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#rockbox log for 2018-01-23

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00:52:48gamerawhat's some of the higher end players that are supported?
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01:04:22gameraor do high end ones come with good firmware to start with
01:05:10gameramy h300 is starting to crap out, the msata SSD I think draws slightly too much current, and it's so far beyond the expected service life it's nearly antique
01:06:29gamerabut the headphone amp makes it good for self defence, and it records
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03:45:09__builtinulmutul (logs): uploaded a new build
03:45:15__builtinsame URL pattern as last time
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10:26:34Horrorcathas anybody succeeded building the android port recently? I tried and after some messing with GCCOPTS (it didn’t find -sysroot by itself ...) and such, I end up with: /home/horazont/Builds/rockbox/build-android/apps/onplay.o:onplay.c:function add_to_playlist: error: undefined reference to 'srand'
10:27:00Horrorcat(it also warns me that GCC 4.9 is too new, but I don’t see anything in the guide which says I need to build my own crosscompiler instead of taking what the NDK delivers)
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13:33:06pamauryHorrorcat: not really, since our android port does not work with recent versions of android as I understand it
13:33:20Horrorcatah, that explains why the most recent build from the daily build crashes on my recent lineageos
13:35:12pamauryit has something to do with the threading model iirc
13:35:33HorrorcatI’m no android or java developer unfortunately
13:37:07pamauryto be honest, I think the consensus is that there is no point is directly porting rockbox to android, what makes sense is to create an entirely different UI in Java, and just use rockbox's playback engine
13:38:31Horrorcatactually, that doesn’t sound too bad
13:38:41Horrorcatexcept that I’m certainly not a person to do that :)
13:45:06wodzpamaury: how is alsa thing going?
13:49:48pamaurywodz: it's not helping, ALSA throws no error :-/
13:50:32pamauryit is as if the entire process froze for a short time (but long enought to cause audio underrun) and then resumes
13:51:17pamauryIf I have time, tonight I will try to instrument tick task to see if there I can prove that this is the case
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14:09:47SkyriderGreetings all
14:11:03pamaurySkyrider: hi, please ask your question if you have one
14:11:29SkyriderMy clip+ is failing, looked all over the place but it appears the devices are no longer being sold.
14:11:38SkyriderWas wondering for a good alternative which can be bought.
14:12:29sanchaezclip zip?
14:13:50aphirsti'm so glad i bought like 5 clip+ units
14:14:45atsampsonI've been tempted to remount the clip+ PCB in a better case with a decent headphone connector and buttons - mine tend to fail mechanically
14:15:45SkyriderGot half sound sometimes?
14:16:07Skyriderclip zip is also no longer available.
14:16:19SkyriderFrom what I can see, only the sport version.
14:19:51Guest52792might want to just pick one up on ebay
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14:20:39aphirstit's a shame about the times changing
14:21:01aphirstthe era of sansa + rockbox is, at least for newcomers, more or less at a close
14:21:04*Horrorcat has a malfunctioning iriver h320
14:21:06Horrorcatstill mourning about it
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14:22:47sanchaezI own Clip Zip and FiiO X3 II
14:23:17sanchaezthe sound of the latter is obviously better
14:23:27sanchaezbut I miss Rockbox :'(
14:28:26SkyriderSo what are good alternatives?
14:30:10JonI ended up buying an old ipod video after my sandisk rockbox'd things died
14:30:25Jonpretty happy with it although rockbox can't write to the drive properly, need to boot OF for that
14:30:31*Jon keeps meaning to find/file a bug
14:31:05Jonhow's the rockbox android port I wonder? old-ish android phones might be affordable
14:31:14HorrorcatJon, broken
14:32:41SkyriderProblem is I'm not familiar with the rest of the mp3 players...
14:33:10HorrorcatSkyrider, the creative zen X-fi 3 was nice until I broke it.
14:34:12SkyriderAlso no longer available.
14:35:03Horrorcatmay be found on ebay
14:35:09copperSkyrider: I have a Clip+ for sale if you want
14:35:49SkyriderSening it from Paris? :p
14:36:03copperFrom Perpignan, south of France
14:36:32SkyriderThanks for the offer, but I prefer buying something around me with a warrenty :p
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14:37:01aphirstSkyrider, if you live in the north east of england i could sell you a clip+ and prove it works in front of you
14:37:16SkyriderWhoising me aint working :p
14:37:19SkyriderUsing a bouncer.
14:37:28SkyriderIRC is running through my VPS.
14:37:56Horrorcatcopper, so, you’ve got my attention. how much storage can it deal with, microSDHC-wise?
14:38:13copperI have been using it with a 128 GB card
14:38:21Horrorcatbattery life?
14:38:29copperyou can use whatever, as long as it's formatted in FAT32
14:38:37copper15-20 hours
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14:41:41Skyriderbest one in my opinion.
14:41:55Horrorcatcopper, what price and payment options do you have in mind?
14:42:04SkyriderThough I think there's something wrong with the 3,5 jack.. getting half sound randomly.
14:42:27HorrorcatSkyrider, yeah, the jacks are probably the most vulnerable part in all those players :/
14:44:02sanchaezyou can probably fix it
14:44:30SkyriderNot sure how though.
14:44:45Horrorcatworst case, replace the jack by soldering in a new one
14:46:17SkyriderNot my thing ^^, don't even have a solder yet.
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14:48:11SkyriderAre all the devices in the Stable ports list old devices?
14:48:33copperHorrorcat: I /msg'ed you
14:50:37SkyriderFrom what I can find, the device can be sold by third-party only ... ugh, 56,94 euro + 8 for delivery.
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15:14:59SkyriderWhy do they discontinue good products...
15:15:54Horrorcatbecause nobody buys them anymore
15:16:00Horrorcateveryone is happy with their smartphone
15:16:42Skyrider*grumble*, I prefer mp3 player any day. So.... what supported products by rockbox are relative new?
15:18:00HorrorcatSkyrider, check out the unstable/testing ports too
15:18:12SkyriderWould that even be recommended?
15:18:12Horrorcatbut I don’t know really
15:18:26Horrorcatsometimes only a bit which is unimportant for you is missing
15:19:06copperThey do still sell newer players, like the Clip Sport
15:19:31copperso I don't really see why they stopped making the superior Clip+ in favor of lesser players
15:20:43copperthey don't even have gapless playback
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15:22:37wodzcopper: the answer is price
15:23:04copperyou mean their margin?
15:24:25wodztry to calc only parts cost for semi decent hardware and compare with stock price of chinese mp3s
15:25:19copperthat works with clueless customers
15:25:25copperbecause they don't know any better
15:25:48copperbut otherwise, you're just downgrading your own product
15:26:00Horrorcat*sigh* if I was better at mechanics, I would probably give it a shot to build my own
15:26:15Horrorcatbut buttons, fitting something inside a case, getting a proper display and such is hard.
15:26:27Horrorcatat least if you want it to not be huge (i.e. much laregr than an iriver h3xx)
15:28:17wodzcopper: Who cares? The only target left which is willing to pay for decent hardware is audiophile segment.
15:28:35Horrorcatwodz, right, or for that matter, for dedicated hardware at all;
15:28:39Horrorcatmost will just use their phone
15:28:51Horrorcateven though I still don’t understand how a touchscreen is ever a good idea for a portable device
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15:35:57SkyriderMeh.. guess I have no choice to buy it from someone here then? :p
15:37:33Horrorcator any ebay
15:38:26SkyriderI think it's more Expensive on Ebay.
15:39:34SkyriderHow much are you guys selling it for? (those who sell the clip+)
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23:20:33saratogaany dutch speakers want to commit fs#13144?
23:20:34fs-bluebot Update Dutch translation (patches, unconfirmed)
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23:24:18lebelliumThat's gevaerts' job
23:24:28lebelliumhe loves commiting translation patches
23:27:35saratogai don't mind, i'm just worried they'll be nonsense :)
23:28:54lebellium"The old one was incomplete and had lots of mistakes" that's an argument from authority. You can only trust him :)
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