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#rockbox log for 2017-12-16

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02:42:07jhMikeSpamaury (logs): possibly. of course I'd like to definitively rule out a flash fault so some checks need to be done that I specified in the thread.
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21:51:13__builtinjhMikeS: you around?
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21:57:39jhMikeS__builtin: aye
21:58:04__builtinI incoprorated support for more buttons in SDL
21:58:23__builtinit now maps the left-over buttons to number keys
21:59:43lukeoftheaurathis might just be me being stupid but on my sansa fuze+ I don't seem to have a button for select/click in the sgt-puzzles plugins
21:59:50lukeoftheaurawhat's normally like the enter button doesn't work
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22:00:09__builtinlukeoftheaura: I know the keymap isn't very intuitive on some targets
22:00:47__builtinit seems VOL+ is mapped to the select button, try that.
22:00:48jhMikeSmaybe there should be a way to map arbitrarily any player's buttons to any keyboard key
22:01:02__builtinjhMikeS: in SDL?
22:01:29__builtinthere's no need for that with Duke at least, since everything's configurable in-game
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22:01:30jhMikeSat least that way nothing is unmappable
22:02:06__builtinbasically what I did is take the keys that weren't mapped before (i.e. pressing them wouldn't send an event to the program), and map them to unused keys
22:02:07jhMikeSthe difficult thing is that the best buttons to use are context dependent
22:02:27__builtincould you test a build to make sure it works?
22:02:41jhMikeShow does that work for menus and such that aren't configurable by the game?
22:03:16__builtinsome keys are hard-coded by Duke, such as arrows and select
22:03:17jhMikeS__builtin: sure
22:03:38__builtinI suppose the best thing to do is have an interactive mapper in the plugin
22:04:31jhMikeSthat the thing, "enter" being mapped to "select" might work best in a meny but be a bad thing in-game or elsewhere
22:05:03__builtinare you saying that the mapping should change based on the game context?
22:07:46jhMikeSindeed. fixed mapping of standard keyboard key to player buttons can make some awkward controls at times
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22:09:26__builtinI think it's easier to implement that in the application than the driver
22:09:39__builtin(SDL keyboard/video driver)
22:12:22tifanhi everybody, can somebody assist me to fix my sansa clip+? Or at least verify, that all hope is lost.... I try to follow the description at
22:12:42__builtinjhMikeS: got link?
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22:23:39lukeoftheaura__builtin: yeah, vol up seems to be select
22:23:54lukeoftheaurabut I can't tell what the right click is meant to be (in mines for instance)
22:23:55jhMikeSbeast is still missing the menu key mapped to something
22:24:37lukeoftheaurapress+hold vol up seems to be it
22:25:08__builtinjhMikeS: ok, should be easy to fix
22:25:27__builtinlukeoftheaura: I just pushed a commit to change it to the center button/region
22:27:46__builtinhmm, the build table is looking pretty green right now
22:28:05*__builtin waits for red
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22:36:05lukeoftheauraso if I want to update rockbox and get that new change do I use the utility again but just select rockbox and game files
22:36:27lukeoftheauraor just rockbox?
22:38:10__builtinshould be just rockbox
22:38:22__builtinand crap, there was an issue with the commit
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