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#rockbox log for 2018-01-12

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00:21:10__builtin[Saint]: I know it happened once some months ago
00:21:48[Saint]Yeah, I cleaned up after that, and I was able to recreate my page.
00:22:00__builtinNot recently, though
00:22:00[Saint]Now it seems that that option isn't available to me, or indeed anyone.
00:22:16[Saint]I recreated my page around ~6 months ago.
00:22:27__builtinHmm, so it got deleted again?
00:22:29[Saint]Some time between then and now it was deleted again.
00:22:56__builtinSounds like the swedes are still running the purge script
00:23:11[Saint]Yeah, I suspect so myself.
00:23:20__builtinTry asking them to stop running it?
00:23:31__builtinThen at least it won't get deleted
00:23:39[Saint]Honestly I think what we need to do is purge _all_ wiki users, and then make two groups.
00:24:10[Saint]I think we should have committers/submitters/staff in a single bucket, and the general public in another.
00:24:51[Saint]though that's probably overkill, the easiest option is to just nuke all users and then reinstate access on demand on a case by case basis.
00:25:14[Saint]There's several hundred users in the wikiusergroup and I suspect less than 5% of them are active contributors.
00:26:00__builtinIt's probably overkill like you said, though
00:26:34__builtinWhy can't you recreate your page?
00:26:56[Saint]User registration has been disabled at the backend level.
00:27:21[Saint]Apparently we're not taking any more wiki users, and no one actually bothered communicating this to anyone.
00:28:11__builtinSo your whole account got deleted along with the page?
00:28:29[Saint]Seems so, yes.
00:29:27[Saint]Something's gone screwy. No idea what.
00:29:43[Saint]The wiki has been quite ill for a few years now.
00:29:50__builtin"Yell at the swedes" is probably the only option
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00:29:59*[Saint] nods
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01:46:14__builtinulmutul (logs): when this build round finishes, could you test the YH-925 build to make sure it still works?
01:51:07MarcAndersenI think I will give up on building this thing, I will try using my vinux based on ubuntu 14.04 instead
01:52:20__builtinI think most (if not all) the devs build on linux
01:52:31__builtinso with anything else you're basically on your own
01:52:35MarcAndersenBut it would be nice to have a simulator on my mac or windows if rasher could update the build
01:52:54__builtinit shouldn't be too hard to cross-compile
01:53:14__builtinIIRC it's a matter of pointing configure to your toolchain
01:56:12[Saint]MarcAndersen: IMO, fuck the simulator.
01:56:18[Saint]Build the SDL application.
01:56:28[Saint]Much more versatile.
01:59:13__builtinthat too, the keybindings are a pain
01:59:56MarcAndersenI give up...
02:01:05[Saint]Well, you'll never get anywhere with that attitude.
02:02:22[Saint]That said, development/compilation on Windows directly is an absolute nightmare and not a really well supported or often tested use case.
02:02:48[Saint]You're much better off crosscompiling from a virtual machine.
02:04:02[Saint]I do believe that the SDL application holds a distinct advantage in that it isn't trying to simulate a particular architecture or set of functions.
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02:04:46[Saint]It's just a giant touchscreen device with all possible supported hardware and software functions. It's ideal for testing.
02:05:20[Saint]I use it myself (with some workarounds and modifications) as a standalone desktop media player.
02:06:09MarcAndersenMe too. I could also just use the rasher builds from 2017-03-24
02:06:09[Saint]I haven't found any other standalone graphical media player with anywhere close to the same feature set that uses anywhere near the resources that the Rockbox SDL application uses.
02:08:02[Saint]If you used the SDL app, you could help me test and configure my dynamic, large format screen theme
02:08:33[Saint]But...I'm not exactly unbiased in this arena and am blatantly working towards my own needs in this case. :)
02:09:35[Saint]You obviously don't have to...but if you were to crosscompile a fullscreen SDL build and help me get that theme consumer-ready I wouldn't exactly be ungrateful.
02:09:52MarcAndersenrasher: if you have time at some point would you please update the simulators?
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13:25:08ulmutul__builtin (logs): Duke3d is running fine on YH-925 and on YH-820.
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18:52:24rasherMarcAndersen: sims are updated now (manually right now)
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23:58:30edhelaspamaury hey :)
23:58:39edhelasI'm trying to compile your USB Audio patch again
23:58:41edhelasgot that
23:58:42edhelas/usr/local/lib/gcc/arm-elf-eabi/4.4.4/../../../../arm-elf-eabi/bin/ld: /home/edhelas/Repositories/rockbox/build/rockbox.elf section `.stack' will not fit in region `IRAM'
23:58:42edhelas/usr/local/lib/gcc/arm-elf-eabi/4.4.4/../../../../arm-elf-eabi/bin/ld: region `IRAM' overflowed by 1528 bytes
23:58:42DBUGEnqueued KICK edhelas
23:58:42edhelas/home/edhelas/Repositories/rockbox/build/firmware/libfirmware.a(usb_audio.o): In function `usb_audio_fast_transfer_complete':
23:58:42edhelasusb_audio.c:(.text+0x1cc): undefined reference to `_logf'
23:58:42***Alert Mode level 1
23:58:42edhelascollect2: ld returned 1 exit status

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