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#rockbox log for 2018-01-24

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02:05:54tomflintanyone have any ideas why sped-up audio is crackly / a little skippy on a modified ipod 5?
02:19:06__builtinthe 5G has a relatively slow cpu
02:19:40__builtinit can't decode much faster than realtime, so skips are expected
02:19:55tomflintI think its actually the file itself. This is the first time I've had an issue with pitch / timestretch
02:20:21tomflintits making the choppy sound on my phone too
02:20:33__builtinwhat codec?
02:20:42tomflintI've tried MP3 and OGG
02:20:57tomflintMP3 for the phone and ipod, but OGG only on the ipod
02:22:13__builtinwhat's the bitrate?
02:23:44tomflint32000 / 128 for the first MP3 and 32000 / 96 for the second
02:24:05__builtin32000 is the sample rate?
02:24:24tomflintits odd, right?
02:25:02__builtinyeah, according to the codec performance page the video can do at least 200% realtime for MP3
02:25:15__builtinhow fast are you playing it?
02:25:31tomflintonly 110%
02:25:43__builtindoes it skip at 100%?
02:27:04tomflintone sec −− I'm going to listen through a good portion of the book with foobar. I'm certain that its the actual audio that's messed up
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02:28:00tomflintugh. it is! Looks like everybody posted from the same messed up source. The patch I listened to earlier just happen to be clean
02:30:11tomflintthanks.. and sorry, __builtin
02:33:07__builtinno problem
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14:43:12pamauryI think I found the start of an explanation for nwz audio stutter problem
14:43:44pamauryI measured the time between two tick tack ticks (which should be 10ms since HZ=100)
14:44:11pamauryBut when backlight is off, I see many values above 100ms, sometimes even as high as 0.5s :-o
14:47:21pamauryI noticed kernel-linux.c uses CLOCK_REALTIME for timer so I tried changing to CLOCK_MONOTONIC without success
14:47:37pamauryI am starting to suspect a kernel bug there
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16:25:01pamauryyou know something is very wrong when you have to write a custom ptrace program to run on some sony target to try to figure out a problem
16:30:28pamauryso my conclusions are:
16:30:28pamaury1) when backlight is off, tick tack is suddenly completely broken, the timer function is called with >500ms delays
16:30:28pamaury2) strace shows that no system call when backlight is off takes more than 10ms
16:30:28DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
16:30:28pamaurywhich sugest that the problem is not with some code that blocks on a syscall. It looks like the kernel freezes the process or does not call the timer
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18:55:57SammysHPsorry, got triggered by strace:
18:59:02pamauryhaha, medicinal use of strace, that's funny
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19:00:04taggarthaha jidanni
19:00:58taggartI think jidanni holds the record for the largest number of minor bugs in the debian bugtracker
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19:04:50SammysHPwell, got a sansa fuze with firmware 1.01.11F for 30 € in good condition (some tiny scratches on the screen, but nothing serious on the back, tiny part of the headphone jack broken)
19:05:06SammysHPlet's see if everything works
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19:07:33taggartis BjornStenberg on IRC? I'm trying to get an account created on the wiki to add some stuff
19:09:33pamaurytaggart: he is usually on #rockbox-community with login zagor, but he is not very responsive
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19:10:04pamauryIsn't there a form on the wiki to register?
19:10:37taggartyes, I filled that out and after submitting it gives you a page saying registration is closed and to contact bjorn
19:11:09taggartI sent email. I can wait a couple days too
19:12:33taggartpamaury: actually I should tell you too, I want to make a page documenting AGPtEK devices
19:13:23taggartbasically a page that explains none are supported, most can't even be ported to, and then have some pointers to the one rocker page and stuff in the forums
19:14:33pamaurytaggart: ah yeah, he may have closed because we had huge span problems. Maybe he is in holiday? I sent him an email a few days ago and got no answer too.
19:14:42taggartpamaury: is the rocker porting still mostly blocked on them not being GPL compliant?
19:15:01taggart(well porting not blocked, but maybe motivation to port)
19:15:23pamaurytaggart: not really, it's just that I don't have the time and the only other guy interested (wodz) got way less interested when he learned that they don't want to share any piece of information
19:15:57SammysHPdoes the fuze v1 bootloader from the rockbox utility already support booting from the sdcard if there's a .rockbox directory?
19:16:15pamauryso yes, it's more of a motivation/incentive problem at the moment
19:17:53pamaurySammysHP: not sure, ask Bilgus I think he is the one working on this
19:19:24taggartpamaury: I made a big list of all the AGPtEK models with a list of features, but my understanding is that most of them lack the RAM/CPU to support rockbox, is that correct?
19:21:16SammysHPdoes it make sense to update the official firmware before installing rockbox?
19:21:36pamaurytaggart: I think this is correct yes, because maybe use atj2127 or similar chips
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19:22:55pamaurySammysHP: usually installing the rockbox bootloader involves reflashing the firmware, in which case no. They might be exceptions though, but I don't think the fuze v1 is one of them
19:23:06SammysHPok, thanks
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19:23:32taggartvery few of the models listed what chips they used on the vendor pages, the ones that did so I think we're doing it for marketing reasons like "hey we use this cool higher quality DAC" or something
19:25:31wodzre Agptek. It is a bit more complicated. There is some serious bug somewhere. Codec crashes almost immediately and even after dozen gdb sessions I don't understand why. On top of this there is this GPL compliance thing.
19:29:47taggartwodz: ok thanks. I will try to put this info that I gathered into foswiki markup and hopefully get it in the wiki, might still be useful at some point
19:31:16wodzMoreover all my code is public. Anyone can pick it up, find whats wrong with codecs and finish this.
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19:45:31BilgusSammysHP. Yes fuze+ does support multiboot but still needs instructions here to do it,51844.msg240021.html#msg240021
19:46:00SammysHPBilgus: fuze (without +) v1
19:46:32pamaurydamn, this NWZ timer bug is driving me crazy
19:46:37Bilgusnope only fuze+ and fuzev1
19:47:10Bilgusbleh fuze+ and FUZE V2!
19:47:29SammysHPbut no problem. I don't know if there's still the runtime difference between v1 and v2, so I might try to find a v2 later
19:47:52BilgusIIRC there was an issue with the v1 but let me look
19:49:07BilgusSammysHP The backend is there fot the Fuzev1
19:49:39BilgusI just didn't add it since I refuze to make bootloaders for things with no one to test it
19:51:36SammysHPare there so few v1 out in the wild?
19:52:35SammysHPbut meh, there was no way to detect wether it is a v1 or v2 before I bought and got it
19:52:39BilgusYou just need to compile the bootloader and build a multiboot fw for it
19:52:44SammysHPok :)
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20:09:04SammysHPbut back again to my question: are there still any major issues with the fuze v1 compared to v2 that I should be aware of?
20:28:03pamaurythis timer issue on the nwz is completely crazy: if I go into my custom debug menu and switch backlight off there, the issue disappears
20:29:22pamaurythe only obvious difference is that the wait look never blocks, it calls button_get_w_tmo(0) [nonblocking] and then yields
20:29:30pamaurythe same loop with button_get_w_tmo(HZ / 10) causes stutter
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20:32:43wodzpamaury: thats insane
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20:43:20pamauryi really have no clue about what is going on
20:43:51pamauryeither it's the kernel doing crap, or it is possible that Sony's sysmgr program suspends the process under certain conditions?
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20:51:37Googie2149Hi, I'm trying to download the firmware for my Archos Recorder 20, but I'm getting a 404 when trying to download it
20:51:41Googie2149The link is
20:52:26Googie21493.13 is available still, but I'd love to get 3.14 if I can
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20:58:26johnb3SammysHP : This is the multiboot bootloader for Fuze V1 :
20:58:42johnb3I have used it on two different devices.
20:58:53SammysHPjohnb3: thanks!
20:59:20johnb3Overall the battery life on the v2 is still better than the V1.
21:02:11johnb3This is the FW that can be run from SD and has Bilgus' power saving features:
21:03:27Bilgusjohnb3 I didn't realize you had compiled it I'll put it in the list
21:03:59johnb3Sure. Go ahead.
21:05:27Bilgusdo you have a roundabout date for when the bootloader was compiled? is it 1/18 like the upload date?
21:05:59johnb3Sept. 3rd
21:07:48SammysHPurgh, getting lots of "reset high-speed USB device number 7 using xhci_hcd" messages… either there is a compatibility issue with my usb3 port or my port is somehow broken (works with other devices) or something is wrong with the fuze :/
21:07:55pixelmaGoogie2149: it's possible that this release isn't available for the Archos Recorder. I think gevaerts or __builtin might know exactly
21:08:17pixelmaor at least more than I do
21:08:39johnb3SammysHP : with the stuff I uploaded or before?
21:09:07SammysHPjohnb3: no. currently connected with the OF and installing everything with rockbox utility
21:10:21Googie2149pixelma: the odd thing is that in the release folder, there's still the manual and speech files. But that might not mean anything for the actual release itself
21:15:33 Join JannF [0] (~jann@2a01:4f8:171:fcff:1ebf:a6a5:5856:b61d)
21:17:27gevaertsGoogie2149: due to hardware limitations it just wouldn't fit. We already took out some features for 3.13, and for 3.14 we decided not to release
21:18:18Googie2149Ah, that makes sense. Thanks for the answer gevaerts
21:18:22lebelliumare you sure we took it off officially for the 3.14?
21:18:33gevaertslebellium: define "officially"
21:19:07lebelliumwith an announcement on the website or the forum and something clean: no dead download link
21:19:30gevaertsAh, maybe we didn't do it properly :)
21:19:43gevaerts__builtin was the release manager, so let's blame him!
21:19:49CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
21:19:49*gevaerts isn't sure
21:20:20Googie2149Most parts of the website do state it's supported, and the Rockbox Utility also tries to download 3.14 for the Recorder
21:20:27lebelliumI thought dropping this target was in discussion but not validated for 3.14
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21:21:17gevaertslebellium: no. Dropping HWCODEC is under discussion. Recorder simply is too big for the ROM bootloader
21:21:39gevaertsNot much to discuss, except "maybe if we take bookmarks out?" and things like that
21:22:00lebelliumah ok. I may mix up the Recorder and HWCODEC in general
21:22:06lebelliumbut that doesn't look clean at all then :/
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21:33:55ulmutul__builtin (logs): duke now hangs at "SDL_OpenAudio 6"
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