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#rockbox log for 2018-01-25

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01:20:19__builtingevaerts: lebellium: I thought we at least tried to build for the recorder
01:20:39__builtinGiven that the speech files are there
01:21:30__builtinAh, it didn't fit, right.
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01:26:05cohokiller673How do you turn the shuffle on from the now playing screen on a ipod classic 160gb?
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06:20:17dongsim surprised people still use music players
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12:58:21duo8do the sony players support anything other than FAT?
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13:04:50pamauryduo8: rockbox does not, but in theory players that are based on linux for example could support something else
13:05:03duo8hmm i wonder
13:05:13duo8it might even support ext4
13:06:21pamauryfor example the NWZ-A10 and more recent have all the ext2/3/4 drivers. But the sdcard is usually mounted explicitely as far by Sony's code I think
13:06:28pamaury*as FAT
13:07:45*gevaerts suspects ext* may use more RAM for normal operation than FAT, and he strongly suspects that for a DAP, the benefits are negligible
13:11:22pamauryyeah, I also doubt there is much benefit to using anything other than FAT on an SD card, especially since cards as slow anyway
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13:14:23duo8aw but i want my chinese filenames
13:15:02HunterebHey, it's been a while since I've messed with my device... I have the Sansa Fuze+, and I installed a firmware that made it so the rockbox firmware was loaded from the SD rather than the internal flash, in case that flash ever decides to fail... Forgot the name of this project :/
13:15:07wodzNow I understand why everyone run kernel in kseg0 on mips. It is f***ing complicated and error prone to run kernel in VMA.
13:16:02HunterebRecently it started making a lot of odd noise alongside my music, a lot of hissing and some really odd electronic noises. Wanted to try upgrading to see if that fixed it.
13:16:03pamaurywodz: why is that?
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13:16:48pamaurywodz: I'm interested because on the X1 I am running the code in kuseg
13:17:13duo8Huntereb check headphone jack maybe
13:17:27pamauryHuntereb: did you change the software? If the noises appeared without changing the software that might indicate a hardware problem.
13:18:15Hunterebduo8 I'll dig around in it but it's unusual and I don't see that being the issue. pamaury nope, and that's what I was afraid of. Might pop her open and see if any metal shavings or something have gathered somewhere
13:18:42HunterebNo one knows what that sd-only firmware is? Is there a fuze+ development forum somewhere?
13:18:43pamauryHuntereb: did you try with other headphones?
13:18:57HunterebI'll do that as well
13:18:58pamauryHuntereb: ask Bilgus
13:19:11Hunterebah right! Bilgus was the creator of it I believe
13:19:33pamauryhe is the one who did that work, part of it is already in mainline but some patches are still not committed
13:20:53BilgusHunterb why not try installing a new build to the internal drive and see if the problem persists
13:21:45Bilgusand do note: pamaury> Huntereb: did you change the software? If the noises appeared without changing the software that might indicate a hardware problem
13:22:01HunterebBilgus has the internal "flash-less" version not been updated recently?
13:22:34BilgusI think the last time I put up builds was august??
13:22:47BilgusThe files have a date attached
13:22:50Huntereblink pls
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13:23:04HunterebI can't find the post, that's much newer than what I have
13:23:51wodzpamaury: 1) exceptions MUST be in kseg0. even with EBASE you cannot remap this into VMA - top bits are ignored. 2) Basically exceptions should not throw tlb refill (with some catch). The easiest way to ensure this is to run in statically mapped address (hence kseg0). tlb refill exception needs PTE table somewhere to read address fixups. Realistically it has to be in VMA to circumvent alignment requirement AND support holes in virtual address spac
13:23:52wodze (as dram, iram, uncached etc.). That means that you either reserve wired entries for PTE mapping or you exploit curious mips feature that tlb miss inside any exception throws general exception to avoid recursive tlb refill happening.
13:24:25Bilgusjuly for the fuze+
13:25:10wodzpamaury: Any code messing with MMU should run in kseg0 as well as otherwise it is hard to predict what will happen when you do tlb flush. It may survive if enough is cached but you cannot prove it.
13:25:39pamaurywodz: yeah, the exception can jump "to itself" in VMA though. I didn't know that they were not allowed to trigger TLB refill.
13:27:00pamauryI guess the simplest option is to use wired entries for the kernel (at least the critical parts). But you are trying to use paging right?
13:28:11wodzpamaury: thechnically you can trigger tlb miss from other exception with the catch that tlb refill is not called then but general exception instead. There are some other interesting effects of this as some c0 registers are not updated so after fixup tlb refill is rethrowed as if everything was correct from the beginning :-)
13:28:31pamaurysounds great...
13:28:57wodzpamaury: yeah, I am trying paging in order to set some parts RO.
13:29:04pamauryMIPS is a really weird architecture
13:31:01pamaurywodz: is there somehow a way to run code in userland but still get easy access to the hardware? That would solve the problem
13:32:07pamauryyou put the minimum amount of stuff in kseg0 to handle this and they everything else in kuseg with registers mapped as uncached
13:33:02HunterebIt's still doing it, how do I boot the factory firmware?
13:33:12HunterebJust to see if it does it there
13:33:30Hunterebnevermind figured it out lol
13:33:48wodzpamaury: data access is not a problem. It is jumping to some code which is problematic. My whole endeavor with mmu is because on atj iram is too far from dram in address space to allow calling functions between this two segments
13:34:36HunterebOh, nevermind!
13:34:57HunterebThanks for the rec pamaury! Cleaning out the jack with some alchohol fixed it!
13:35:12HunterebProbably just a metal shaving... And thank you Bilgus for the upgraded firmware!
13:36:34wodzpamaury: but having mmu, paging and page protection could be usefull anyway.
13:37:11pamauryyeah for sure
13:39:40wodzpamaury: so for your case if you can live with mapping entirely handled by wired entries this is fairly easy.
13:40:05pamauryyeah that's what I do, I map the entire DRAM using 16MB wired entries
13:41:06wodzpamaury: That works. The only question is what good for is mmu in this case. MMU should allow to protect memory
13:41:14pamauryand that's precisely why I struggled so much: 16MB entries didn't work without the magic CP0 register write
13:41:32pamaurywodz: it's useful to avoid iram being too far
13:41:43pamauryI have the same problem, iram is wired in kseg2
13:41:50pamauryI can't change it
13:42:18Huntereboh duo8 you rec'd me that lol
13:42:23HunterebThat worked fine so thank you!
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13:46:29pamaurywodz: though technically, I could remap iram in kseg0 by using an absurd kludge: the second CPU code on the JZ4760 has an internal bus HAB2 that is connected to iram and can access using physical address (whereas the main CPU can only access it by virtual address). So if one enables HAB2, it gets bridges to HAB so you can issue the iram physical address on the bus and it goes HAB > HAB2 > iram. Which is ridiculous given that iram is supposed
13:46:29pamauryto have a L1 latency
13:47:48wodzyeah, that ruins the whole point of iram
13:47:56pamauryI should benchmark it just for fun one day
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19:25:47SammysHPtoo bad, the battery on my "new" sansa fuze is almost dead. from 100% to 65% in less than 1 hour
19:26:03SammysHPI think this will be permanently installed in my car
19:27:20SammysHPbut who mapped the "home" key to playlist and the "menu/(list)" key to home/menu. this is different to the sansa clip and drives me crazy :D
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