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#rockbox log for 2018-02-19

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02:01:52dongsrockbox runs OS-less on imx223 right?
02:01:59dongsnot some userapp on top of lunix?
02:15:14pamaurydongs: yes
02:15:36pamaurywe ship our own kernel on the imx233
02:28:56dongshow about OF? is that lunix?
02:32:53pamaurythat depends on the player, but most use it's a proprietary OS, based on Nucleus RTOS or MicroC/OS-II, I don't remember
02:33:00dongsthank you
02:33:04pamauryoh I remember now, ThreadX
02:33:15dongshmm that sounds very familiar
02:34:13pamaurybut really ThreadX just does the threading part, most of the OS is propietary
02:39:05dongsthinking of making some hardware that needs to play back ~128kbit mpeg1-layerII stuff from a custom USB device (source), but wonder if it will be too much work to do on a MCU and I should go fullretard with something like imx
02:39:28dongsone of the faster STM32s with USB host should almost do it but would need careful coding
02:40:30pamaurysaratoga is the audio expert, but he is not only now
02:41:03dongsyea its not so much the audio part. thats the least of my worries as mp2 is pretty old and should be fairly light
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02:46:06saratogadongs: i think it comes down to what decoder you want to use
02:46:22saratogamad and ffmpeg assume you have a full 32 bit system
02:47:13saratogaand multipliers
02:48:24saratogaif you have that, 100 mhz and ~200 KB plus whatever your USB stack uses is easy
02:49:07saratogaif you can't at least do 32 bit multiplies (and ideally 32x32=64 bit multiplies), things are much harder
02:50:22dongscortex m3/m4 has imul or wahtever, no?
02:51:05saratogathat is thumb2?
02:54:30saratogai think that supports the usual arm long multiply instructions, but i haven't used one
02:55:36saratogayeah looks ok
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02:58:09saratogaapparently m3 and above have normal armv5 equivalent multipliers
02:58:16saratogam0 does not fwiw
02:58:23dongs the "mhz" column here is what it takes to decode ~roughly?
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02:58:47dongsyeah, m0 is crap, there's nothing fast in m0 series anyway
02:59:13saratogamp2 is pretty multiplier heavy and memory light, so it scales more or less with how many multiplies something can do per second
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07:36:46pamauryBilgus: should I push g#1751
07:36:48fs-bluebotGerrit review #1751 at : Fuze PLUS Fix lcd_update_rect() by William Wilgus
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07:55:52dongsi would
07:57:52dongsactually what, why is it replacing macros with what is basically same thing
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08:02:03pamaurydongs: it also handles negative x or y, but this is not what matters, it's the fix on the parity of w and h which is important
08:03:21dongs& 1 and % 2 are functionally identical, no?
08:07:17dongsi dont really understand the limitation text tho.
08:07:27dongswhich is why im confused on % 4 change.
08:07:41dongsits not functionally identical to the previous version.
08:10:00dongs1st version checks if w is even, second version checks if w is not multiple of 4
08:14:51pamaurydongs: the % vs & is just because he insisted that & must be faster, which is kind of stupid as I pointed out
08:15:19dongscorrect, it likely is faster
08:15:25dongstho compiler would probably generate same code
08:15:30pamauryprobably not because the compiler will optimize this
08:15:31pamaurythe true problem is that the datasheet says h should be a multiple of 2, but in practice if it is not a multiple of 4, it locks out sometimes
08:15:45dongsis this some ILI thing?
08:16:10pamauryit sounds more like a problem with the imx233 lcd controller
08:16:16dongsyeah iw a gonna sayt
08:16:54dongscuz a a common usecase for those cheap LCDs is writing as little as a few pixels into them after setting xypos and write width
08:17:04dongsand i never heard of them needing alignment
08:17:44pamaurythey might need dummy writes, this is common
08:17:52dongsso why the change for % 2 == 1 vs % 4?
08:18:04pamaurybut the problem we have is the imx233 lcd block locking up
08:18:18pamauryie it's not related to the lcd, but to the block that sends data to the lcd
08:18:37pamaury(in the soc)
08:18:50dongsI understood it back when you said < pamaury> it sounds more like a problem with the imx233 lcd controller
08:20:30pamauryif w is not a multiple of 4, we add dummy writes to the transfer so that w is a multiple of 4 (actually w=4, if you look at the then branch) and make the imx233 happy
08:21:11pamauryI don't know if what I am saying is clear
08:21:35dongsbut how did the OLD code work then?
08:21:48dongsthe change is only in condition right
08:22:24dongsold code would pad 3 pixels whenever w was even.
08:22:26pamauryit did the same but only checked for w being a multiple of 2 (which is what the datasheet says). Apparently the only piece of code that would trigger the bug is the oscilloscope
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08:22:36dongsfixed version pads 3 pixels whenever w is multiple of 4
08:23:05dongsohh, i see, its not a common code path probably because the writes/stuff is bigger than a few pixels right
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08:32:57pamaurydongs: maybe let me summarize (assuming I recall correctly):
08:32:58pamauryon the fuze+, if both h and w are odd, the LCD seems to require at least one dummy write.
08:32:58pamauryalso it seems that if w is not a multiple of 4, the imx233 locks up
08:32:58DBUGEnqueued KICK pamaury
08:32:58pamaurySo the obvious solution is, when any of those circumstances happen, to send a number of pixels which is a multiple of 4. For technical reasons on the imx233, the best way to achieve this is to send the whole buffer pretending that w=4 and h=whatever
08:32:58pamaurybut if w*h is a not a multiple of 4, then w=4 and h=bla will send too many pixels, thus we fill those extra pixels: they will be treated as dummy writes by the LCD. The fact that we pads 3 pixels is because we chose w=4. If I had chosen w=16 then I would need to pad 15
08:41:43dongsis common usecase just updating large parts of a screen, or small rectangles?
08:42:02dongslike large = refresh entire 320x240 vs say write a bunch of small 2x2pixel blocks over and over
08:42:36pamauryI think we mostly update big chunks but I might be wrong
08:43:02pamauryI think refreshing really small chunks is rare though, if you think about typical UI elements: we have images, icons and text
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12:48:26Bilgusyeah you got it Pamaury also (h & 1) vs h % 2 do generate the same code with O-3? I think but we not with a regular compile so we kinda hint the compiler a bit and it drops two or 3 instructions
12:49:12Bilgusthe exact amount is back in the logs
12:53:28Bilgusdongs I think the amount updating doesn't really matter since we usually write to the frame buffer first and then do a full screen update through most of the code
12:55:41dongsBilgus: thats what I thought, that entire screen is pushed only
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