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#rockbox log for 2018-01-14

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01:18:03[Saint]The fuck is Sigyn?
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02:08:00__builtin[Saint]: freenode's anti-spam bot
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03:58:58SaratogaLogbot used to kick people for posting too fast
03:59:03SaratogaThat was nice
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11:43:44pamaurywhat happened to logbot?
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12:14:46aphirstWohin ist Logbot?
12:14:52aphirstIch will es euch sagen!
12:15:07aphirstWir haben ihn getötet, - ihr und ich! Wir alle sind seine Mörder!
12:26:33lebelliumyou're supposed to talk in english here
12:27:58johnb3lebellium : It's nonsense.
12:28:18lebelliumjohnb3: I understand german :)
12:32:43aphirstit was a very cultured joke
12:43:56edhelashi everyone :)
12:45:41pamauryedhelas: hi, I'll look into the usb audio problem, I haven't touched it in a while, but I thought it compiled at least
12:45:50edhelaspamaury I compiled your USB Audio patch last day
12:46:07edhelasfixed the compilation for iPod Color with that
12:46:09edhelas-#define BUFFER_SIZE 1023
12:46:09edhelas+#define BUFFER_SIZE 300
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12:46:27edhelasoh there was also a buggy log line
12:46:33edhelas- _logf("frame: %d", usb_drv_get_frame_number());
12:46:33edhelas+ //_logf("frame: %d", usb_drv_get_frame_number());
12:47:19pamauryah I remember now, it's because I started adding some stuff about iso frames but didn't finish
12:47:27pamauryso it's possible it did not compile actually
12:47:34edhelasok :)
12:53:57pamauryedhelas: also I am afraid the buffer size will really need to be 1023, I do not think we can make work with a 300 bytes buffer
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13:30:44edhelaspamaury but is it possible to reach this limit on iPod ?
13:31:06edhelasI can try to see if it compiles with a bigger buffer
13:31:12edhelasbut 1023 was crashing for me
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13:41:44pamauryedhelas: crashing?
14:00:37edhelaswell, just didn't compiled
14:04:54pamauryah yes, that's because some targets put usb buffers in iram, maybe it's not necessary, I haven't looked
14:05:07pamaurysince the patch doesn't really work anyway...
14:09:38edhelasoh ok
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14:31:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a1123de, 273 builds, 11 clients.
14:43:11fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 710 seconds.
14:43:13fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a1123de result: All green
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16:26:39b0hoonHi. Any news about the gerrit update? I would like to add my work.
16:28:19pamauryb0hoon: I think gevaerts asked the swedes but probably they didn't do it...
16:29:48b0hoonYeah, i talked with him about it.
16:30:14b0hoonSo i guess i'll wait some more
16:32:29pamauryit's part of the reason why we discussed about switching to gitlab or github on the ML at some point remember ;)
16:32:55b0hoonpamaury: right now i have this ->
16:33:26pamaurycool :) very impressive
16:34:09b0hoonand this ->
16:35:12b0hoonthe a860 is on the table
16:39:19b0hoonulmutul: i have the yh-820 with the radio soldered to the factory board by myself, so it's possible to add the missing code for it finally.
16:45:15b0hoonulmutul: without the mosfet which turns the power on and off and the power filter but it works at least for me :)
16:45:38b0hoonulmutul: but i can't change the patch right now
16:47:08 Part b0hoon
16:49:28__builtinjhMikeS: mind if I merge g#1799?
16:49:31fs-bluebotGerrit review #1799 at : Add new function, semaphore_get_count(), for SDL support. by Michael Sevakis
16:52:48__builtinI mean, g#1800
16:52:53fs-bluebotGerrit review #1800 at : Use sleep(0) instead of yield() in SDL_WaitAudio by Michael Sevakis
16:53:04__builtin g#1799 can wait until we decide to support grayscale
16:53:08fs-bluebotGerrit review #1799 at : Add new function, semaphore_get_count(), for SDL support. by Michael Sevakis
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20:31:47jhMikeS__builtin: go right ahead
20:32:14jhMikeSmake sure it doesn't block to long in some cases. it can be up to a tick
20:32:54jhMikeSbut then so can yield(), technically
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20:46:13jhMikeS__builtin: our mutexes do recursion. no need to reimplement in sdl
20:48:52jhMikeSthen again you can't really do the error returns without that...
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21:34:18__builtinjhMikeS: that's left over from the original SDL sample code
21:34:44__builtinI'll test whether sleep(0) causes any more skips than yield()
21:35:57CtcpIgnored 2 channel CTCP requests in 4 hours and 10 minutes at the last flood
21:35:57*__builtin neglected to update most of the comments in the SDL code
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22:43:16[Saint]wait, am I reading that right?
22:43:28[Saint]what's g1799 got to do with greyscale?
22:44:00[Saint]__builtin: ?
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23:12:37jhMikeS[Saint]: nothing and my explanation is contained therein
23:13:03jhMikeSwell, in __builtin's other patch to enable semaphores
23:16:38[Saint]jhMikeS: Thanks, I figured there must've been some context I was missing, because that didn't make any sense to me.
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