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#rockbox log for 2018-03-02

00:06:05pamaurywodz (logs): pong
00:06:14pamaurysorry I was sleeping but left my computer on
00:07:12pamauryI am still struggling with ingenic cpu, there is something very weird going on.
00:07:49pamauryI still have random crashes that depend on code alignement, strangely they seem to go away if I don't use iram
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01:07:20biLLY__Hi, so I've been working on the remote_control.c plugin trying to get it to write out full sentences. It will write out 3 chars but then it just keeps writing out the third char until i disconnect the device
01:07:32biLLY__ is my code
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01:37:35pamaurybiLLY__: I don't have the time to check the code in details but my guess is the following:
01:37:58pamaurywhen you send out a key, the usb_hid.c driver first sends a "key pressed" event, then a "key released"
01:38:10pamauryit queues both events and tries to send them
01:38:36pamaurysine you are sending four keys, you are queuing 8 events
01:38:40pamaurybut the buffer is HID_NUM_BUFFERS
01:38:46pamauryso it will drop the last 3
01:39:12pamaurythus the buffer will look like:
01:39:12pamaury'H' pressed, 'H' released, 'E' pressed, 'E' released, 'Y' pressed
01:39:17pamauryand 'Y' is never released
01:40:14pamauryso either insert some delay between the usb hid send calls, or increase usb hid buffer size, or (better) improve the usb hid API to have to way of waiting for the buffer to be full and/or return a boolean saying whether the buffer was full or not
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01:45:06*__builtin made something similar a few years ago
01:45:12__builtinbiLLY__: ^
01:45:35biLLY__pamaury: I had a feeling it was something outside my comprehension. I may have a look but I prebably wont be able to solve it. Will try the delay
01:46:03pamaurybiLLY__: the dela should work though, if it's long enough
01:46:09biLLY____builtin: Is there anywhere I can see the code?
01:46:20pamaurysomething like sleep(HZ / 10)
01:46:51pamaurybiLLY__: or in firmware/usbstack/usb_hic.c, increase HID_NUM_BUFFERS to something bigger like 10
01:47:36biLLY__pamaury: Thank you! I was really feeling stuck
01:48:02__builtinbiLLY__: yes,
01:48:33__builtinI took the HID idea and built a little scripting language around it
01:52:31biLLY____builtin: This is awesome
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01:57:26__builtinlook at main.c:1187 for the string-sending portion
01:58:27pamaurywods (logs): did you ever implement the hwstub based gdb stub? That could be greatly useful to me now ;) Cause debugging registers by hand is kind of horrible
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02:52:09biLLY____builtin: I'm getting an error with isqrt when compiling
02:52:24biLLY__undefined reference
02:52:47__builtinI think there have been some changes to the fixed-point library since I wrote that
02:53:00__builtintry doing a checkout rather than a cherry-pick
02:53:06biLLY__Ohhh okay
02:53:22__builtinthat will give you the exact tree I had when I wrote it
03:14:18biLLY____builtin: I am awful with git, could you walk me through doing that?
03:19:11__builtinin the rockbox tree, run: git fetch refs/changes/12/1212/33 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD
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04:18:41biLLY__pamaury: If I increase HID_NUM_BUFFERS to 10 will that only allow 10 characters in the buffer? Could I raise it a lot higher?
04:20:53biLLY__Sorry it will only hold 5 characters I mean, but will raising it to something like 100 cause problems?
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04:34:53pamaurybiLLY__: if you raise to 10, you can have 5 characters
04:35:20pamauryno you can probably raise it a lot
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17:21:00armanHello I am looking for a recommendation on an device to buy! My budget is between $75-$500. Ideally something with physical buttons. Thank you a hundred times in advance.
17:52:46Horrorcatarman, the Sansa Clip+ has physical buttons (but no physical hold/lock). got it for 70 EUR off ebay.
17:52:59Horrorcathas microSD slot, using it with 64 GiB, others use it with much more
17:53:17SammysHPyou can find used clip+ for 35-40 €
17:53:25Horrorcat(mine was refurbished though)
17:53:48SammysHPthere are also many sansa fuze for the same price (bigger screen, physical hold button)
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17:54:12SammysHPfirst I thought it is hard to get one. then I focused on used ones and found a lot
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19:50:48roboturner913sansa E200 is cheap and has a user-replaceable battery
19:50:58roboturner913Fuze+ is amazing if you don't mind the touchpad
19:51:37Al3x_10mi have a clip+. pretty nice device
19:51:56roboturner913OG Fuze is nice if you can find one in good shape. They're getting harder to find though
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19:53:22roboturner913and you can find one that looks new but the battery is borked. Battery is relatively easy to replace if you can solder but the Fuze is practically impossible to reassemble once you've taken it apart
19:54:12roboturner913Clip+ is my favorite and not terribly hard to find, 50-60 bucks
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19:54:54roboturner913Apgtek Rocker will be amazing once they're done with the port. I'm too dumb to build the bootloader myself
19:55:54roboturner913You can get Rocker for $50ish if you shop around
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20:11:19cerealRockbox as an Application can run on a device with Windows CE 5.0 right?
20:12:17cerealI just have to follow this guide, to build Windows sim in Linux:
20:12:41cerealbut I get configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
20:17:11SammysHPwindows != windows CE
20:18:45cerealI read
20:19:23cerealso should I just follow the normal build process and select (A)dvanced?
20:21:08lebellium11 Aug 2008
20:21:08 Quit this_is_a_nick (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
20:21:24cerealIs Rockbox as an Application on WinCE possible?
20:21:39cereallebellium: I know, it's an old device
20:22:46cerealbut it would be great to use RB on it
20:23:45 Join this_is_a_nick [0] (
20:23:48SammysHPcereal: the wiki page you've linked clearly states that it isn't possible to compile rockbox for windows CE
20:25:17cerealSammysHP: where?
20:25:49SammysHP"Unfortunately, the simulator only runs natively under Windows"
20:26:16SammysHPoh, that refers to the win CE simulator
20:26:35SammysHP"however changes will be required to actually compile with cegcc" and probably nobody did it
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20:26:52SammysHPalso lists it as rejected
20:27:29SammysHPand almost 10 years old
20:34:38cerealthis means changes in cegcc?
20:44:15 Part arman ("Killed buffer")
20:47:20aphirstthe real question is whether roblox can be ported to the sansa clip+
20:47:27aphirston rockbox
20:51:33cerealaccording to the UI simulator "should be able to run on any Unix-like operating system where SDL is available."
20:52:51cerealso is there a chance to run the UI sim on Win CE?
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21:57:37_BilgusSlim to nil would be my guess
21:58:51_Bilgushave you ever programmed anything in WinCE5? Its like looking for water in the desert
21:59:56_Bilgusnow could you port rockbox to a windows CE device sure..
22:00:13_BilgusIs it worth it? Probably not..
22:02:46_BilgusSearch for MIOPOCKET if you want to run a Pseudo OS on top of CE with a media player video player etc. It was originally used for CE based GPS devices so there might be some cruft you need to get rid of but its literally all script based so pretty easy to configure
22:03:00_Bilgus@ cereal
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22:04:42cerealBilgus: thanks for the info, so no chance at all :-(
22:07:00_BilgusOh sure there is a chance but Its not very likely
22:07:15cerealMiopocket might not be what I need, because I can boot into the manufacturers software and switch to WinCE too
22:07:47cerealI see
22:10:57 Quit terminalator (Quit: terminalator)
22:13:15_BilgusEven if not you can use the software from it MortScript I believe it was called is a gem and it has a media player and a whole host of other neat little things Its been a good & years since I looked at it
22:13:28_Bilgus7 years*
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