesting :)
23:26:51 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
23:26:52chriversyep, now it says "nothing to resume", so it's clearly different
23:29:12Bilguswe have an option to start pictureflow so it could probably be tweaked to do what we want but i'll have to get to it tomorrow
23:30:03chriversno worries, you've done a lot already :)
23:30:10chriversegads, I really must be getting to bed
23:30:22chriversthanks for the help - I'll idle here for a bit
23:30:28*chrivers says goodnight all
23:36:27jhMikeSBilgus: what's happening is the context searching is somehow calling get_context_map with the value 0x00000002
23:36:59jhMikeSif I filter the invalid value and return NULL nothing crashes
23:37:25jhMikeScan still navigate but no album selection, still calls with 0x00000002 on pressing select
23:38:03Bilgusyeah its not picking up on it being null its supposed to fall through to the builtin contexts but instead its grabbing the invalid memory
23:39:44Bilgusit's totally my change that is causing it but I need to figure out how to best handle it
23:43:48 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
23:44:33jhMikeSI think I see it. The callback is set upon calling get_custom_action but when the context actually changes away to the internal one, the pointer isn't updated
23:45:21jhMikeSso, then you know the rest....
23:52:21BilgusjhMikeS, it turns out the original action system does exactly the same
23:52:52BilgusThere needs to be a chained context on the end of that list
23:53:12Bilgusor maybe a simple NULL
23:53:20jhMikeSit had a flag test that was removed
23:54:08Bilgusit only does it on a button press not in the menu
23:54:27 Quit almog1006 (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:55:08 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
23:56:05Bilguson an invalid button press **
23:57:21Bilgusbut in my mind this should be handled in the action system to fit in to falls through to the internal mapping

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