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#rockbox log for 2018-01-15

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00:44:38__builtin[Saint]: grayscale for duke3d
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00:45:13__builtinSDL relies on semaphores provided by the kernel
00:45:24__builtinso for duke3d to run on a grayscale target it needs semaphores enabled
00:45:36__builtinwell, any target, for that matter
00:48:23__builtinI suppose I didn't make that very clear in the commit message
00:50:34[Saint]heh - cabbiev2 is about 30 LOC
00:50:52[Saint]immaterial (the monolithic version) is over 300.
00:51:07[Saint](and growing)
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00:59:30[Saint]There would normally be genre too, and the logic is there.
00:59:39[Saint]I just don't have my files tagged with genre.
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01:32:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 69ff35a, 273 builds, 11 clients.
01:44:19fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 707 seconds.
01:44:20fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 69ff35a result: All green
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11:51:57q3cpmaHello, I'm setting up my machine to do all the rockbox compilation, and I wondered the tuple for IMX CPUs was "arm-elf-eabi" too?
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16:35:26pamauryCodeKiller: ask your question, people will answer if they know
16:35:29CodeKillerI'm trying to improve a codec but have troubles in debugging −− are there a way to print something to the debug output from the codec itself? I tried logf and DEBUGF without success
16:36:45CodeKillerI'm using the simulator
16:37:43pamauryCodeKiller: to enable logf, you need to enable logf in configure and also #define LOGF_ENABLE before #include "logf.h", the output will be printed to the log buffer, accessible in the debug menu
16:37:59pamauryfor DEBUGF, I don't remember exactly, I think you need to enable Debug build in configure
16:38:06pamaurylet me have a look
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16:39:06CodeKillerit writes some debug from metadata.c and codec.c, but from inside of the an actual codec i have no luck
16:39:32SaratogaDebugf should be defined in the codecs iirc
16:40:23pamauryiirc, the way debug.h is handled in the codecs is super hackish, defining/undefining several times, I'm making a simulator build to check
16:41:06SaratogaWhich codec are you looking at?
16:41:28CodeKillerthe 'sid' one
16:41:51SaratogaOk, I don't know much about that
16:42:03CodeKillerthe C64 music format
16:42:47pamauryCodeKiller: so apparently with logf disabled and DEBUG enabled, logf calls (with LOGF_ENABLE) are replaced by debugf() which is printed on the console. So it works inside rockbox, now checking for codecs
16:45:02pamauryCodeKiller: it seems to work, I added DEBUGF("Codec start"); to codec_crt0.c just to check and with DEBUG enabled, the message is printed to the console
16:50:47CodeKillerwell, all i got are only the codec.c 's messages: calling entrypoint; not an encoder; entering run state
16:54:39pamauryCodeKiller: and you enabled (D)ebug in configure?
16:55:13pamauryand after making changes to the codec, did you not forget to run "make install" ?
16:55:47pamaury(otherwise the modified codecs are not copied to the simdisk/ directory I think)
16:56:31CodeKilleroh sh−−−−−−
16:57:50CodeKilleryes of course i have forgotten−−−−-
16:58:12pamauryyeah that's a not-very-well-documented fact :-/
16:58:33CodeKillerthanks for the help
16:58:49CodeKillerand sorry to bother you
16:59:00SaratogaFwiw I think sim always defines debug
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20:13:39SammysHPhi. I'm looking for a secondary rockbox player for less than 50 €. currently I use a clip+ but it's hard to get for that price. the old fuze looks nice, but even in bad shape it's above 60 €. I can only find the fuze+ for about 40 €. how's the status of the fuze+? is it even worth to buy it (touchpad)?
20:14:17SammysHPprimarily intended stationary in the car
20:14:55SammysHPis the touchpad illuminated at least?
20:15:56pamaurySammysHP: touchpad is not illuminated on the fuze+
20:16:28pamauryit's well supported, although the touchpad handling is suboptimal (not that many people like touchpads anyway)
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20:18:49SammysHPany suggestions what to buy?
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20:19:11SammysHPtoo bad that there's no recent hardware that is rockbox compatible
20:20:03lebelliumdon't worry, soon the cheap Sony NW-WM1 will be supported
20:20:32pamaurywell there aren't cheap players, the recent Sony NW are supported, but none is below 60 or even 70 euros I think
20:20:58pamauryprobably the cheapest is the sony nwz e380
20:21:34lebelliumeven the supported Sony are already discontinued
20:21:47lebelliumthe market is going too fast \o/
20:22:26SammysHPI can't even find a used nwz e380
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20:22:52SammysHPI assume there is no market for hardware media players anymore
20:22:59lebelliumthere is
20:23:01SammysHPmost people use their smartphone
20:23:09SammysHPonly a few audiophiles are left
20:23:11lebelliumthere is an interesting market
20:23:18lebelliumbut not under 50€
20:23:30SammysHPyeah, more like >300 €
20:23:48pamaurySammysHP: there are many players around 100 euros
20:25:38lebelliumthe problem is more the lack of rockbox developers and lack of free-time for the few active ones
20:25:46lebelliumthere are enough devices on the market
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21:21:49pamauryjhMikeS: ping
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