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#rockbox log for 2018-01-03

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13:39:28cereal__When trying to build the database tool on linux with "make database" I get the following error message: database.c:9:22: fatal error: tagcache.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. <builtin>: recipe for target 'database' failed make: *** [database] Error 1
13:41:46cereal__in the /tools/database folder, there is no tagcache.h file or config.h as defined in database.c
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13:42:19cereal__how can I build database tool?
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13:59:44pamaurycereal__: my guess is that no one tried to build it in a long time, I am not even sure it's up to dat
13:59:47pamauryask [Saint]
14:00:00pamauryah sorry, database not theme
14:00:17pamauryhmm, then I don't know who to ask, I'll try to have a look later
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14:00:50cereal__pamaury: thank you for your answer
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15:36:44CH23I believe i might have found the 'idle poweroff' not working some days ago: it works when i play seperate tracks and pause them, but when i use my playlist (playlist.m3u8) and i pause there, it won't 'idle'
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15:42:38CH23i really need to work on structuring my sentences better: I believe i might have found the cause of the 'idle poweroff' not working' issue i reported some days ago: idle poweroff works when i play separate tracks and pause them, but when i play tracks from my playlist (playlist.m3u8) and i pause, then it won't 'idle'
15:43:06CH23Bilgus, are you here by any chance?
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16:14:12pamaurycereal__: I have no problem building the database tool. I ran configure, selected a target and (D)atabase tool, then "make" and it compiled. Can you describe how to repeat your problem ?
16:34:40cereal__pamaury: I get /home/cereal/rockbox/build/tools/database/../../apps/tagcache.o: error adding symbols: File in wrong format collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status /home/cereal/rockbox/tools/database/database.make:47: recipe for target '/home/cereal/rockbox/build/database.sansaclipv2' failed make: *** [/home/cereal/rockbox/build/database.sansaclipv2] Error 1
16:35:07cereal__I have to admit I only have basic knowledge in comipling and stuff
16:39:12cereal__my first mistake was trying to build it in rockbox/tools/database folder and not running ../tools/configure
16:39:54cereal__what should be the output of this? a file in /rockbox/build/tools/database folder?
16:40:05cereal__there is only a database.o file
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16:53:32pamaurycereal__: you build it as you build a target: create a directory somewhere (typically I create it at the root of the rockbox repo, for example build_database). Then cd build_database; ../tools/configure
16:54:01pamauryselect a target then (D), then run "make" and you get a database.<target> executable
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16:55:49TaxicletterHi ppl
16:55:50pamaurycereal__: basically follow but select database tool in configure
16:55:59pamauryTaxicletter: hi, please ask your question
16:56:18cereal__pamaury: thanks I got it compiled
16:56:39TaxicletterI have some very easy and stupid questions :-) First: which programming language do have to know to help with RockBox?
16:57:20cereal__but how can I execute it? does it have to be on my player?
16:59:47cereal__Taxicletter: I think its C see:;a=blob;f=docs/CONTRIBUTING
17:00:11pamaurycereal__: no, it runs on your computer
17:00:33pamauryTaxicletter: mostly C, a bit of assembly
17:01:18cereal__doubleclick does nothing, and in terminal typing database.sansaclipv2 gives mi database.sansaclipv2: command not found
17:02:07TaxicletterOkay, I see. Looks quite complicated if I read that page. I have no programming experience, so that looks like a big leap... I only know Processing (graphic port of Java) a little.
17:02:30pamaurycereal__: you need to run like a normal linux executable: ./database.sansaclipv2
17:02:56pamauryalso I don't know what this tool does to be honest, I thought you knew that ;)
17:03:29pamauryTaxicletter: depends what you want to do. Everyone has to learn at some point. Though learning C first is probably a requirement to contributing
17:04:42funmanthere is also lua no?
17:04:59pamauryTaxicletter: funman: yes we have lua for plugins
17:05:52TaxicletterI'm checking "C for beginners" right now, to see if I can help with the Fiio X1 ii port (which I obviously own).
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17:15:36cereal__pamaury: it should create the database files (database_*.tcd) on my player
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17:19:24pamaurycereal__: maybe the tool does that but I don't know how it works, probably you need to give it some argument, I am afraid the source code is the only doc, I can't find anything on the wiki, I'll try to look tonight
17:21:03pamauryTaxicletter: developing a port is not so easy, if you really want to get into the porting process, you will need to know some C and some system programming. Depending on how the port is done, it may require some embedded system knowledge or not
17:22:07Taxicletterdamn. I really would like to help. I'll start by checking C and see how far I can get, I have not much spare time to spend, alas.
17:23:11cereal__pamaury: I found some info here:
17:25:10TaxicletterI thought there was a beginning of that port, but i'm not sure. If i read the forum, it seems ppl are busy with it, allthough it has been a while since there was a comment.
17:26:58pamaurycereal__: some comment in the source say: This is meant to be run on the root of the dap. it'll put the db files into
17:26:58pamaury * a .rockbox subdir
17:27:11pamauryTaxicletter: yes I am working on the port for Fiio X1 (1st gen)
17:27:19pamaurybut same problem: not much free time
17:28:07cereal__pamaury, yes I already tried sudo ./database.sansaclipv2 -r /media/cereal/SANSA CLIP -d .rockbox -s /Musik .m create
17:28:08pamaurycereal__: maybe try cd /path/to/your/dap (ie mount it somewhere and cd to the root)
17:28:08pamaurythen /path/to/the/databasetool
17:28:18cereal__but I get udo: ./database.sansaclipv2: command not found
17:28:51pamaurycereal__: the code I see in the repo does not even seen to process any command line parameter. Also why sudo ? Are you sure you are running this from the build dir ?
17:30:42pamauryI think the forum thread does not apply to the version in the repository, maybe it has been changed since then
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17:34:59Taxicletterthere is an essential difference with the second generation, someone posted.
17:35:59cereal__pamaury: it worked now! thanks a lot. I have created the database using my PC.
17:36:42pamauryTaxicletter: when the software on it is quite different (it runs linux). Which means it triggers the question on whether we want to do a native port or a linux port. There are some pros and cons to both
17:37:18Taxicletterthank you for the explanation pamaury
17:37:49TaxicletterWho and when will that be decided?
17:39:00pamauryTaxicletter: for now I am working on the 1st gen, when it's done (or advanced enough) and I start looking at it, I will decide I guess. Unless other people step up and start doing something of course
17:40:03TaxicletterOK. I'll look into C, but I guess you can't count on me for stepping in :-) if so, I'll let you know ;-)
17:44:17cereal__pamaury: I tried this tool on my Sansa Fuze+ and it worked too, no need to compile for this player
17:48:12BilgusI would think not except if there were a difference between the required database format
17:49:33pamauryI don't think there is a difference in the format but I might be wrong
17:51:51cereal__will try on other players too
18:01:05cereal__e280 works too, so I think this tool is universal
18:06:35cereal__pamaury: thanks again for the guiding, bye.
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18:46:13CH23Bilgus, sorry i was having dinner
18:47:17CH23i had a problem where my clipplus would not idle and shut down, and i've now tested, and found that this only happens when i use a playlist file
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19:49:18asymsuconI wonder if LUFS analyzer for rockbox could be developed..
19:52:13asymsucon*Offline/online integrated LUFS measurements and online short term and momentary..
19:54:19pamauryasymsucon: saratoga is basically the one who knows most about audio. Though you would need to explain what you have in mind exactly. We already have replaygain support
19:55:08asymsuconpamaury: LUFS is similar to RMS (used by ReplayGain
19:55:51asymsucononly newer (latest revision 2015) and takes ATH hearing curve into consideration
19:57:10BilgusCH23 but using a playlist it isn't idle or do you mean after the playlist is done playing?
19:59:38pamauryI don't know enough about RG, just that we support the tags. Unless there are some LUFS-specific tags, I am not sure what rockbox can do? Maybe a plugin can do measurement, we have plugins that do various things
20:00:37asymsuconpamaury: Can you display custom ID3 on WPS?
20:00:52CH23Bilgus, i paused the track
20:01:15CH23in older rockbox versions that would count as idle
20:01:37pamauryasymsucon: not idea, ask [Saint], I suspect not but might be wrong
20:02:41pamauryasymsucon: gives the syntax of WPS, not sure if it's up to date
20:03:49pamauryas you can see there are lots of ID3 tags, and probably more could be added if needed
20:03:56lebelliumit's quite up to date
20:05:10asymsuconpamaury: I meant custom tag fields
20:05:55lebelliumunless you modify the source code to implement them
20:06:12BilgusCH23 what is the Idle power off timeout set to in General>Startup/Shutdown>Idle Poweroff?
20:06:22Bilgusjust to be sure ofc
20:06:32pamauryno, in fact I don't think about metadata parser keeps all tags, probably only the ones it knows about
20:06:44Bilgusbut mostlikely it isn't getting the audio status properly
20:07:28CH23it's set correct, at 1 minute
20:07:29asymsuconTemporary workaround could be to embed it in comments
20:07:46CH23it works when i play a track from file, not when i do from playlist
20:07:53asymsuconand recall it through %iC
20:09:11BilgusCH23 what about if you stop playback (press power button once)
20:09:47asymsuconAnother thing - is it possible to embed peak meters with labelled horizontal axis on WPS
20:10:28shadoxxI know this is the dev channel, but anyone in here have suggestions for deep house/tech house artists?
20:10:42shadoxxI mean, it's kind of an ontopic question
20:10:58asymsuconshadoxx: Only classical, early rock and folk, sorry :P
20:11:09lebelliumthat's what #rockbox-community is for :)
20:11:37shadoxxlebellium: oh man, look at that
20:11:52CH23if i stop playback it still won't shut off
20:11:59shadoxxOk, on topic question. I have an iPod 4th Gen. I need to fix some functions in the firmware for this build. I have a build env, but I need lower level information about the 4th gen
20:12:00CH23in the way you asked me to
20:12:33shadoxxLike, protocol documentation, how to talk to addresses and ports on the ARM processor via bitshifts in the firmware
20:12:57shadoxxIs there a good resource for low level hardware technical information somewhere?
20:14:33BilgusCH23 is this a dev version or 3.14?
20:14:45CH23dev build
20:15:28asymsuconSorry, I'm a bit lost in there - %pL and %pR show unlabeled linear dBFS meter. Is there an option to show labelled logarithmic VU meter (with -48, -36, -24, -12, -6, -3, 0 on X-axis)?
20:15:42Bilgusok try setting the sleep timer and see if it shuts off then and then try 3.14 and see if it still acts up
20:15:44CH23currently todays' but it's been in this state for at least since Version: 63eae43M-171109
20:16:51BilgusI know jhMikeS had some updates to the playback engine but I'm not sure how it woukld only affect it when playing polaylists
20:17:14CH23sleep times only does 5 minutes and up does it not?
20:17:33CH23why do you want me to use the sleep timer exactly?
20:19:15Bilgusjust to see if its a problem with a timer or if it is an issue with playback status
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20:20:14 Join cereal__ [0] (d45f0568@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
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20:20:40Bilgusthe poweroff for idle and sleep are in the same powermgmt function
20:21:45cereal__Bilgus: maybe this is related: on clip zip, when powering off during playback and powering on again, the dynamic playlist starts from the first track
20:23:52BilgusI think thats probably unrelated but I don't remember what I tracked it down to so far I'll have to look back in the logs
20:23:55 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
20:26:38cereal__I found the pattern, you need to enter the playlist, select a different track, power down, power on and it starts from the first track
20:30:37 Join jhMikeS [0] (
20:33:29CH23Bilgus, as i said, it does power down in 60 seconds you play back from file, and from database too
20:34:40 Join dys [0] (
20:34:54 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
20:35:05CH23so the times is okay
20:35:32Bilgusdoes it shut down in 60 seconds if you are in a playlist?
20:35:43CH23no it does not shut down at all
20:36:17Bilgusok so if it doesn't shut down even with the sleep timer in a playlist it might be the timer
20:36:46CH23i'll test that
20:37:04Bilgusor cotrruption of something like the charger status
20:37:38CH23why would the corruption last over different software builds?
20:37:48CH23and on both my sansa clips
20:39:27 Quit amofiuhr_ (Ping timeout: 272 seconds)
20:42:23CH23Bilgus, do you want me to have the music paused or playing with the playlist+shutdown timer running?
20:42:47Bilguseither or both should work
20:43:24CH23we'll know in 3 minutes
20:43:31Bilgusthere are a lot of conditionals in that power off radio, playback, charger plugged... if there was an overflow any one of those could get clobbered but I fell its more than likely audio status
20:45:08Bilgusif sleep timer works then we can eliminate charger status and current_tick as culprits
20:45:45Bilgusnext we can try forcing each of those statuses and see which one sticks
20:46:34Bilgusonce we narrow it down we can track down what changed
20:46:37CH23it shuts down on timer while in playlist playing mode
20:46:53Bilgusdo you have a build enviroment set up?
20:49:40Bilgus make that int audio_stat = 0;//audio_status();
20:49:59Bilgusand see if it works then
20:51:13Bilgusalso have you tried renaming your cfg file so a new one is used.. there are some weird issues caused by old cfg file sometimes
20:53:05CH23i tried it without my cfg file
20:53:24CH23then added setting, tested, another setting, tested, added theme, tested
20:53:45CH23and finally after it all worked, i tried using a playlist
20:54:32Bilgusah ok just making sure.. setting the audio_stat to 0 should confirm
20:54:43CH23working on it
20:55:10 Part cereal__
21:01:02CH23building takes a while on my core2duo
21:03:30 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
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21:05:03CH23Bilgus, build and installed, now what do i do?
21:05:31Bilgussame thing play a playlist and see if it idles off when paused
21:05:34 Join krabador [0] (~krabador@unaffiliated/krabador)
21:07:43johnb2Bilgus : What are your plans for ? Anything you want me to test? I have 2 clip+ with a dead screen. I read that the saving might be minor, but it still should help, right? (backlight is set to off already now).
21:09:03Bilguswhen the bl is sset to off the clock is still running so it might save you like .2% or something
21:09:41CH23it won't shut down when pausing a playlist track. it does when pausing from file.
21:10:12Bilguswith it installed i got a reduction of something like 100 ua on the power which works out to like 3 minutes lol
21:10:43johnb2:-) then I would rather wait until it's commited, unless a dedicated test is needed.
21:11:16Bilgusnah it works fine you can test it if you like
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21:11:38BilgusCH23 if it doesn't idle off even with audio status forced to paused then we need to look at the other status'
21:14:03 Quit duncan^ (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
21:17:14CH23i'm going to try something else first; right now i'm booting from the sd card, so i'm now preparing a build to boot from the internal memory.
21:17:43BilgusCH23 starting here change to ->
21:17:55 Join duncan^ [0] (
21:17:59CH23something i'd like to mention is that i keep seeing the 'disc activity' icon blipping up
21:18:38Bilguswell that is quite possible
21:18:57 Quit johnb2 (Quit: Nettalk6 -
21:19:47CH23it __shouldn't__ matter, really, as i had the same setup as before the 9th of november
21:20:16Bilgusperhaps it timesout tries to write to the playlist and then not enough time has passed for disk spin down it cancels the shutdown and rinse repeat
21:20:35Bilgussorry tries to write playlist status
21:20:42CH23this is not a playlis- ah
21:31:49CH23even with a completely unmodified firmware on the internal memory, playing from a playlist on the external, it fails to poweroff
21:33:13CH23i'll try your thing now
21:33:50CH23do you want the previous modification still in there, Bilgus ?
21:34:16Bilgusnah the new one negates it
21:36:12 Join MrZeus_ [0] (~MrZeus@2a02:c7f:7066:fb00:a909:60cb:c6d1:542)
21:43:40 Join amofiuhr_ [0] (~amofiuhr_@
21:46:11CH23i'm getting 3 errors
21:47:23 Quit asymsucon (Quit: Page closed)
22:24:14CH23Bilgus, you should know that i couldn't write 2 lines of code if my life depended on it
22:27:32Bilgusits my fault most likely brb
22:29:39 Quit amayer (Quit: Leaving)
22:31:57Bilgusch23 replace from 964 to end with
22:33:50Bilgusand if it still happens finally try this one
22:33:54 Quit TheEaterOfSouls (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.92-rdmsoft [XULRunner 35.0.1/20150122214805])
22:35:05CH23i'm getting different errors now
22:37:04 Join TheEaterOfSouls [0] (~chatzilla@unaffiliated/theeaterofsouls)
22:38:06CH23/home/ch23/Documents/rockboxstuff/UntitledFolder/rockbox/firmware/powermgmt.c:942:1: error: unterminated #ifndef
22:39:18CH23this is the file as i have it
22:52:15Bilgusput #endif line after handle_sleep_timer(); and before the final }
22:54:13CH23oh duh
22:54:22CH23that makes sense, thanks
22:54:41 Join camerondm9 [0] (c092e769@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:03:01CH23build and installed
23:03:31CH23and shutting down!
23:11:26***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
23:13:00Bilgusok now try the second one and see if it still shuts down
23:13:51BilgusI think with your observation of the disk activity light it probably won't and then we just have to find out what is writing to the disk
23:16:29BilgusCH23 oh wait nevermind
23:17:41Bilgusyou already had the last one did you try yet?
23:18:55CH23i did not, but i will in a moment
23:19:30 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
23:24:46 Join Saratoga [0] (ac3a5f47@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:25:25Saratogashadoxx: undocumented SOC so the only documentation is the code
23:25:45SaratogaMost things that are known about it are there however
23:28:41shadoxxSaratoga: figured it was something like that. in the cpu file?
23:37:07 Quit Saratoga (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:41:50 Nick pixelma_ is now known as pixelma (~pixelma@rockbox/staff/pixelma)
23:42:11 Quit ender` (Quit: You must be sentient in there, because nobody would program a computer to be such an asshole. — Craig Alanson: Columbus Day)
23:52:58 Quit ZincAlloy (Quit: Leaving.)
23:55:57 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)

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