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#rockbox log for 2017-12-29

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05:28:29jonathantwould people be interested in a vagrant script for dead-simple build environments?
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06:45:11user890104jonathant: i already made a patch:
06:45:21user890104doesn't look like anyone's interested
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09:40:21[Saint]OK, here's the public initial commit:
09:40:39[Saint]user890104: There you go my man, have a play around with that if you would like to.
09:41:18[Saint]At the moment my advice would be to play around with it using an SDL hosted platform
09:42:36[Saint]The font glyph height _must_ be one of 18, 24, 32, 48, 64, or 96pt in order to use the theme.
09:42:40[Saint]fonts are supplied.
09:43:08[Saint]icon heights are the same values, and icons can be selected via .cfg in the theme settings.
09:44:00[Saint]as you'll see, it is currently very simple.
09:44:10[Saint]but that simplicity is extremely deceptive.
09:45:37[Saint]I will commit updated versions of the font and icon packs separately soon.
09:47:05[Saint]The icon pack sources come complete with the ability to download the source assets an generate icons and viewer icons in arbitrary sizes, complete with theme .cfg and .icons file.
09:51:52[Saint]Please lodge any issues against the github repository.
09:52:53[Saint](I already know the kerning on the included font is shit, that's a temporary asset I shall replace with a better candidate (and monospace and style support) very soon)
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10:15:59CH23i've recently had a lot of tracks skipping at random on my sansa clip+, and was wondering if this is a known issue or not
10:16:16CH23i wish i could remember what fw version i first noticed it on
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10:18:17CH23i believe prior to the 9th of november build i did not have this issue, but i am not certain.
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11:33:09RBNBHi guys! I need some quick help with a theme. I'm running Rockbox on my iBasso DX50, which uses the themes provided for the Cowon D2.
11:33:46RBNBFor some reason, I am unable to open the context menu from the WPS in neither of my two favorite themes "Insomnia v2" and "ShadowNova".
11:34:22RBNBIs there anyone who might be able to tell me how to get there by looking at the code in the theme files?
11:47:08RBNBOr does anyone maybe know which code line/command I need to look for so I can find it myself?
11:58:09pamauryRBNB: [Saint] knows a lot about the theme engine but he is not online right now
11:58:38pamauryDoes it happen only with those themes or all themes?
11:59:33RBNBI tried some other themes, for example the "iPodWidgets" theme - and it allows you to access the context menu.
12:00:07RBNBI guess, the problem here is that the DX50 has a touchscreen - and it is very dependent on the theme, which place on the screen needs to be pressed to open a particular menu.
12:00:40RBNBFor example, long-pressing the play/select button always leads to the RB main menu instead of the context menu.
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12:03:43pamauryyes for touchscreen the theme specify regions and actions, but I don't know anything :-/
12:05:14RBNBIs it actually possible that the context menu isn't defined in the theme at all? Meaning that it's actually impossible to access it?
12:05:33lebelliumI may have a look later today
12:05:53lebelliumbut I'm currently playing video games :P
12:07:09RBNBlebellium, your input would be greatly appreciated (as always), but don't let yourself be distracted from playing ;-)
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12:44:24celaTried to build arm-linux option (x) getting message ROCKBOXDEV: library "mpc" is required for this script to work. ROCKBOXDEV: Please install the missing libraries and re-run the script
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13:13:38[Saint]user890104: hey, not sure if you ended up trying that theme out yet. Right now the minimal supported dimensions are around 768x864. That's why I say to use the SDL app right now if you want to try it out.
13:15:10[Saint]I am in the process of splitting it up into several smaller themes with a smaller range of support, but also a more realistic minimally supported target resolution, as well as continuing to do a single monolithic version for large format displays.
13:15:40[Saint]That was initially the intention, a theme for supporting large format displays of arbitrary dimension.
13:21:32[Saint]That's running with 48pt icons and a 64pt font on a 960x768 SDL build
13:21:52[Saint]you can see there's a ways to go still.
13:22:45[Saint]but it's clean, and it's actually quite light in resources considering it's a monolithic beast that's effectively six themes rolled into one.
13:28:02[Saint]but I'll split it up into small/medium/large/xlarge with support for 18,24,32/24,32,48/32,48,64/48,64,96pt fonts respectively.
13:29:35[Saint]that brings the minimally supported resolution down to a more realistic 280x256
13:30:05[Saint]but that's in the current configuration that only really supports touchscreen.
13:30:57[Saint]on the TODO list is dynamically loading items in the control panel depending on whether or not the platform supports touchscreen.
13:31:16[Saint]that will bring the minimally supported with down considerably.
13:34:36[Saint]I could always add another supported glyph height as well for *very* small screens (12pt is about as far as I would want to go), but that means making an icon set by hand because my current SVG assets don't scale that well with antialiased transparency.
13:35:38[Saint]and that is quite a challenging thing to do in a 12x12px format.
13:37:34[Saint]the control panel code is a joke right now, don't look at that, your eyes will melt. It's a ~100 line solid block of overlapping viewports abusing parse/draw order.
13:37:41CH23pamaury, i'm sure you know: how can i have rockbox tell me WHY it skips a track?
13:37:47[Saint]It's not very pretty. I could split it up a bit better I suppose.
13:39:08lebelliumRBNB: by default there are no touchscreen areas defined in Shadownova. I added Browse and Resumeplayback for you in November. So basically we need to add Contextmenu this time
13:39:22lebelliumwhich zone do you want to press for it?
13:40:20[Saint]lebellium: most logical is contextmenu,long_press in the metadata viewport
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13:41:29[Saint]in fact, even though I have a dedicated contextmenu overflow icon in my theme I think I might add that feature myself.
13:44:06[Saint]lebellium: What do you think of my little monstrosity Franken-Theme anyway? I think some critique would mean a lot from you.
13:44:35[Saint]You're one of the very few people I know that can wrap their head around the theme engine.
13:44:57[Saint]The source code for it is here: - it's a hilarious mess.
13:48:32lebelliumRBNB: in ShadowNova.wps just add %T(0,0,-,-,contextmenu) after line 35 "%V(66,17,238,208,0)%Vf(00ff00"
13:49:33lebelliumalso, if you want only short press for browse and resumeplayback it's also possible as stated here
13:49:49lebellium[Saint] and pixelma helped me got it right back to the time
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13:51:25lebellium[Saint]: it's a resolution-adaptive theme?
13:52:48[Saint]I think you'll crack up at some of the logic, especially the status bar and the metadata. I'm not sure if they're works of art, or abominations. But they work with every conceivable fallback case in both left to right and right to left locales.
13:54:09[Saint]when I get the time to work on it next I'm going to add the logic required to determine if the theme is being displayed on a touchscreen supported platform or not.
13:54:57[Saint]Because then I can clean up the control panel a lot, because non-touch targets don't have any reason for next/prev/ffwd/rwd assets.
13:55:16[Saint]that'll bring the supported width down a lot.
13:55:45lebelliumI'm trying it in the D2 sim
13:56:31lebelliumhum it failed at loading the WPS
13:57:10RBNBlebellium, [Saint], I'm now back, thanks for all your suggestions in the meantime, I'm reading through the chat as we speak
13:59:56RBNBlebellium, if I add the line after line 35, what will then lead to the context menu? Long pressing the play button?
14:00:11lebelliumshort pressing the metadata area
14:00:27lebelliumas suggested by [Saint]
14:01:10RBNBGreat idea, so long press for quick screen and short press for context menu. Sounds like a perfect fit!
14:01:23RBNBI will try that right away this evening, thanks a lot guys! :-)
14:02:19lebelliumlong press for quickscreen?
14:03:30lebelliumyou would need to add %T(0,0,-,-,quickscreen,long_press)
14:03:37[Saint]yeah, I helped him add that a while back.
14:03:52[Saint]I actually forgot about that.
14:04:19lebelliumin SBS
14:04:26[Saint]lebellium: yeah, the D2 sim doesn't have a large enough screen for the current loadout of that theme.
14:05:06lebelliumso which target you should I try it with?
14:05:18RBNBOops, sorry for the confusion, I didn't recall that it was actually [Saint] who helped add the quickscreen
14:06:00[Saint]I need to split it up into several smaller themes so it can cover a larger range of targets. right now it's best suited for large format displays like the SDL app.
14:06:21[Saint]I'm doing my testing with it in 960 x 768 SDL app personally.
14:06:44lebelliumhum not very convenient to test
14:07:00[Saint]the next commit I do to that repository will be breaking it up into smaller themes and removing the touchscreen dependency.
14:08:06[Saint]and no, it's not, but the original intention was for large format displays exactly like the SDL app and the thought for supporting smaller loadouts occurred to me later.
14:08:34lebelliumyour sbs and wps code is nicely commented but there is much to read and understand, not feeling doing it right now :P
14:08:51[Saint]I needed to test in that loadout so I could properly test all possible configurations of font/icon/assets
14:09:08[Saint]because 18~96 is a pretty massive swing.
14:10:02[Saint]I'm not sure if you were around or not earlier when I put it up but there's some screenshots of it here:
14:10:42lebelliumlooks simple and clean
14:10:48[Saint](I know the kerning on the font is bad, I'll fix that when I need things to be a bit more final)
14:11:20lebelliumas information I miss the codec and bitrate
14:11:21[Saint]I still need to do album art as well, eventually I'll also need to support both portrait and landscape screens.
14:12:40[Saint]Yeah, I was thinking I can add a lot more to the metadata display potentially because the worst that's going to happen there is that it gets cut off if the display isn't small enough to display all N lines of it or whatever.
14:12:59[Saint]So there's also the potential to add next track data as well.
14:13:24lebelliumwhat are the 3 points in the corner for?
14:13:29lebelliumcontext menu?
14:14:19lebelliumnice, it looks like the IT "standard" for it
14:14:26lebelliumin most applications
14:18:15[Saint]The whole thing uses assets from Android Open Source Platform.
14:18:44[Saint]That's where the icons and font are coming from, and the style is a blatant ripoff of the Material Design language.
14:19:03lebelliumnever noticed such icons in my android smartphones
14:19:36[Saint]the "cool" thing about it, is that that exact same theme from the screenshots linked above, can also do this:
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14:20:20[Saint]shit, did that link work?
14:20:28lebelliumno pic
14:20:52[Saint]hmm, hang on. sec.
14:22:09[Saint]bah, imgur is being a dick for some reason.
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14:27:03[Saint]that's really weird. imgur is just plain refusing to upload the screenshots.
14:27:20[Saint]anyway...things get small.
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14:42:26[Saint]There's this now too, all up to date:
14:43:23 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
14:44:03[Saint]containing the icon pack development, with it you can generate your own immaterial_icons icons and viewers/.icons file and optionally a .cfg file to load them.
14:44:21[Saint]I guess I should probably add the magic to package it up as a .zip as well.
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17:18:00GremuchnikHi, I have been using RB on a SanDisk Sansa Clip+ but now it has been discontinued. RB does not seem to be supported by the new SanDisk models. Can you please recommend a good model of music player I could install RB on? thanks
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17:24:59Gremuchnikokay, let me rephrase this: how do you listen to music when away from your computers? thanks
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17:28:34lebelliumwith a clip+ :)
17:28:56Gremuchniklebellium, yes. Alas, mine broke :-(
17:29:07Gremuchnikif yours breaks, what would you do?
17:29:26lebelliumI would buy a second-handed one on ebay
17:29:37Gremuchnikthey are expensive
17:30:00lebelliumotherwise have a look at our Sony ports
17:30:19Gremuchnikcan you recommend a modern Sony device?
17:31:26lebelliumthey are also discontinued but the E470, E580 and A10 are nice
17:32:22lebelliumactually all supported targers are discontinued
17:32:27Gremuchnikso no non-discontinued ones? how come? do you know why there are no port for recent devices?
17:32:37Gremuchnikouch, that is why it looked like to me
17:32:42Gremuchnikdo you know what happened?
17:33:27lebelliumregarding Sony, the newer devices (A30/A40/WM1 etc...) use a different encryption format the dev pamaury_ couldn't break yet
17:33:59lebelliumregarding Sandisk, the newer devices (Clip Jam and Clip Sport) use a poor hardware not enough to run rockbox
17:34:24Gremuchnikthat is true, their hardware is bad
17:34:48Gremuchnikso there is no modern "flagship" for RockBox?
17:35:59Gremuchnikokay, thanks for your time and replies
17:36:22lebelliummaybe the ibasso DX90 is not discontinued?
17:36:33CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
17:36:33*lebellium doesn't know much about the audiophile bricks
17:37:03Gremuchniklemme check
17:37:51Gremuchnik369 dollars on Amazon LOL
17:38:04lebelliumreleased 2014
17:38:40lebelliumso yes confirmed, we have no 2016-2017 targets
17:39:15Gremuchnikwell that is really too bad, but I am very grateful for having used RB for all these years
17:39:34lebelliumyou should really consider buying second-hand players
17:39:44lebelliumthat's what I've done for all Sony
17:40:06GremuchnikI might, but I also feel that if RB is not going to be updated, I might as well go cold turkey and accept that reality
17:40:52lebelliumthere's still activity
17:41:28Gremuchnikwell, then I will be keeping an eye on the project and hope that it will pick one good hardware player and port to it
17:43:27Gremuchnikthanks and good bye. all the best for 2018!
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21:50:11__builtinooh, ARM has parallel saturating signed 16-bit addition :)
21:53:17 Join prof_wolfff [0] (
22:00:29__builtinonly v6 and greater, though :(
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23:06:53jonathantpamaury_: you around?
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23:34:08Saratoga_I think saturating add is pretty slow on armv6 anyway
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23:34:53Saratoga_I noticed your code had a few divide by integers, those could be refactored as multiplies if they're called very often
23:36:00Saratoga_The arm v5 packed 16 bit multiplies are probably worth looking at too since they're double speed compared to normal multply shift
23:36:31Saratoga_And you don't need >16 bit accuracy
23:40:59__builtinSaratoga_: divides where?
23:43:44Saratoga_Divide by 6
23:43:51__builtinah, that's never called
23:44:01Saratoga_Ignore it then
23:45:12Saratoga_What's called the most?
23:45:28__builtinthe MV_MixFP* functions
23:45:41__builtinonce per voice per audio callback
23:46:19__builtinthen there's the low-level drawing functions in the engine
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