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#rockbox log for 2018-03-05

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05:44:41_Bilguswodz I think JhMikeS root redirect would probably work for your use as well.. g#1556
05:44:42fs-bluebotGerrit review #1556 at : Allow mounting of any directory as the root directory. by William Wilgus
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07:44:48wodz_Bilgus: thanks. Somehow I missed this.
07:50:39_BilgusNP I think this should show you how to use it
07:53:01wodzoh, I thought it was a matter of overwriting RB_ROOT_CONTENTS_DIR in rbpaths.h :/
07:54:29wodz_Bilgus: what for is this g#1613 ?
07:54:31fs-bluebotGerrit review #1613 at : Multiboot Firmware Root Redirect - Do Not Commit by William Wilgus
07:55:05_BilgusIts what multiboot is using to redirect the root to the SD card
07:55:35_BilgusJhmikeS said he wasn't done with filesystem rewrites yet so its marked don't commit
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07:56:45_BilgusIn my case though I still leave the real root exposed
07:58:16wodzfor my purpose I strictly don't want original / to be exposed. On Agptek / is the ubifs mounted rw so careless user can cause real damage.
07:59:20_Bilgusyou just need to mount above that then and/or set NSITEM_HIDDEN
07:59:57_BilgusLike you can mount to sd as root and give them a user folder IIRC
08:01:36wodzI can't wrap my head around from first reading :/
08:04:18_BilgusMe either JhMikeS can give more insight I'm sure
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08:15:52_BilgusI think it was a year ago I last messed with it so I may be mis remembering but I think you pass a path as root and then set its flags to be root or hidden
08:16:33_Bilguslike if I pass <1>\sdcard\ as path and 0 as the flag it becomes the shown root at <0>
08:18:23_Bilgusand Wodz you may be right about RB_ROOT_CONTENTS_DIR just needing to be changed as My needs were a bit more involved with dynamic user defined paths
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09:26:43wodzjhMikeS: ping
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12:15:44wodzpamaury: ping
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12:45:09pamaurywodz: pong
12:46:24wodzpamaury: Have you seen discussion about 'chroot' in rockbox? It might be interesting for you in NWZ
12:46:46wodzpamaury: I used different approach (naive one) in my github branch
12:46:48pamaurywodz: yes, but I am not sure it's needed. The root filesystem on nwz is read-only, there is no need to protect it
12:47:15wodzpamaury: Still I'd hide OS internals from the user
12:47:32wodzpamaury: on Agptek this is more important because rootfs is rw
12:47:34pamaurystill that can be useful, but I would only want to hide it from the user however
12:47:52pamauryjhMikes has this fancy patch on gerrit
12:49:16pamaurywodz: by the way, still stuck on jz4760b. But I can reproduce the problem. I am implementing a way to do a coredump using hwstub, so I can use gdb to debug it
12:50:15wodzpamaury: This patch seems to do more. I'd like to ask Mike about it.
12:51:04pamauryyes, it's more general I think, it's useful to change the rootfs. But it's also cleaner, you can ask him on gerrit too
12:52:17wodzpamaury: I wasn't aware of this patch till today. I used naive approach inspired by how we switch root in simulator
12:53:14wodzIf Mike's patch is going to be merged I am definitely interested in using it instead of reimplementing such functionality
12:55:06wodzpamaury: How do you trigger jz bug?
12:55:51pamaurywodz: I don't know, but basically if I put code in iram and move code around a bit (ie add some nops here and there), I can trigger the bug with 100% chance.
12:56:11pamauryapparently if I don't use iram for code it doesn't trigger
12:56:26pamauryif I change the virtual addresses it doesn't change anything. So either it
12:56:35pamauryit's a weird cache problem
12:56:39pamauryor some cpu bug
12:57:05pamauryor some undocumented "feature" of iram, since it uses this weird 0xf4000000 virtual address
12:57:54wodzpamaury: Did you benchmark running code from iram? Is it worth the hassle?
12:58:12wodzpamaury: Frequently used functions will sit in cache anyway.
12:59:11pamaurywodz: yes, it's much much faster. With the clock as setup by the OF, I can read from DRAM at200Mib/s, but from IRAM at over 1GiB/s
12:59:37pamaurybasically IRAM has the same speed as the L1 cache, which runs at the cpu clock
13:00:02pamauryso it
13:00:05pamaury's useful for data
13:00:07wodzSo this is like cache but without miss penalty
13:00:31pamaurybut my problem is that I do not understand why the crash happens
13:00:51pamauryI would like to make sure it's related to iram and not some other bug in the mmu or cache code
13:01:11wodzmakes sense
13:01:17pamauryalso it only seems to occur if I use the LCD dma, if I drive the LCD using PIO it doesn't happen
13:01:26pamaurybut again this could be unrelated or not, I do not know
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13:02:04wodzwhere is lcd buffer located? Maybe dma can't do reliable transfers from iram for some reason?
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13:02:20pamaurytransfers are from dram
13:03:01pamaurysome DMA engines are limited/excluded from/to iram, the lcd dma is under-documented but it can definitely transfer from dram
13:04:34pamaurybluebrother: have you seen g#1825 ?
13:04:36fs-bluebotGerrit review #1825 at : rbutil: Add sysquazip CONFIG option to use system-wide QuaZIP by James Le Cuirot
13:07:54wodzpamaury: Do you use in any tool sha1 hash?
13:10:05pamaurywodz: yes, imxtools
13:10:47pamauryand zentools I think (in form of hmac)
13:11:09wodzWhich lib are you using? I'd like to protect bsdiff file with sha1 of original and maybe patched to exclude patching wrong file
13:11:39wodzAnd I am thinking what will be the least problematic to build for linux/win/macos
13:12:55pamaurywodz: I use libcrypto++
13:13:03pamaurywhich works fine on windows and macos
13:13:32pamauryiirc there is just a minor problem about the name (sometimes libcrypto++ and sometimes libcryptopp, depending on the ditribution)
13:14:28pamauryyou can look in rbutil/mkimxboot/Makefile I think
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13:25:34wodzpamaury: When will you be back in France so I can send you cradle?
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13:49:32pamaurywodz: I came back yesterday
13:53:36wodzpamaury: Ok. I'll send you back cradle this week.
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14:44:22mykiHello, I need some help on my Creative zen x-fi... Could you help me, please ?
14:50:42pamaurymyki: what is the problem?
14:51:32mykiHi pamaury, Rockbox is working fine but when I try to boot the OFW (with the back button pressed at start) the screen says "Firmware Problem". Is it possible to have both RB and the OFW working, please ?
14:52:38pamaurymyki: I would need to double-check but I think for the moment no because the OF uses a weird proprietary file system on the internal storage but rockbox only understands FAT
14:53:04mykioh I see ! ok
14:53:05pamauryhowever one solution (which may or may not work now but can be fixed easily) is to keep the internal storage for the OF and only use the SD card for rockbox
14:53:30pamaurythat still means your music on the internal storage cannot be used by rockbox but at least you can dual boot
14:54:26mykibut will the OFW be able to play the music on the sd card, with its FAT system ?
14:55:18pamaurymyki: yes stupidly the OF undertands FAT on the SD card, just not on the internal storage
14:56:34mykireally stupid indeed ! so yes I would be interested in dual booting the OFW in the internal storage and RB in the SD card :)
14:57:07pamauryif you want to do this, you need to 1) boot in recovery format and select reformat (so that internal storage is usable by OF), 2) use a SD card (make sure it uses FAT and not xFAT), install rockbox on it (ie extract the file there)
14:57:48pamaurythe issue you might run into is the bootloader complaining it cannot mount the internal storage, in which case I will need to fix the bootloader but this is easy, I can do it tonight
14:58:15mykireally ? it would be really appreciated, thank you pamaury
14:58:49mykifor now I am locked on the Firmware problem message, can't switch the Zen off
14:59:17pamaurymyki: I think hold power off should work, otherwise hit the reset hole
14:59:39mykiyes, the reset hole ! I forgot it
15:00:15pamaurythen hold the "play" button and power on while holding, you should get into a menu
15:00:35pamauryselect format, this will reformat the internal storage and now you should be able to boot the OFW
15:02:57mykiI choosed "format all" and RB is still there
15:03:28pamauryRB bootloader is not erased by format, it's normal
15:04:47pamauryto boot OF you still need to hold back when booting
15:04:47pamaury(if you want to really erase rockbox, you need to hit Reload and then reinstall the OF using the Creative tool)
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15:06:38mykiboth firmwares are booting fine, I will try with an SD card later, I want to keep Rockbox (love it)
15:08:10pamaurymyki: ah yes, there is a slight issue you must be aware of, I didn't think about it
15:08:17mykiI have another question but not really with Rockbox... I have 2 Sandisk Clip Sport, and I read that RB will never be able to be runed on it, right ?
15:08:34pamauryrigh now, rockbox might successfully boot from the internal storage even though you reformatted the internal storage
15:09:00myki(sorry for crossing questions)
15:09:44pamaurythat's because the OF is lazy and the "reformat" only reformats the minimum number of sectors necessary. In particular it does not erase certain blocks for the (old) FAT system. Thus rockbox thinks you still have a FAT file system, and the OF still thinks you have its system. So avoid using rockbox for now, otherwise the two system will corrupt each other :-/
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15:10:01pamauryyes the Clip Sport cannot be supported by Rockbox
15:11:10mykiso will I be able to use RB after your planed modifications ?
15:11:32pamaurymyki: yes, but you will need to put it on the SD card
15:12:23mykithat will be perfect for me, so is it possible to do a clean format with their external tool ?
15:13:21pamaurygood question, I do not know but that's worth a try
15:13:49pamaurybut I will definitely add some code to rockbox to check against a "lazy" reformat, otherwise this silent corruption is sneaky
15:18:56mykiand I thaught that I had an external tool but no, I was confused with the sendfirm.exe tool that cannot format at all
15:21:09mykiok found this :
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15:22:21pamaurymyki: one possibility to do a clean reformat is the following: boot rockbox and plug USB: on your computer it should show a disk, then use windows to zero out the entire disk, then hit reformat in the recovery menu of the device
15:23:15pamauryfor example
15:23:30pamauryanother option is to do a full reformat using say NTFS on the internal storage
15:23:50pamaurysince neither rockbox nor creative OF know NTFS, this will effectively prevent rockbox from thinking it can use the partition
15:24:37mykiok I will try in NTFS it seems easier
15:34:18mykias expected RB is still booting but don't detect the partition anymore... When I will install RB on the SD Card, I will have to push another bootloader, pointing on the SD card so that this error will disappear, right ?
15:39:23pamaurymyki: yes, I will change the bootloader so that if it detects the internal storage is not using FAT, it should look at the SD card
15:40:20mykiok, thank you pamaury :)
15:43:16mykiat last, about the Sansa Clip Sport... even if RB can't run on it, would it be possible to code a soft that would be able to build the songs database from the pc and push it on the Clip Sport ? I am not a coder but I'm just curious :)
15:45:14pamaurymyki: I suppose it is possible but someone would need to reverse engineer the format they use. I don't think a lot of people here are interested in the Clip Sport but who knows
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15:46:35mykiYou are right... At least I am happy to know that it might be technically possible :)
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15:48:56mykiI can't understand how they can make devices with strong storages but unusable because of databases too long to build and without offering the possibility to have a browse mode !
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20:26:33HunterebRIP Sansa Fuse+
20:26:57HunterebI had it in my car for about a month in car mode, and this morning I started my car and she didn't wake up ;(
20:27:13HunterebNo response at all from it, uncertain what the issue is.
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20:28:25HunterebErm, just kidding?
20:28:46HunterebI plugged it into a wall outlet and it boots up just fine. Says the battery is dead.
20:29:02HunterebI guess my car charger is just no good :P
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21:21:12Cu5tosLimenis there new devices I can buy that runs rockbox?
21:22:15pamauryCu5tosLimen: some recent Sonys are supported
21:22:26pamaurythe AGPTek Rocker is almost supported
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22:19:39Hunterebpamaury wow... That's a really pretty device.
22:20:09HunterebVery happy to see more devices with ports coming along
22:20:48HunterebI really might consider it given how dreadful my fuse+'s controls are, but rockbox really really helps that.
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