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#rockbox log for 2018-02-25

00:06:08ulmutulI enabled plugins for Zen XFi-2 and made keymaps, but build is getting stuck when running lua's button-helper-tool.
00:07:39pamaurywhat is this tool?
00:08:20ulmutul"conflicting types for 'button_read_device'". 'button-target.h' seems to be included two times, one time with HAVE_BUTTON_DATA and one time without.
00:09:21ulmutulIt is used to create "buttons.lua" file. On other touchscreen targets is works, so it seems I overlooked something. Any hints?
00:10:16pamauryI can look at it but I don't know where is that script
00:10:40pamauryah apps/plugins/lua/
00:10:57ulmutulyes (you were faster :) )
00:11:28ulmutulIt's invoked by plugins/lua/lua.make
00:11:50pamauryulmutul: in lua.make (apps/plugins/lua), line 40, there is
00:12:07pamaury$(SILENT)$(CC) $(INCLUDES) -dM -E -include button-target.h - < /dev/null | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/ | ....
00:12:19pamauryI would try to replace it with
00:12:19pamaury$(SILENT)$(CC) $(INCLUDES) -dM -E -include config.h -include button-target.h - < /dev/null | $(LUA_SRCDIR)/
00:13:18ulmutulThanks, I'll try.
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00:27:20ulmutulHm, it didn't work. Full error message here:
00:33:17pamauryok, let me fire my compiler and see what the prolem is
00:34:33ulmutulcurrently i'm searching for key/touch configurations in hidden places :)
00:34:53pamauryah damn, I don't ave keymaps so I can't compile it of course
00:35:20ulmutulOk, I should upload it to gerrit first.
00:35:45pamauryah found a workaround
00:37:16pamaurythe problem is that button.h declares it and button-target.h redeclares it (that's on purpose, to make sure it matches) but it doesn't match which is odd
00:40:18pamauryulmutul: I think I found the problem
00:40:40ulmutulWhat's it?
00:41:01pamauryor maybe not.... I thought it was with forgetting to include config.h but no
00:41:52ulmutulAparently the other touchscreen targets evade the problem somehow...
00:43:38pamauryah I know
00:44:00pamaurythat's really quite stupid generate a file that is compiled on the host with (I guess) a crafted config.h that does NOT have button data, thus button.h does not use data but button-target.h is hard-coded to use one
00:44:56ulmutulI pushed the current state to gerrit ( g#1823)
00:44:58fs-bluebotGerrit review #1823 at : (DON'T PUSH) Zen XFi2: Enable Plugins by Sebastian Leonhardt
00:44:59pamaurythe simplest solution is to remove int button_read_device(int *data); from button-target.h
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00:47:05ulmutulHaving a quick look at Cowon D2's button-target.h it's absent there also.
00:47:33pamauryyou should remove it, that's the simplest solution
00:47:46ulmutulOk, done :) Thanks!
00:48:54ulmutulShould I keep button_init_device() and button_debug_screen() prototypes?
00:50:46pamaurykeep the debug one, you can remove init I think
00:51:21ClassyHey I just picked up a ipod classic which is stuck at the "Ok to disconnect screen" I've tried to restore it with itunes while in DFU mode but it crashes right before it finishes. I also tried using this guide to restore without itunes and it works perfectly until the last step where it never starts repartitioning the hard drive.
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00:52:03ClassyI also can't access it via windows explorer because when i try clicking on the device, the computer freezes
00:52:57pamauryI am no ipod expert, who knows about ipods?
00:55:34Classyam I in the right channel? I was attempting to install rockbox on it after i got the ipod firmware working but rockbox cant detect the device either
00:56:10Classyalso hard drive diagnostics imply the hard drive has had better days, but should not be failing yet
01:10:39pamauryClassy: yes it's the right channel but it's the middle of the night for EU time so most dev are not online
01:11:45pamauryah yes, prof_wolfff is the ipod expert
01:13:14Classypamaury- Oh thanks for the heads up. I guess ill try early morning tomorrow
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01:59:51pamauryyeah, now LCD on Fiio X1 truly works, even when I resend the init sequence
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11:54:13alcehi, i am having some trouble trying to build agptek-rocker that wodz has been working on
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12:41:37pamauryalce: this i still work in progress, you'll have to ask him, maybe he forgot to add a file or didn't push the last version
12:58:39alcethe problem is with libc
12:59:28alcei am not at all familiar with rockbox but the scripts do not build libc and the includes want such headers
13:01:31pamaurysounds like you didn't build the proper toolchain
13:02:00pamaurythe agptek requires a custom toolchain, I am not a 100% sure that wodz uploade the patch to to build it
13:02:26alcei think i build the right toolchain
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16:20:42whatevAny suggestions for running the SonyNWDest tool on 64-bit Windows? I don't have access to any 32-bit installs.
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16:58:06whatevJust testing my connection...
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17:49:13whatevHey, I posted a question about 90mins ago, but have to leave soon. If someone has an answer, please post it and I'll catch it in the chat logs on the Rockbox site later.
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18:01:51 Part whatev
18:04:27johnb3whatev: What is the problem? I also run it on a 64bit Windows 10 with no problems.
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18:24:45lukeoftheaurawhat's the current bast solution to get working with my rockbox music player?
18:25:00lukeoftheaurathe wiki lists a few programs but I'm not sure which is the best
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22:01:27ulmutulCouldn't resist, I bought a new rockbox device recently for cheap on the *Bay. Had to change the dead battery.
22:01:40*ulmutul now has a fully working Creative Zen
22:20:39__builtina normal Zen?
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22:30:08ulmutulI also have a X-Fi2
22:30:40ulmutul(I bought it just to have a touchscreen target :) )
22:32:21__builtinI know duke3d fails to run on the X-Fi
22:32:29__builtincould you test duke3d on the Zen?
22:32:42__builtin(just to see if they behave similarly)
22:47:38ulmutulGame is running, but the game menu is flickering like mad. And sometimes when starting/resuming game I have no display output at all. When retrying menu->game switching (sometimes several times) I have display again. In-game display is clean, without any flickering.
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23:40:26__builtinulmutul: hmm, the menu?
23:40:30__builtinthat's odd
23:41:10__builtinI would suspect that you have Detail on Low, but you say that the in-game display works fine
23:41:48ulmutulI haven't checked any settings. I just kept the standard ones.
23:42:35ulmutulAnd yes, in-game display works fine as long as it is not black ;)
23:42:47ulmutulHowever game is running, I can hear the sounds.
23:47:06ulmutul... and just have started it again: screen turns blank if I stay inside the menu for too long. However the time differs.
23:47:22pamauryulmutul: the touchscreen implementation on the X-Fi2 is suboptimal in my opinion, but I don't know how to make it better
23:48:24__builtinah, I have seen it go blank too
23:48:39__builtinthe flickering is odd though
23:49:29__builtincan you get a picture of video the flickering?
23:50:57ulmutulDetail was set to high. When setting to low the screen get's corrupted.
23:52:25__builtinthe corruption from that is present in the upstream sources, so not my fault :)
23:55:21 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:55:48ulmutulpamaury: you mean the keymaps or the general touchscreen handling?
23:57:15pamaurygeneral touchscreen

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