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#rockbox log for 2017-12-18

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09:19:34AgentGolderHello all. I have created 2 feature requests in the tracking system. Is any of these possible?
09:21:20AgentGolderMary Christmas and a happy new year everyone.
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09:44:59AgentGolderIt would be nice if these can be implemented. I'll log the channel...
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14:15:18wodzpamaury: ping
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14:37:00JannFwodz: no route to host pamaury
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16:00:18pamaurywodz: pong
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19:55:51guest135Pictureflow crashes on my Fuze+, e280 and Clip Zip with todays build. I opened a bug report:
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20:49:40aphirstHi guys! I just wanted to double check something. Namely, when using a large microSD, what filesystems should work, and whether I need a partition table or can just format the entire card as one partition
20:50:18aphirstfrom a few years ago, i recall that exfat wasn't supported?
20:51:38pamauryaphirst: exfat is not support, you must use fat32
20:51:55pamauryyou can either format the entire card as one partition or use a partition table, both work
20:51:59aphirstRight, glad I checked.
20:52:08aphirstI'll just do the entire card
20:52:58aphirstafter i lost one of my Clip+s when moving back from Germany, I meant for an entire year to set up on a spare
20:53:00aphirstjust doing it now
20:53:12aphirstglad I bought 5 when they were still being made + cheap :)
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21:22:45aphirstHang on a minute - does RockBox read the "Disc Number" tag?
21:23:12aphirstI'm playing around with some audiobooks I've ripped from CD and was trying to categorise them by Disc Number
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21:28:04pamauryaphirst: I think we do support reading disc number but I would advise trying it first with a few tracks
21:28:33aphirstOK, disc number does seem to get read if i have the file playing and go track properties
21:28:51aphirstbut it turns out that doesn't solve my real issue
21:29:48aphirstbasically i either need a skin which displays disc number OR i have to retag my files so that i put the disc number into either the track name or the album name
21:30:04aphirsti kind of don't want to have to do album name CD# for each disc
21:30:25aphirstbut i can't figure out how to get easytag let me put "%d - " (programmatically) at the start of each track tag
21:31:02pamaury[Saint] knows a lot about the ski engine, but unfortunately he is not online right now
21:33:23aphirstwell, in the Database view it looks as if the tracks get indexed as discnum.tracknum trackname
21:33:39aphirst*discnum.tracknum. trackname
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21:36:32pamaurythe database is supposed to provide sorting by various criterion (and you can create your own iirc, it's all in the manual)
21:37:19aphirstmm, well the database does seem to sort by disc number and track number
21:37:42aphirstso my issue is either with displaying disc number on Now Playing, or on changing my tags so that effectively the disc number IS displayed
21:42:20pamauryaphirst: there are other themes on our website, maybe some display disc number? I'll admit this is not a very common thing to put in tags
21:42:39aphirstmm, i tried a few, including the 'audibook' one for my device (clip+) but it doesn't seem to show it
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21:46:31guest135aphirst: the Goldscreen themes for Clip Zip display disc number
21:47:44aphirsti'll try that, but it turns out "puddletag" has the functionality i needed to add "Disc # - " to tracknames
21:48:31guest135do you have a Clip+ or Clip Zip?
21:48:32 Join JdGordon [0] (~jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
21:48:50guest135oh, Goldscreen is just for Zip
21:51:23guest135I think it is easier to modify a theme to display disc number than to alter tracknames
21:52:23guest135check out and the %ik tag for ID3 Disc Number
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21:52:37pamauryand damn, you got it first :)
21:53:14aphirstwell if we're going down that road what i "actually" want is a dedicated audiobook section :P
21:53:16pamauryindeed, it's probably easier to modify a theme, and maybe we can see later if we can update the default theme to display that information
21:54:35guest135you mean a theme dedicated for audiobooks?
21:54:54aphirstno i mean a separate option in the menu for music and for audiobooks :P
21:55:25aphirstbecause as far as i can think, only audiobooks' disc numbers will be relevant, at least for my collection
21:55:58guest135what would that achieve? display music differently in the WPS than audiobooks (with, or without disc number)?
21:56:32guest135if there is no disc number information in the ID3 tag it won't be displayed
21:57:21guest135I think conditionals in the theme syntax do that
21:57:52aphirstwell another advantage would be that you could resume audiobooks from your previous position, without having to manually make bookmarks, even if you decide to listen to "music" in between
21:59:03pamaurywe already have too many option, the best way is to display the information if it's available, we have support for that in the theme engine
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22:01:10Mode"#rockbox +o ChanServ " by
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22:03:11guest135but then you would also need a separate option for chiptunes, DRM or polka ;-)
22:05:23__builtinguest135: what version does pictureflow crash in?
22:05:53guest135_builtin: 786fbbf-171218
22:07:28guest135__builtin: ^
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22:13:34aphirstguest135, not really, i think audiobooks do warrant being a separate "category" like this
22:15:05aphirstthere are significant functional differences like "it makes no sense to ever shuffle the tracks", "being able to control playback speed actually matters" and "losing progress at any point is hugely detrimental"
22:15:08__builtinBilgus: you ok with pushing g#1762?
22:15:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #1762 at : Fix error with action subsystem and custom context mapping by William Wilgus
22:15:28aphirstin any event i'm going to go listen to said audiobook and then go to bed
22:15:35aphirstthanks for the filessystem clarification earlier on :)
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22:16:13gevaertsYou don't like modern performance art audiobook listening? I *always* shuffle those things!
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22:17:14Bilgus__builtin its good to go
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22:20:31__builtinBilgus: ok, I'll push it
22:22:11 Join _meg [0] (~notsure@
22:23:24guest135thanks __builtin, Bilgus and MikeS
22:24:51__builtinguest135: just pushed
22:25:06__builtinif you grab a new dev build in ~15 minutes it should have the fix
22:26:39guest135that is great, thank you.
22:33:49guest135need to go, good bye everybody
22:33:54 Part guest135
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22:51:10__builtinhmm, only hex-gevaerts does the android builds
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23:30:11__builtindamn, bugs
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