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#rockbox log for 2018-03-08

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09:44:45alcewodz: have you been able to get bluetooth to work?
09:48:17alcei think it needs to add bt device to /etc/asound.conf
09:48:31alcepcm.00_17_CD_EB_7B_54{ type bluetooth bdaddr 7A:0A:46:03:21:5D profile a2dp }
09:48:47alcesomething along the lines of that
09:49:18alceand then call bt-enable
09:50:03alcei connects and streams but i am not sure why not sound
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09:50:29alcemaybe i have messed up something as there is no sound even with the original fw
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10:04:03wodzalce: I didn't have time to explore this more. However this is a bit more complicated.
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12:52:08wodzalce: I know this material
12:52:54alcehow could you know these kinds of things? :o
13:05:28pamaurybluez is just of those piece of software that is so underdocumented
13:05:35pamaury*one of
13:34:01pamaurysounds like it's best to bypass alsa entirely and talk to bluez directly
13:35:36alceare there other rockbox devices with bt?
13:36:24alcei think it would be useful if you could capture the pcm data to a file
13:38:08pamauryalce: yes but bluetooth is not implement on any so far. Many do not run linux so they would require more or less an entire bluetooth stack (it's very dependent on the device). I am not sure I follow you on the pcm capture to file, isn't that called recording?
13:39:29alceyeah, kind of like recording if one likes to steal off stuff off youtube and other sources
13:41:28pamauryah, that would require a bluetooth sink instead of source, not all devices can do it but I guess it's possible, though it's not the first thing on the list
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14:22:04alcewell, the code on looks pretty straightforward
14:25:56alcebluez version seems to be 4.101 on agptek
14:28:47pamauryalce: I am just saying the natural thing to do with bluetooth is source not sink (you want to stream audio from the player, not to the player)
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14:29:59pamauryalso on most OSes you can easily capture to output sound
14:30:03alcepamaury: no, i want to stream from phone to agptek
14:30:21pamauryyes I understand, I am just saying this is not direction that should be implemented first
14:30:24alceso you could copy the data passing by as file in agptek
14:30:46alcethis is what the original fw does
14:31:30alcewhich kind of makes sense because the dac on agptek is probably higher quality than on you phone etc.
14:32:26pamauryhmmm, that seems odd to me, I usually stream sound over bluetooth to either bluetooth headphones or my hi-fi system
14:32:47pamaurybut hey, people do whatever they want I guess :)
14:39:29deeviousalce: this is outside of a Rockbox development discussion per se, but your idea that using a device with a better DAC to sink audio from a phone is probably negated by the fact that bluetooth audio is done with a lossy codec most of the time
14:41:53alceoh could be
14:43:30pamauryif I remember correctly, with the recent version of bluetooth, the bandwidth is such that the audio quality is supposedly very good, but surprisingly few people have done actual benchmark
14:43:44alcethere is no much of a difference between sources and sink in the code so it is mostly a matter of ui and how to get data in and out
14:46:40pamaurywell it's not just the bluez code, it also has to be tied to the rockbox audio code, so that's still more work
14:47:29pamaury(and also I am not 100% sure who does the audio encoding/decoding, possibly not bluez)
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14:48:58pamauryat least this can be worked on and debugged on a computer and not on device, this should hopefully simplify development
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15:17:58alcethe implementation takes pcm data
15:18:21alceit has sbc codec sources
15:19:44alcei am guessing plugin would work for the streaming direction i am interested
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15:21:22alcethe other way around probably requires more of a stab at rockbox
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15:40:12alceoh but sbc is not the one you would want
15:42:13alceor maybe you would
15:42:44pamaurysbc is the only mandatory codec for audio
15:43:34pamauryin theory one can support MP2 and MP3 but I have yet to see such a thing, there is also AAC and ATRAC (maybe used by apple?).
15:43:46pamaurythere is a the proprietary aptX codec
15:44:00pamauryand the new sony ldac
15:44:10pamaury(also proprietary I think)
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