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#rockbox log for 2018-01-19

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00:09:16__builtinmozilla seems to have a tool for debugging these intermittent failures
00:12:19__builtingreat, it doesn't support my cpu
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03:41:30__builtingreat, gives Internal Server Error in
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04:49:38bcranelhave a clip plus. suddenly ceased yesterday. fdisk reports 4MB
04:49:58bcraneldocs seem to indicate flash is broken on amsaunbrick procedure
04:50:48bcraneli've looked at the hardware. both clocks are running, no display, no nothing from usb/battery.
04:51:21bcranelanyone know if there's any way to recover?
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09:40:13Kate6Hi, I have rockbox on an 80gb gen5.5 iPod ("iPod Video") and I have two different docks, both of which are listed as working in your iPod Accessories database, both of which don't actually successfully send IAP commands to the iPod in Rockbox but work fine in the standard Apple firmware...
09:40:24Kate6I've tried toggling the "accessory power" setting on and off. Anything else I might be missing?
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14:25:04pamaury___builtin: why to you need mpc for? Only the old toolchain download it directly
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17:52:36asymsuconBilgus: Hi, are you here?
17:53:20asymsucongood news regarding your multiboot FW - I found one target with failing internal and that enabled me to do extra testing
17:54:15asymsuconIn Sansa FW the internal mounts correctly, but fails to do so in RB (even in bootloader mode)
17:55:54asymsuconMy guess is that the NAND there is extremely power hungry - and this is further reflected when I used your multiboot setup, It still tries to mount the internal and battery % goes down like crazy (20% in 5 minutes)
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18:21:14Bilgusasymsucon we played with a few builds with not internal mounting disabled for johnb but I'd bet its probably the NAND wasting power with a physical fault, assuming good battery
18:21:59Bilgusfigure the bootloade started off the nand
18:23:16asymsuconBest course of action seems to be indeed to completely disable internal, if that can be done
18:25:34asymsuconyea, I think the battery is fine, it was new in box
18:27:40asymsuconright now if I'm not mistaken internal is treated as fallible, but is mounted anyway on boot
18:29:33Bilgusthe bootloader is run from the internal drive so it is mounted at boot...
18:30:55Bilgusnow as far as once it runs iirc it shouldn't try and mount the internal drive again unless accessed
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18:32:41asymsuconI have this unit till Monday, then it's going back for exchange. Should I test for anything else?
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18:51:13Kate6Hi, I have rockbox on an 80gb gen5.5 iPod ("iPod Video") and I have two different docks, both of which are listed as working in your iPod Accessories database, both of which don't actually successfully send IAP commands to the iPod in Rockbox but work fine in the standard Apple firmware... I've tried toggling the "accessory power" setting on and off. Anything else I might be missing?
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18:59:16asymsuconGot this when disconnecting the USB from PC
19:00:18Bilguswhat is it like NOS new old stock?
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20:09:39asymsuconBilgus Dunno what you mean, but basically yes
20:10:19Bilguslike it was made in 2006 but you opened it for the first time this year
20:10:29Bilguslike brand new but 10 years old
20:14:48asymsuconThese are definitely from after 2011
20:15:41asymsuconand it's AMSv2 var. 1
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20:20:32Bilguswas an example, anyway if it was brand new I don't see how the flash would be failing I mean yes its possible but probable???
20:21:26asymsuconMaybe it's not "failing" just this particular module needs higher voltage
20:21:32Bilgusmaybe you should try booting into the OF without the sd card or start putting the OF back on and see if it works
20:21:53asymsuconIn OF the internal works perfectly
20:21:58Bilgusanything is possible but if it works in OF I'd say it is fine
20:22:24asymsuconI think CVDD2 could be the culprit
20:22:42Bilguswhat happens if you use rockbox on the internal drive?
20:23:16Bilgusits quite possible tbh but don't copy anything over usb in rockbox if that is the case
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20:23:30Bilgusyou are just asking for trouble
20:24:16asymsuconinteresting, now RB boots up correctly even from internal
20:25:17Bilguswhered the sd card come from?
20:25:33asymsuconfrom another Clip+ I have
20:25:52asymsuconSamsung Evo+ 128GB
20:26:12asymsuconTested - 0 reinits with Mihail's power mod
20:26:22asymsuconso the card should be fine
20:26:39Bilgushmm thats kinda odd maybe you should start over with the install on the sd card
20:27:17Bilgusdid you compile the SD firmware yourself download it or was it already on the card
20:27:26asymsuconNow RB boots fine from internal, but it's still in still not mounting correctly when connected to PC
20:27:45asymsuconnope, it was already there
20:27:51asymsuconit was your build :)
20:28:18BilgusI suppose it could still be a power issue but being that you just spent what ~$120+ why risk it
20:28:58Bilgusbut nonetheless you can try upping voltage first
20:29:42BilgusI think this FW has the powersave menu
20:30:33Bilgusput it on the internal like rename the old .rockbox folder and unzip this one to the device (from OF)
20:33:16asymsuconIt wasn't $120, more like $30 or $40
20:35:29asymsuconI'll try, but I'm sure they'll accept it for exchange. Just wanted to let you know that I'll have it for few days if you needed to test something
20:35:51asymsuconon partially "failing" unit
20:36:26BilgusI'm not sure where you found a clip+ new for $30-40 or is this a refurbished unit?
20:36:51asymsuconnope, no refurb, came in retail box
20:37:13asymsuconI have my sources :)
20:37:31asymsuconand considerable amount of luck on that
20:37:39Bilgusthen buy like 5
20:38:04asymsuconI got 5 clip+ and 5 clip zips already, I think that should be enough for a while
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20:54:03asymsuconBilgus - The build above is compatible with multiboot?
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21:05:33asymsuconWhere is the powersave menu located in the structure?
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21:25:11Bilgussettings>general settings>system>
21:30:01asymsuconNope, even with everything set to "no", it won't show up on the PC
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