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#rockbox log for 2018-01-26

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04:11:16__builtinulmutul (logs): seems like thread spawning again
04:21:47__builtinuploaded new build, same pattern
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14:52:45copperWell, my Clip+ no longer mounts via USB and sometimes "panics"
14:53:06copperIt looks like something's wrong with the internal storage :(
14:54:34copperWhenever I manage to make it boot, music that's already on it plays fine, but I can no longer change the contents of the internal storage
14:55:47copperWell, I can delete directories via Rockbox's UI
14:56:15copperMaybe it's not the storage that's wrong, but the USB interface?
14:56:44copperHmm no, because then it would always boot fine.
14:57:00Horrorcatexcept if the usb is electrically broken so that it waits for some handshake for bootloader-usb-things?
14:57:18HorrorcatI’ve seen strange things happening when unplugging USB at the wrong time during boot, but that may as well have been due to my broken iriver being broken
15:00:05pamaurycopper: sounds like dead internal storage, read-only flash is usually the first sign
15:00:14pamaury_Bilgus can probably tell you more
15:02:29_Bilguscopper if you can still delete files it probably isn't read-only but.. it might just be on its way, I've also seen the drive get into a fucky state but you risk finishing it off by deleting it
15:03:09_Bilgusanother option is to use dd to write a good image to the drive and just use it as a SD boot device from now on
15:04:05coppercan't do that, dmesg shows USB errors
15:04:19copper[106188.410342] print_req_error: critical medium error, dev sdc, sector 7682944
15:04:27_Bilgusit has to be done from in recovery mode..
15:04:31copper[106186.390203] Buffer I/O error on dev sdc, logical block 0, async page read
15:04:42copperRecovery mode?
15:04:57_BilgusI have a firmware you boot from within rockbox that exposes the beginning of the drive
15:05:21_Bilgusor you can take the device aparet and do the whole short the pins thing
15:06:47_Bilgusbasically what you do is expose the beginning of the drive force a good image @ 16MB that has the multiboot BL prepare a new multiboot fw on the sd card and reboot and never write to the internal drive again
15:07:14_BilgusI mean you still CAN but JUST DON'T*
15:07:22copperhow do I boot that firmware you speak of?
15:07:53_Bilgusyou put it on a sd card and from in RB you browse to it and run the file it loads through ROLO
15:08:17copperI'm sorry: ROLO?
15:08:18_Bilgusand you tread very carefully
15:08:44_Bilgusthe mechinism that allows you to do inplace upgrades
15:09:19_Bilgusit writes the firmware directly to ram and resets the CPU at the new start address
15:09:34copper"never write to the internal drive again" ← well that's just not acceptable for a device I meant to sell
15:09:39copperbut thanks anyway
15:10:23_BilgusI mean it doesn't prevent you from doing so its just its going to die
15:10:48_Bilgusbut if its in that kinda shape I don't think you should be selling it anyways
15:10:53copperwhich means I can't sell it for the price I set for it.
15:11:14copperOh well :(
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16:18:51ulmutul__builtin: next stop: "SDL_SYS_CreateThread 4"
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18:34:20_BilgusI just had the worst time figuring out what was up in a drawing routine apparently lcd_lcd_set_background, set_viewport etc. all use the value passed as BRIGHTNESS on 2-bit displays which just so happens is completely opposite of everything else where 0 would be black
18:36:19_BilgusI finally just added a check for 2 bit displays and it inverts the drawing mode if so..
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20:08:24nthnPing gevaerts, have you had a chance to look at the translation patches yet?
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21:39:55wodzanyone remember how to build warble?
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22:05:00pfibigerhi, i was wondering if anyone here could help me with an SSD in an ipod classic. i'm not sure this is the right place, but you guys seem more knowledgeable about this than any other place i've seen online. if this the wrong place, my apologies :)
22:06:49wodzwhats wrong with this ssd?
22:07:46pfibigerso i bought a zif->msata adapter, and i've got it all plugged in, and i get a red x on the ipod. if i boot into diag mode, it sees the hdd, smart stats come up, etc.
22:08:10pfibigeri reformatted and rebuilt the mbr using AOMEI
22:08:52pfibigerit won't boot into disk mode
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22:10:54wodzsorry can't help :-/
22:16:28pfibigers'ok. i figured this was worth a shot.
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