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#rockbox log for 2018-04-04

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13:33:24fish-bulbare there any plans for zoom devices?
13:34:24fish-bulblike h4n
13:34:27fish-bulbzoom h5
13:35:24pamaurynever heard of those devices, as usual someone needs to do the work, we don't plan
13:37:24fish-bulbsomeone just starts coding for a device?
13:38:01fish-bulbthey're professional recording/playback devices for like... cameras
13:38:09fish-bulbpodcasts, microphones
13:38:27fish-bulbthey take like any sennheiser sm58 or similar stage mic
13:38:51pamauryyeah people usually port rockbox to devices they have
13:39:46fish-bulbjust people here will get a device and then port it?
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13:43:10pamaurybasically yes, sometimes people need to learn a lot of things before they are can start doing it of course
13:48:17fish-bulbsuch as: coding
13:48:42fish-bulbI have a headphone dac/amp
13:49:12fish-bulbis it at all plausible to take some signal from the H340 and plug it into the dac of this amp
13:49:38fish-bulbit's a usb device that works with android and linux/windows
13:52:16pamauryprogramming is an essential skill indeed, low level system knowledge is usually important too
13:53:10pamauryin theory if the H340 has usb host or usb otg, this could be done; but it would be a lot of work because at the moment rockbox only support usb as a device, not as a host. This feature request is rather common though
13:53:30Horrorcat(yes, it has usb otg)
13:54:24fish-bulbit does have usb otg but I think it's 1.0 or 1.1
13:54:37fish-bulbbut if it doesn't work?
13:55:44fish-bulblow level system knowledge is no real help, I might as well build something from scratch, the layout of the two boards in an h340 is not to be serviced by anyone
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13:56:32fish-bulbI've seen some fly by night russian mod, nobody got their orders, and a stupid cap mod, that seems fairly pointless
13:56:59pamauryif I remember correctly otg 1.0 is part of usb 2.0 so it should be ok for usb audio. I don't remember what otg 1.1 brings more
13:57:12fish-bulbso the OTG actually works?
13:57:54pamauryI don't know, does iRiver advertise usb otg as working? That's usually the best way of knowing.
13:58:06fish-bulbthe bootloader is the same as I put on there PROBABLY ten years ago
13:58:26pamaurybut in any case rockbox does NOT support otg at the moment as I said
13:58:45fish-bulbthen I'm better off buying a higher end device than waiting for that
13:59:17fish-bulbwhat's the highest end thing supported by rockbox?
14:00:17Horrorcatprobably depends on the metric you want to define
14:00:32fish-bulbaudio clarity
14:00:38fish-bulbstorage capacity
14:00:40fish-bulbbuild quality
14:00:54fish-bulbnoise floor? type of amps inside it?
14:01:19fish-bulblike the things that would make a good audio player good, and a bad one fairly bad
14:02:18Horrorcatthose are four metrics, two of which between "subjective" and "loosely defined". those still need to be weighted
14:02:36Horrorcatfish-bulb, that’s a list of devices
14:02:52HorrorcatI don’t think there’s a list of devices which has those factors ready, so you’ll probably have to rearch those for yourself :/
14:03:01HorrorcatI’m happy with my sansa clip+ though
14:03:17fish-bulbI've heard that from someone before
14:03:20fish-bulbthey're tiny
14:03:48Horrorcatthey are
14:03:54Horrorcatespecially compared to an iriver
14:03:58Horrorcat(which I had before)
14:05:10pixelmahttps://www ooold, abandoned effort. I believe petur knew something about it and/or worked himself on something about 10 years ago or so
14:05:24pixelmaerr.. sorry
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14:12:09gevaertsTechnically I think the h3x0 doesn't do OTG (which is one of the most misused terms in history). It (the hardware, not rockbox) *can* do USB host
14:13:05gevaertsBut I seriously doubt if anyone is going to spend time on that today. The time when you'd be able to find enough interested people ended about ten years ago
14:15:44Horrorcata pity really, but given how hard it is to maintain the h3x0 parts I can’t blame anyone.
14:19:18fish-bulbI have several
14:19:28fish-bulbten years ago they were four years old :/
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14:21:48fish-bulbhow hard it is to maintain what parts though
14:21:53fish-bulbthe battery is easy
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14:28:26HorrorcatI spent an unholy amount of money on a replacement disk.
14:28:36Horrorcatthe CF adapter chain people suggest didn’t work for me
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14:36:24fish-bulbI put an msata in there
14:36:40fish-bulbthe battery drain went up
14:36:47fish-bulbit doesn't charge via usb anymore
14:37:53fish-bulbmaybe I should put the original drive back in. but I prefer a lighter device with a LOT of storage
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16:31:07ulmutulCan someone knowledgeable have a look over g#1837?
16:31:10fs-bluebotGerrit review #1837 at : Simulator: improve simulation of transflective screens by Sebastian Leonhardt
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21:53:27mendelmunkispamaury: Do you think its worth my time to try to fix g#1218 to work with the 2016 touchpad driver change?
21:53:29fs-bluebotGerrit review #1218 at : Added the ability to get relative data from targets with touchpads by Jon Tabeling
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22:48:56pamaurymendelmunkis: no idea, it's probably easy to fix but I don't know if anyone uses this
22:53:04mendelmunkiswhat about #g760 with bilgus's action system from last year?
22:53:36mendelmunkis* g#760
22:53:38fs-bluebotGerrit review #760 at : fuzeplus: allow the use of physical keys when WPS is locked by Amaury Pouly
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23:11:28pamaurymendelmunkis: I think this patch was superseeded by another from Bilgus
23:13:19pamauryI think it was even pushed the with advanced/selective softblock feature
23:14:49csussmani tried installing rockbox 3.14 on 2 ibasso dx50's using daily build and official build, i was able to use the plugins and to play an mpeg file, but when i tried playing music it froze, and when i tried changing settings it reset (flashed rockbox logo and usb cable icon and reset all settings to default). i tried downgrading the official firmware/dual bootloader file, but that didn't help.
23:17:59mendelmunkispamaury: Thanks. I'm upgrading from a custom 3.13 based source so figuring out which patches were/weren't implemented since is fun
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23:21:52pamaurycsussman: unfortunately I don't know anyone with an ibasso dx50, it's hard to debug it without the device :-/
23:22:16pamauryso it freezes when playing music but not video?
23:27:39csussmanright, the video works fine
23:29:20pamaurycsussman: was it an upgrade or a first install? ie did any build you ever installed worked?
23:30:37csussman3.13 works fine
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23:37:30pamaurycsussman: ok, I'll try to post a build on the forum to bisect the problem
23:39:08csussmanthanks, pamaury
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