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#rockbox log for 2018-01-07

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00:47:56__builtinuser890104: great, thanks
00:51:59*__builtin is taking a look at the devices that freeze on init
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04:45:30[Saint]Playback stops in the SDL build if you update the database during playback.
04:45:53[Saint]Oh. No. It just dies. I see.
04:46:33[Saint]I guess I /did/ throw a few hundred thousand files at it, but, hey.
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05:20:32[Saint]I had to update the db in chunks.
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20:11:02[Saint]I've been thinking about it, and while I've taken /some/ steps locally, I'm not going to check in any of the smaller theme variants yet.
20:12:27[Saint]It's just so much easier to maintain the monolithic theme, and when that's all hunky dory, fork that. Otherwise it means managing changes across for themes instead of one. Or eight with the probability of portrait and tuned landscape versions.
20:14:14[Saint]juggling the playback assets around conditionally is an absolute cock.
20:15:11[Saint]I would much sooner not, but the majority of them are non-essential for devices without touchscreen and not drawing drastically reduces the minimal supported resolution.
20:18:06[Saint]I feel like I've said that a million times now.
20:18:41[Saint]'minimally supported resolution', but I suppose people being annoyed that it doesn't work for a majority of Rockbox targets at the moment is a pretty fair point.
20:19:02[Saint]so I'm overcompensating, it will happen.
20:19:31[Saint]just not now. I want all the logic done first.
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22:37:39sonynwzGood evening. Is here a RockBox developer? I am trying to remove the sound pressure regulator on a Sony NWZ A816. Using the SCSI tool v16 I get the following message: This device doesn't have node 'shp'
22:38:44[Saint]pamaury: ping
22:39:23[Saint]sonynwz: if you can idle around, that's the man you want to speak to.
22:44:16sonynwzit's ok, I can wait. Hopefully I will get a solution to get that thing removed from my walkman
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22:58:13pamaurysonynwz: which device is it?
22:58:44pamauryah sorry, A816, hmm, let me see
23:01:01pamaurysonynwz: indeed, I didn't add support for that one, I need maybe 10 minute to download stuff from sony
23:03:34sonynwzpamaury Thanks a million!
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23:06:08sonynwzand eventually to do the same thing for the NWZ e384if possible? I've seen the compatibility list and the E380 is shown as No(ever)
23:07:48sonynwzI couldn't enter the service menu or service test or anything like that on none of my players with the instructions(key combinations) found on the internet.
23:08:17[Saint]Do we have a make target for a statically compiled SDL build?
23:08:41[Saint]Or is that something I need to figure out myself?
23:08:54__builtinI think configure supports static libss
23:09:59__builtinas long as your sdl-config does
23:10:15[Saint]I wonder if I can still figure out how to build a w32 binary on a unix host.
23:10:53[Saint]because presumably the majority of people willing to test while it's still kinda limited to the SDL build are going to be on Windows.
23:11:54[Saint]Eh. Fuck it. Not going there. If people want it that bad they can figure it out.
23:12:04__builtinpoint them to rasher's sims?
23:12:11user890104[Saint]: the last time i tried building using gcc-mingw-w64, it worked fine
23:12:28[Saint]good to know.
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23:14:23user890104i used g#1611 to build a VM and compiled windows builds in a linux machine running on windows
23:15:05rasher[Saint]: there's a wiki page explaining how IIRC
23:16:35rasher[Saint]: written several years ago, so some stuff will need adjustment, but I bet most of it is good
23:17:03pamaurysonynwz: the E380 is not linux based and that tool does not apply. As far as I know, there is no way to change volume regulation on the E380
23:17:10pamaury(short of putting rockbox on it)
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23:20:07sonynwzpamaury Damn. I've set the AVLS off, the volume is going all the way to 30 which is fine. I've read that there are some other adjustments like bass and treble under the service menu.Do you have any idea how can I access it?
23:24:20pamaurysonynwz: on which target?
23:24:41 Join this_is_a_nick [0] (
23:25:04sonynwzE384 and A816. I would like to impreove the sound on both players. If possible
23:25:25pamauryE380: I don't think there is a service menu
23:26:40pamauryA816: well you can use scsitool to remove sound limitation (will upload a new build shortly). Otherwise most change in the service menu are not persistent anyway. We don't have the service manual for the A810 anyway so I don't know how to access it, you can always try sequences from other players (see for links to service manuals)
23:28:53sonynwzpamaury: well at least there is a small chance for the A816. I will try to find the key combo and will let you know which one is working.
23:29:07pamauryhmm, logbot is dead?
23:31:46__builtinpamaury: seems fine
23:32:11__builtinfs-bluebot is a different matter...
23:33:09pamaurysonynwz: I have updated the link on
23:33:28 Quit sonynwz (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:33:30pamaury__builtin: ah right, it's fs-bluebot that reports commits
23:36:09 Join sonynwz [0] (5ac0c664@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
23:36:30pamaurysonynwz: I have updated the link on
23:37:24sonynwzpamaury: Thanks a million. I'll give it a go right now
23:41:27sonynwzpamaury: This is the output message I've got
23:41:31sonynwzD:\DOWNLOADS>scsitool-nwz-v17.exe E: dest_tool get Model: NWZ-A816 Series: NWZ-A810 Series
23:42:38__builtingreat, I can't figure out how to build the original duke3d now
23:42:46pamaurysonynwz: that's correct, now you set the destination
23:43:31pamauryUsually destination 'U' works well
23:44:20sonynwzpamaury: yes, I was thinking at that because the US doesn't have the volume capped as the EU
23:48:43*__builtin probably should have picked a different source port to begin with
23:54:15*pamaury goes to bed
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