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#rockbox log for 2018-01-31

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05:33:36gamerahey is there some patch I can use for an msata drive in an iriver h300
05:33:57gamerait's a bunch of weird adapters and a drive.
05:34:29gamerathere's no way it's acting like a normal spinning hard drive, what happens to all the spin down and other things that it usually does
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06:33:16_Bilgusgamera IIRC there should be some settings to maximize the spindown period in the settings
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07:32:21gamerawill the SSD have this stuff inside it? like if you put it in a laptop it's gonna ask the same shit surely
07:32:37gameraI don't know whether it is gonna say "oh spindown? ok do something else instead"
07:33:39gameraor.. whether it's going to be really messing things up. I know it's drawing slightly more current. it won't charge with usb anymore
07:46:52Horrorcatgamera, be careful with that slightly more current thing
07:46:56Horrorcatyou might fry something in the long run
07:47:09Horrorcatyou might want to try my SSD patches, but they only helped with a very specific IDE SSD and nobody else tested them
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09:19:55_BilgusHorrorcat, Have you tried putting those patches in any time lately? as far back as it is in the branch I somehow doubt it would
09:23:10Horrorcat_Bilgus, last time I rebased them was probably about a year ago
09:23:33HorrorcatI only did that locally because it appeared that nobody had interest in this change, which I can completely understand (it is invasive and only useful for a certain type of modified hardware)
09:25:17Horrorcatyeah, appears to be that my last rebase is on top of v1.13
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09:37:43wodzheh, there is off by one in agptek codec driver :P
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12:14:49wodzpamaury: ping
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14:18:33pamaurywodz: pong
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14:35:44pamaurywodz: pong
14:38:19wodzpamaury: have you seen my question about cradle?
14:39:44pamaurywodz: no, which question?
14:41:59pamaurywodz: yes sure, that would be great since I'll be away for a month, feel free to play with it
14:42:17pamauryyou could try to match the pinout with
14:42:47wodzpamaury: What I am supposed to look for?
14:43:09pamaurymy current guess (which might be wrong), is that if you turn the play off (ie hit reset) and hold of the buttons down during boot (maybe play or back, I need to check again), then uboot might provide a console over the serial port
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14:44:26pamauryyou should be able to identity the serial pin (TxD) if you can power up the dock and plug a device: that's how it's supposed to communicate with the dock
14:46:53wodzpamaury: I didn't see any power socket on this pcb. Only wmport, mini usb and two 3.5mm jacks
14:47:46wodzpamaury: btw. why uboot console is of interest?
14:51:39pamaurywodz: I don't remember, they may have been another PCB for the power supply :-/ Or maybe the power supply is the usb?
14:52:01pamauryIt is of interest because if we can interact with uboot, we can dump the disk even on players where we can't defeat the encryption
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15:06:55gamerahey I'm running a solid state drive
15:07:01gameraI can't figure out the current draw
15:07:30gamerait's low enough that it doesn't cause an error like the other drive I tried, it's high enough that I charge this with the wall adapter
15:07:55gameraaccessing the disc AND charging won't charge it through the usb port. it sort of just stays in stasis
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15:08:22wodzpamaury: It is rather likely there is uboot pass
15:08:22gameraunless that's the thing I broke by doing this mod with the second largest msata ssd I own
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15:12:44wodzpamaury: Do you have manual for the dock?
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15:34:05wodzpamaury: ok thanks. Will explore this tomorrow.
15:36:18wodzpamaury: There is something fishy with agptek codec. I hooked logic analyzer to i2c bus so I could snoop communication with codec. Comparing how codec is setup with docs it seems that split volume control is used (i.e separate reg for channel r and l) but setting different values to this two registers through amixer has weird effect and definitely NOT introducing imbalance between channels.
15:37:35wodzpamaury: And author of this driver screwed up arithmetics when calculating gain. There is off-by-one error which net result is that one can set -0.5 to -102dB and +12dB :P
15:37:39pamaurywodz: have you tried to disassemble the code of the codec?
15:38:04wodzpamaury: it is compiled into kernel and kernel is huge ~2.5MB binary blob
15:38:30wodzpamaury: but I could see what is actually sent to codec on i2c bus.
15:39:13pamaurydo you have the doc for the codec? what did the codec send when you modified the volume?
15:40:22wodzpamaury: what you mean by send?
15:40:52pamauryyou said it did not modify the volume/did something weird
15:40:59pamaurywhich register did it modify then?
15:41:56wodzpamaury: It modifies registers 0x16 and 0x17 just as manual states it should. But I can't introduce imbalance in hp output even if I see on the bus different values sent to this registers.
15:42:36wodzpamaury: If there is difference between this two sound signature changes a bit
15:43:22pamauryweird, unless you can guess what it does, you'll have diassemble it or use the same value for both and do balance in software
15:43:33pamauryI have to go
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