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#rockbox log for 2017-12-30

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00:15:44jonathant__builtin: this ones (actually) for you
00:15:46jonathantNo rule to make target `/rockbox/build/sansa/apps/plugins/sdl/src/audio/rockbox/build/sansa/SDL_rockboxaudio.o', needed by `/rockbox/build/sansa/apps/plugins/sdl/duke3d.ovl'. Stop
00:18:08jonathanti`m not entirely certain how you implemented SDL in rockbox, but it seems that somehow its not fully getting built
00:51:34__builtinindeed, my fault
00:53:03__builtinsomething's up with the makefile
00:53:52__builtinI think I know what's going on
00:54:14__builtinthe fact that the subdir is called `rockbox' could be interfering with a substitution somewhere
00:55:02__builtinjonathant: for now try moving the rockbox source out of the root
00:55:31__builtinthat should work around the root issue
00:58:44__builtinah, looks like the makefile's c2obj function replaces instances of your root dir with the build dir
00:59:29__builtinnormally it'd work, but since you're building in /rockbox, it replaces the /rockbox/ in apps/plugins/sdl/src/audio/rockbox/ with the path to your build dir
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01:12:30pamaury_jonathant: sorry, about to go to bed
01:12:43pamaury_what was it about?
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05:25:34jonathanthey, can anybody explain how the OS swap defines work in the sim?
05:26:15jonathantI`m getting "Missing OS Swap Defines" on the apple compiler
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05:29:45jhMikeSjonathant: firmware/include/rbendian.h , it can't identify the correct endian macro definition from the host build environment
05:31:14jonathantyep, basically, im wondering what the defines need to be set to
05:31:29jonathantI think the mac ones are a bit different
05:32:40jonathanti found this is the apple endian.h
05:32:42jonathant#define ntohs(x)__DARWIN_OSSwapInt16(x)
05:32:42jonathant#define htons(x)__DARWIN_OSSwapInt16(x)
05:32:42jonathant#define ntohl(x)__DARWIN_OSSwapInt32(x)
05:32:42DBUGEnqueued KICK jonathant
05:32:42jonathant#define htonl(x)__DARWIN_OSSwapInt32(x)
05:33:45jonathantjhMikeS: ^
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06:07:48jhMikeSprobably #ifdef (__DARWIN_OSSwapInt16) .... blah
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06:08:48jhMikeSthen #define __swap16os , etc to those
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14:41:52johnb3pamaury (logs): for what it's worth, I experimented a little more with my Sony E453, the one that stutters during backlight off. If I turn on the hold switch, according to the settings the display turns off immediately and after a few settings the stuttering kicks in. However, if I click any button every few seconds (without the screen turning on as in hold) the stuttering stays away. Not that this is practical
14:41:52johnb3 in real life usage, but I believe that it shows that backlight off puts the player also into some power saving mode (freq scaling?), which gets prevented by key presses (boosting happening?). Can this be exploited in RB somehow, e.g. by emulating a "non mapped" keypress event in a regular manner?
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14:45:18pamauryjohnb3: I already checked and as far as the kernel reports and the kernel source shows, sliding hold does not put the cpu in a lower power mode
14:46:31pamaurybut it could change other things that explain this behavior, maybe some clock that would explain this, I am not sure
14:47:02johnb3so then hold just triggers the screen off, with the known consequences. But it still registers key presses ...
14:49:23johnb3BTW, can I change the wiki page for the Sony ports regarding radio support? It still says not supported.
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15:14:10pamauryjohnb3 (logs): yes you can edit
15:14:27pamauryand yes one can read key even with the hold switch on
15:15:23pamauryand actually it is rockbox that puts the screen off, the hold switch by itself does nothing
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22:55:55CH23pamaury, are you online?
22:56:09CH23or Bilgus
22:56:35CH23is there a way to see why a file gets skipped?
22:56:48CH23like a log of sorts
23:00:01Bilguscompile a build with logf support and enable it in the proper file for instance:
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23:02:24CH23all i need to do is remove the #, correct?
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23:04:49Bilgusyes but you might want to look through the files for what is actually being logged and put in some progress messages
23:06:14Bilguslike logf("REACHED POINT 1");... etc also when ready you'll need to go through the debug menu and read it there / dump it to disk
23:08:08Bilgusit could also end up in the codec which is the same steps for logf but gets hairy figuring out what the issue is..
23:09:49CH23i wish i had braincells :')
23:09:59CH23i'm going to try my best
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23:53:34CH23i don't see anything in the debug menu that indicates logging except for 'metadata log' but that's something that can only be enabled and disabled?

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