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#rockbox log for 2018-01-06

00:05:53__builtinulmutul: just pushed a fix
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00:31:17ulmutulok, I'll try it.
00:36:22__builtinuser890104: ^
00:52:10ulmutulNo more crashes, but the sound is still weird. More than 2 times as fast, but at a lower pitch.
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01:20:24__builtinyeah, I need to throw pcm_set_frequency in there
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13:04:19user890104__builtin: thanks for the fix, i'll test it on my ipod6g
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19:20:40ee1943Hello, I'd be interesting in adding inline headphone controls to a rockbox target. Can someone point me to an existing implementation?
19:20:50ee1943I've been grepping around the source looking for one without much luck
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19:25:40pamauryee1943: afaik, most targets are not even capable to do so
19:25:44pamaurythey don't have the hardware
19:29:34ee1943pamaury: the ipod classic 6th gen (2009 version) has the hardware for it and it works in the OF
19:29:57ee1943I figure it's just a GPIO that the firmware would have to handle, which shouldn't be hard to implement
19:30:18ee1943I ask because if there's an existing implementation for another target I could do it the "established" way instead of greenfield
19:31:03pamauryI don't know anything about the ipods unfortunately. But useful this won't be a GPIO, it's more likely to be an analog pin that you have to read with an adc, and based on the value you can determine which buttons is pressed
19:31:51pamauryfor example this is how headphones work for android (the concept is essentially the same for everything, values differ):
19:33:17pamauryprof_wolfff is the ipod expert I think, see also this forum post
19:33:35pamauryhe may be able to tell you how the hardware part work
19:34:55ee1943ah, using an ADC makes a lot more sense then dedicating a GPIO for each function. Thanks for the link :)
19:35:55ee1943Yes, that forum post is the one that made me look into it. We'll see what he has to say
19:38:37prof_wolfffon ipod6g, the remote/mic headphones uses a special controller, one at the HP and other inside the ipod who is called mikey (see ipod accessory specs for more info about this controller), actually the microphone is working and i have info about how the buttons works so hope to implement it once i have some time, the bad news are that it is not easy to integrate into RB because it should be compatible with the 30-pin
19:38:37prof_wolfffconnector remote (they should work at the same time)
19:40:10prof_wolfffthe mikey controller is connected to i2c bus, and accepts come commands for configuration and generate interrupts when you push some button, then you must read what button(s) is pressed/released using the i2c bus
19:46:10ee1943prof_wolfff: thanks for the info. Is there any way I could help with development on that feature? I've got the hardware laying around and have some firmware/embedded sw experience
19:51:29prof_wolfffIIRC, on i2c there are 4 read/write registers and 4 read only registers, i have some info about the functions of these registers annotated somewhere, not all info because it was obtained using reverse engineering, i can try to find that info but ATM no idea where it is because it was done many time ago and i wrote notes on several different computers, but i will look for it
19:52:05prof_wolfffee1943: ^
19:54:34ee1943prof_wolfff: I have ~=0 reverse eng. experience and don't own a scope or logic analyzer so that info would be very helpful :)
19:58:47ee1943unrelated question, but why is the charging limit set to 100mA in the ipod6g bootloader (bootloader/ipod6g.c:190)
19:58:50prof_wolfffee1943: to get the info i used some test programs on emcore, and IIRC also analized and commented the OF low level functions related to mikey using the IDA disassembler
19:58:55ee1943my ipod died last night due to -40 temps and the rockbox bootloader can't recharge it, I have to go to OF
20:01:23prof_wolfffee1943: possibly it is because you need a wall charger (not USB) and ATM it is not supported by the bootloader that actually only charges at 100mA from USB
20:02:37prof_wolfffi dont know exactly the reason, but when the battery is deep discharged on ipods then the FW charges is needed and charging from USB is useless
20:03:18ee1943prof_wolfff: yes, I noticed that too. had it plugged into my laptop for hours and the voltage fluctuated around 3200mV. Now it's plugged into the wall in OF and charging well
20:04:15ee1943yeah working on the disassembled OF is out of my skill range haha
20:04:38ee1943I could try to play with the emcore bootloader though
20:06:50prof_wolfffi got the same problem on a nano3g, it looks like dead when connecting to USB but emitting a continuous click-click-click sound that never heard before, the problem was deep battery discharge and was solved using a wall charger
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22:56:27user890104__builtin: the last commit fixed the duke3d/audio playback issue
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