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#rockbox log for 2018-03-19

00:02:44oarion7Seems mkimxboot will not generate a file. Any advice? Output of `~/rockbox/rbutil/mkimxboot/./mkimxboot -i -b bootloader-fuzeplus.sansa -o -t dualboot` :
00:21:44__builtinulmutul: working on it
00:21:51__builtinseems I just neglected to add the file
00:24:04fs-bluebot_Build Server message: New build round started. Revision d5847e8, 273 builds, 11 clients.
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00:36:38oarion7Output of running mkimxboot with the above details yields "Result: -2 (open error)" and no output sb file generated
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01:11:54__builtinhmm, build system seems stuck
01:29:15Bilgusoarion7 Where is the path to in that invocation? is it in the smae folder? ./
01:30:27Bilgusif not that might very well be your issue. Do you have some changes to the bootloader you are trying to compile or just for fun?
01:31:23BilgusYou can find a recent fuze+ bootloader here:,51844.0.html
01:39:13oarion7Bilgus: Thanks, the is in the same folder. I appreciate your help and no I'm just following instructions for manual as I couldn't get the Rockbox Utility to work
01:39:17oarion7I'll have a look at that link!
01:39:46Bilguswell if its in the same folder use ./ in front
01:41:53BilgusYou don't need to follow the instructions in the post unless you want to boot from the sdcard but you can use the firmware just as the guides you've been reading to do a normal install
01:45:41oarion7Go in other words this output file I am trying to generate, they have already provided that file for me and I can just download it and continue with the instructions I was already following?
01:45:46oarion7*So in other words Bilgus
01:48:18Bilgusthis one.
01:50:25BilgusFuze+ User:
01:50:26BilgusFirst download
01:50:26Bilgusenter original firmware ( Volume Down )
01:50:26DBUGEnqueued KICK Bilgus
01:50:26Bilgusunzip the file to root of internal storage while connected in the Original Firmware USB MODE rename as,
01:50:26Bilgussafely remove device then reboot and again enter original firmware ( Volume Down )
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01:52:32oarion7And considering I've never installed Rockbox on here before I don't need to worry about holding the volume down key right?
01:53:50Bilgusyeah its going to boot into OF no matter what
01:54:35BilgusI think you can copy over your .rockbox folder to the root at the same time as copying over the new fw
02:00:29oarion7Just booted into Rockbox. :) Thanks Bilgus.
02:11:16oarion7The button locking/unlocking and fastword/rewind features of this device work much better under Rockbox than even the last updated version of the native firmware. Nice!
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10:58:30SleeplessinvietnI know its late in the west, is there anyone around who could answer a question about usb_hid?
10:58:46SleeplessinvietnIm wondering about doing multi-key rollover
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11:49:14pamaurySleeplessinvietn: I know a bit about usb_hid
11:49:23pamaurybut I don't know what you mean by multi-key rollover
11:50:43Sleeplessinvietnpamaury: to activate ctrl-alt-del you need to have ctrl and alt held then press del, ive found out how to press and hold one key but not multiple
11:51:30pamauryah, good question, I will look into it, I'm busy at the moment but maybe in an hour
11:51:39Sleeplessinvietnpamaury: oh wow okay thank you!
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13:04:51Sleeplessinvietnpamaury: I'm using a modified version of the remote_control for my purposes and I know I can use the modifier byte to send multiple keys.
13:05:21SleeplessinvietnI was thinking of trying to use usb_hid_queue directly but I'm not sure how to send it
13:05:45Sleeplessinvietn*I'm not sure if thats the best idea I mean
13:07:55pamaurySleeplessinvietn: as you said, I think one has to use the modifier byte to set ctrl and alt
13:08:33pamaurybut usb_hid_send doesn't let you set the modifier
13:08:44Sleeplessinvietnpamaury: Exactly
13:09:34pamaurylet me read the usb_hid.c code
13:11:59pamaurySleeplessinvietn: I am not 100% sure but based on the code, I think you can use usb_hid_send() can be used to send several keys and you can specify CTRL and ALT keys and they will be treated as modifiers, I'll give you an example in a minute
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13:14:25pamauryyou can see how CTRL and ALT are defined in apps/usb_keymaps.c
13:15:52pamauryif you want two modifiers, you need the following:
13:15:52pamaury#define MODIFIER2(key, mod1, mod2) ((key) | (mod1) << 8 | (mod2) << 16)
13:17:02pamaurythe explanation is the following: usb_hid_send() expects an id for the key, but in fact this id is 32-bit where each byte is treated as a key. Furthermore, if you usb_hid_send() a modifier key (left control), then it sets the modifier byte instead of sending an actual key
13:21:48Sleeplessinvietnpamaury: I had something like this almost an hour ago but it didn't work for me for some reason. I think I used the wrong delete -_-
13:21:56SleeplessinvietnThank you so much for clearing that up
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13:22:45SleeplessinvietnGonna head out, thanks again pamaury !
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14:22:39jay567Hello. I have a Clip Zip and wanted to update today from 3.13 to 3.14. I used Rockbox Utility on Linux64, which said the update went fine, but when I reboot my player it still shows 3.13 on the boot screen and in the menu.
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14:25:44jay567Hello. I have a Clip Zip and wanted to update today from 3.13 to 3.14. I used Rockbox Utility on Linux64, which said the update went fine, but when I reboot my player it still shows 3.13 on the boot screen and in the menu. @bluebrother
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20:01:56pamaurythere is something fucked up on jz4760b, I get an address exception, badvaddr gives a valid address (except it's unaligned) but epc points to an instruction that does not make a memory access. In fact none of the instructions nearby does a memory access!
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21:01:10pamauryI am starting to suspect a bug in the MIPS assembly version of memcpy
21:01:24pamauryspecifically the part right before chk8w
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21:14:40pamauryor maybe not, /me is confused
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22:23:56__builtinthe ipod6g doesn't have FM tuner hardware, right?
22:30:12__builtinapparently there is an external FM tuner that connects through IAP
22:31:51CtcpIgnored 1 channel CTCP requests in 0 seconds at the last flood
22:31:51*pamaury does not know
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22:35:05__builtindo you know how the audio data goes from the tuner to rockbox?
22:41:34pamauryno, I know nothing about the IAP protocol (though I have the iAP spec somewhere on my disk)
22:41:48pamauryaren't there audio lines on the iap port?
22:43:07__builtinhmm, probably
22:43:08__builtinthat would make sense
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