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#rockbox log for 2018-03-09

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02:54:01kamAs usual: thanks to all the devs, folks updating the docs, etc.
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02:56:49kamGlad to see traffic on new Rockbox compatible MP3 players hitting the market. I hope the trend continues.
02:57:54kamI've repaired my Sansa several times and it's on its last legs.
02:59:11kamAgain, thanks to all who've made my previous devices much better to use in the past and looking forward to more Rockbox in the future
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08:28:20tomflintlately I've been getting a panic −− could not write sector 24, error -43. I'm on an ipod 5.5 with an iflash quad. Should I format the microSD?
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10:52:38alcewodz: i got the code to compile with rb
10:53:51wodzalce: which code?
10:54:57alceit takes pcm data in and out
10:55:08alcewe discussed about it yesterday
10:55:39alcei think the code is quite usable to do bluetooth
10:56:09wodzagptek is able to work as source. alsa plugin is included in rootfs. Don't know about sink
10:56:51alceoh you mean that there is already some binary to make it work?
10:57:39alceanyway this code bypasses alsa altogether
10:57:39wodz/usr/lib/alsa-lib/ and /usr/lib/alsa-lib/
10:58:07wodzI was able to use alsaplay to send sound to bt speaker
10:58:12alceyeah, i noticed something like that but no idea how to use it
10:58:28alcei want the reverse
10:58:34alcephone to agptek
10:59:06wodzThis isn't high on my priority list. Feel free to hack this.
10:59:30alcedoes it work as usb storage btw?
10:59:50alcedoes not unless i boot to hiby on mine
11:04:47wodzalce: It is possible to implement. I just didn't bothered yet
11:04:57wodzalce: It is quite simple actually.
11:06:04wodzalce: My priorities are: 1) Improve installation process 2) Merge code upstream 3) Implement usb storage 4) Implement bt source
11:06:14alcewodz: oh, one more thing, is there a way to restart rockbox without whole system crashing
11:06:28wodzAn I bet there are some bugs hiding
11:06:42alcei find with adb push i could poke the binary without rebooting
11:08:34wodzalce: Do ps -a and search for some sh script running (usually pid 81 or 82 on my player). Kill it before killing rockbox. This will leave you running OS without rockbox. Beware you are on your own then.
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11:55:57alcewodz: i do not know if you want to spend too much time on the installer if one could just dump the binary to some upload site
11:57:02alcei mean chinese are communists and they pretty much laugh at these copyright notices
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12:48:19wodzalce: Because someone doesn't adhere to the law is not excuse for not following the law.
12:56:39alcewodz: yeah, but laws do really cross country borders so
12:57:29alceso i am quite happy violating chinese copyrights or whatnot
12:57:58wodzalce: You choice. Do not expect we will follow the same way
13:03:00alcewods: i am little suspicious how long this play will be on production since there are already much cheaper players available
13:03:25pamaurywodz: in the end, does patching the OF requires all the ubifs tools or you can make it work with binary diff?
13:03:59alceand chinese usually go for whatever is cheaper
13:04:21wodzpamaury: I can make it with binary diff. Its just that the patch needs to be made with all the tools.
13:04:51wodzalce: I don't care. Hacking daps is my hobby. I don't have to follow the market really
13:05:01pamauryok that's fine, as long as we have the tools to create the patch and a dev can do it that
13:05:03pamaury's fine
13:05:17pamaurywhat matters is that it should be simpler for the users to apply it
13:06:09wodzpamaury: exactly
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14:42:36alceoh yes, got some pcm data flowing to rb from my phone
14:44:06alcei do not think i am able to make any kind of ui for this
14:44:47alcei do not understand the menu code at all
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14:51:00pamaurywodz: alce: by the way if you add bluetooth support, please make so in a generic way that is not tied to bluez and it operates. Other targets might have different implementations
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14:52:39alcei cross compiled bluez and expat that it need by hand
14:53:21alcei think wodz knows better how to modify the scripts to dl and build it
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18:32:18roboturner913I could be way wrong, but my suspicion is that the Rocker port will be easily adaptable to a whole bunch of other Chinese players that use the Hiby player
18:34:14roboturner913The Agptek A22/Ruizu X22 looks to be verrrrrrrry similar to the Rocker
18:34:37roboturner913it seems that Benjie is the OEM for a ton of these players that just get tweaked and rebranded on down the lin
18:36:08roboturner913I imagine there are slight hardware differences from one player to another but honestly aside from keymapping and the case being made of aluminum instead of plastic, I can't tell one single difference between the Rocker and the A22
18:37:40roboturner913the A22 does solar charging though which is a bonus. the battery on my Rocker is like 5-6 hours tops at low volume no BT, it's kinda pitiful and the only drawback to an otherwise excellent player
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20:17:57wodzAgptek A22 is Actions based so completely different hw wise.
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