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#rockbox log for 2018-02-21

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03:35:53_BilgusTorC the latest compiled versions are on the forum,51844.0.html I want to say it was october the last time I compiled them
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03:36:45_Bilgusthere won't be anything to really update till the file system rework is done besides just updating them
03:36:54_Bilgusto head..
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04:48:51Alman99Hi, I was wondering if anyone here can help me with a problem I have regarding a Hitachi SH1 based hard drive MP3 player? Specifically, a Neo35 Car Jukebox. I corrupted the EEPROM, I need the initialization code that resides at 0000h. It is similar to the old Archos Jukebox Recorder, I am reasonably certain that the same code exists on that unit. On the Archos, was the function to save your original firmware, including the bootloade
04:49:30Alman99oops didn't mean to post that here, sorry
04:50:45Alman99 I have posted about this on the Rockbox forums, I was advised to come here as there may be somebody that can help, here is a link to my post whic explains in more detail...,52207.0.html
04:51:03Alman99oops did it sgsin, sheesh
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