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#rockbox log for 2018-01-29

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09:52:31edhelashello :)
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14:32:29wodzpamaury: ping
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14:48:23pamaurywodz: pong
14:48:27pamaurydid you get the dock?
14:48:32wodzpamaury: no
14:49:08pamauryhmm, apparently the website says it's still in transit
14:49:24wodzpamaury: I have a question about alsa. How one control volume? On agptek amixer always report 0 volume
14:51:30wodzI think I found why codecs crash on agptek.
14:53:51pamaurywodz: volume is a mess, you can do software volume (HAVE_SW_VOLUME_CONTROL iirc) which is the simplest
14:54:31pamauryand hardware volume using the ALSA controls, but sometimes broken drivers report a wrong volume range, also the naming convention of the master volume is messy.
14:54:43pamauryDo you have the output of `amixer contents' ?
15:01:09pamaurygreat, completely nonstandard
15:01:20pamauryI guess you need to set the Left/Right Playback Volume
15:01:42pamaurybut it's not clear what the range is, ie if it's really 0-255
15:01:52pamauryyou might need to try and see when it fails to set the volume
15:02:37wodzpamaury: amixer set 'Left' 50% does nothing
15:05:35wodzpamaury: changing volume in original app give lines similar to this in console. This one is ~50% volume
15:05:49pamauryhmmm, maybe try smaller values (not in percent)
15:06:03pamaurylike 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
15:07:24pamaurybecause the driver may report an error for out of range values, or just ignore the request entirely
15:07:34wodzpamaury: doesn't work either
15:08:25pamaurywodz: have you tried 'Left Playback Volume' instead of 'Left' ?
15:09:11wodzamixer: Unable to find simple control 'Left Playback Volume',0
15:10:06wodzlooks like I'll need to disasm this f***ing original app to figure out
15:10:08pamauryhmm, give me a minute, you don't want the simple control interface, try 'cset'
15:10:11pamauryinstead of 'set'
15:10:47wodzamixer cset 'Left Playback Volume' 20 returns amixer cset 'Left Playback Volume' 20
15:12:45pamaurywodz: ah iirc the syntax is amixer cset <control id> val
15:12:54pamaurythe control id is the numid=BLA in amixer contents
15:13:37wodzdoesn't work
15:13:42pamaurymaybe you need to write
15:13:42pamauryamixer cset numid=BLA value
15:15:28wodzIt somwhat works. 0 is max, ~40 is min but nowhere near the silence
15:16:26pamaurywodz: it's possible that you will need hardware+software volume like on the NWZ
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15:17:17wodzheh, it changes sound signature but volume only a little bit
15:18:48wodzlol. The effect is correct if you write to both Left and Right controls
15:21:07wodzwell I think it does something more complicated
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15:26:43wodzok apparently this line left_volume = 32 right_volume = 32 reports value sent to hw
15:28:10SammysHPAnyone who can help me with my theme issue (see log)?
15:29:13wodzpamaury: soo, despite what amixer reports the value accepted is between 210 and 0
15:29:29wodzpamaury: but amixer doesn't read back correctly
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18:33:17_BilgusSammysHP, What is %VI supposed to do? I know of Vi & Vl as in thats lowercase I and L
18:34:14_Bilgusalso those newlines could mess stuff up as well you are better off skipping lines with a #
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18:42:47SammysHPand thanks for the advice wrt newlines
18:43:31SammysHPso start lines only with % or # (except there should be a newline actually)?
18:43:46_Bilgusthat is for sure Vi as in indigo and Vl as in laudable
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18:44:17_Bilgusas in if you skip a line just make it #
18:44:40SammysHPthe wiki contains an uppercase i -.-
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18:44:51SammysHPmanual sections as well
18:44:54 Join JannF [0] (
18:45:45SammysHPas far as I understand Vl (with L) for loading viewports and VI (big i) for loading ui viewport
18:46:37_Bilguslet me double check the source if so that is a really unfortunate choice of letters
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18:57:13SammysHP_Bilgus: I already checked the source yesterday and it is Vl and VI
19:00:12_BilgusI'll take your word for it TBH I hate that theme engine its a finicky mess
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19:07:46_BilgusYeah I was just looking at it
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19:11:51SammysHPbtw: which screens do not have a title? currently I know only about the quick screen
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19:31:54_Bilgus[Saint] would probably know better than I would he is the theme guy
19:34:00SammysHPok, thanks nevertheless
20:00:23_BilgusSammysHP, see if that is about the functionality you are looking for
20:01:37_BilgusThe sad part is I don't mess with the theme engine enough and it is esoteric enough I rarely retain anything but the biggest lessons from my wounds
20:02:25SammysHPa wise decision to not mess with it ;)
20:02:31SammysHPlet me try your code
20:02:46_BilgusOk so what I observed between the your gist and what I put up
20:03:42lebelliumpamaury:,52167.msg241377/topicseen.html#msg241377 I assume it's the same answer as for ?
20:03:52lebelliumraw nand flash
20:04:20_BilgusVi is loading what you want the rest of the screen to be so set x, y use -, - for width and height unless ofc you want the screen to be slightly smaller then iirc you can use -5 and -10 for instance to make it smaller
20:05:03SammysHPoh, you can use negative values? nice
20:05:10SammysHPI always calculated everything
20:05:46SammysHPand yes, there is a margin on all sides (top for statusbar, bottom for title info and left/right just for appearance)
20:05:54_Bilgusnext on your line to display the title you use Vl(d... and you are now loading the viewport you just made above but instead you should be setting it to that blank spot you left over from Vi
20:06:30_Bilgusso either use V or if you want to pre define it you can do so and then set it conditionally as well
20:07:10SammysHPyeah, I tried to set it conditionally in the %?Lt condition above
20:07:33_Bilgusah see there you were setting the rest of the screen
20:07:35SammysHPbut I assume it is not a problem to always show it
20:08:00SammysHP(as it is empty if there is no title)
20:08:20_Bilgusyeah I think the way it is in my pastebin should work properly
20:09:06SammysHPthe only real change is the title %Vl → %V, right?
20:09:14SammysHPI'll try it
20:10:13_Bilgusyeah I think so %Vl(d, -> %V(
20:10:56SammysHPnope, still the same problem
20:11:13SammysHPworks on most screens until you reach the top level menu where "Rockbox" overlays the menu
20:11:17_Bilguswhat is the problem?
20:11:37_Bilguslet me look again
20:11:39SammysHPI can send you the full theme if you want
20:11:52_Bilgussure what player is it?
20:12:01 Quit pamaury (Ping timeout: 256 seconds)
20:12:52 Quit ernestask (Quit: ernestask)
20:13:32_Bilguswell good atleast I already have the sim
20:15:13SammysHPhere it is:
20:24:29 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
20:28:25pamaurylebellium: re E340 I think so yes
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20:39:45_Bilgusyou can change the values after you see if it works I left them very obvious so I could see if it was working, alos you need to return to main screen after loading the sbs before it will work
20:41:19_Bilgusand just a word of warning about that theme document you linked there are inaccuracies in there so if something is going all sideways try to separate the actions into single statements with NOT subtle differences
20:43:38SammysHPhmm… have you opened the quick screen?
20:44:52SammysHPit doesn't contain a title but uses the same viewport as screens with a title
20:44:56 Join Galois [0] (
20:46:52_Bilgusthen it probably still has a title but we can instead check the length
20:47:07_Bilgusgive me a second
20:48:58 Join JannF [0] (
20:49:57SammysHPif I use something like %?Lt<title|notitle> it shows "notitle"
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21:07:04 Join Chrizzly [0] (5486103a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:08:57ChrizzlyHi, I have this product (iprotect): is this possible to upload the firmware from rockbox to this MP3 player?
21:15:49Chrizzlyok thx
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21:39:41_BilgusSammysHP, I think I see what is going on.. the screen loads prior to knowing the title of the window as in if you put %?Lt<%s!%Lt!|???>
21:40:14_Bilgusyou will see the menu display then ??? for the title and finally ![title]!
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22:07:53_Bilgusthats the only way I see to do what you want
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22:09:33_Bilgusand if there are other screens without titles then you'll need to explicitly set each
22:11:23_Bilgusbasically what is going on is it sets VP based on notitle draws the menu, sets the vp on title (the menu is already drawn) displays title on top of menu
22:11:52_Bilgusso I guess you could go full fledged and custom draw the whole menu??
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23:14:47SammysHP_Bilgus: thanks. I might try to skin the whole menu, but it seems to be a bit complicated.
23:15:07_Bilgusyeah and also not very much fun when it fails
23:16:18_Bilgusmaybe someone knows a way to shift viewports or perhaps copy them, as far as I understand viewports they are just clipping regions with relative coords
23:19:04_Bilguslike maybe you can do something with the double buffer to allow you to switch positions on the fly but again thats complicated when you could just check for the current screen
23:19:57_BilgusOR we could rewrite the theme engine to push the title prior to drawing the menu but I'm not sure what else that might break (if anything)
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