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#rockbox log for 2018-04-10

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00:03:01__builtinuser890104: what would it take to get rockbox to boot?
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05:53:50mendelmunkisTo declare a CHOICE_SETTING with no callback I should give a callback of 0?
05:54:31mendelmunkis* NULL
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06:50:36user890104__builtin: there is no code that ports rockbox to n3g/n4g, only a bootloader with some testing code in it
06:50:59user890104IIUC there is no access to the NAND flash, only the NOR flash on n3g
06:51:10user890104n4g does not have NOR flash at all
06:51:44user890104so someone needs to figure out the VFL/FTL parts (they could be similar to n2g)
06:52:31user890104of course, it could be possible to boot a rockbox binary embedded in the bootloader
06:53:20user890104not sure if the rest of the code will be happy about the lack of storage, but i guess it can handle that, because on ipod6g we used this option to expose the hdd so it can be partitioned/formatted
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14:59:42user890104hello, what would be the proper way to allocate two new target ids for tools/configure?
15:01:53user890104ipod nano 3g and ipod nano 4g in particular
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15:07:53pamauryuser890104: target IDs are a bit confusing but here is the overview
15:08:55pamauryyou need an id in configure, this is just for the user to select the right target (eg fuzeplus is 64),
15:09:09wodzuser890104: its a bit arbitrary. Please please do not introduce collision with number 240 in configure and MODEL_NUMBER 103
15:09:31wodzI am planning to merge Rocker soon
15:09:48pamaurythen there is the "target_id" which is I don't remember what is its purpose
15:10:05pamauryand then there is the MODEL_NUMBER which must match the one in tools/scramble.c
15:10:48pamauryI think target_id just needs to be unique, it's used by the website and build server
15:12:48user890104ok, how about 250 for nano 3g and 251 for nano 4g?
15:13:38pamaurysounds fine
15:14:02user890104and 104/105 for MODEL_NUMBER
15:15:11user890104prof_wolfff sent me his git branch, so i'm going to clean up the testing code, and come with a usable starting point for the bootloader
15:16:30user890104also, some code from freemyipod might be very useful
15:18:24pamauryuser890104: 104 and 105 are already used I think
15:19:06pamauryyes look in scramble.c, it's used by the Sony targets
15:19:24pamauryI suggest taking a number like 115 to have a bit of margin
15:19:57pamaurywodz: by the way, isn't 103 used by e470? I mean collision are not a big deal for model_number but not great
15:20:45wodzpamaury: I think I checked it when created agptek branch. Will recheck before merging
15:20:57pamauryyeah it's possibly my fault
15:23:21user890104ok, i'll triple-checks the ids then
15:23:39user890104can you send me a link to gerrit for Rocker?
15:23:55user890104and is there any other branch with new target, that's not merged yet?
15:24:42wodzuser890104: it is not on gerrit. It is my semiprivate branch on github. wodz/rockbox-wodz/tree/agptek-rocker">
15:25:05pamauryuser890104: the fiiox1, modelnum=110, target_id=106, at the moment I used number 250 in configure but since it is not pushed, it's not a big deal
15:25:53user890104pamaury: i'll go with 260/261 then :)
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18:00:09mendelmunkismy test build data aborts on boot. How do I go about figuring out the cause?
18:02:01__builtinPc value?
18:02:32__builtinDoes it show a backtrace?
18:03:10mendelmunkisYes pc value= 60017634
18:22:45mendelmunkis is the full output
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20:24:15__builtinDisassemble the rockbox binary and figure out what function that address is in
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21:22:26wodzpamaury: gevaerts: Maybe you know, how time is handled in rockbox? Is it localtime, utc or what?
21:22:50gevaertsI have no idea
21:23:00gevaertsI suspect local time though
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21:26:58wodzagptek is configured with CST (aka china standard time) timezone "P
21:31:26mendelmunkis__builtin: do you know of any free disassemblers that can handle the format?
21:33:39wodzmendelmunkis: objdump, radare2
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21:43:33mendelmunkiswodz: thanks
21:44:56pamaurymendelmunkis: re address, use the .map file produced by the compiler!
21:45:12pamauryor compile in debug mode and use gdb to disassemble with the debug output!
21:45:12mendelmunkisgot it
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21:46:06pamaurywodz: I suspect local time, but really not sure, I just avoid messing with time because it's' so confusing
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21:48:04wodzpamaury: Yeah time handling is *always* nightmare. I wrote code for agptek but after storing in hw with ioctl(dev, RTC_SET_TIME, &tm) I get wrong result by +8 hours which happens to be offset between CST and UTC.
21:48:20wodzpamaury: I just can't wrap my head around how to fix it
21:48:46pamaurywodz: so the time you get back when you read it is not the one you write?
21:49:27pamauryI remember that on some imx233 platforms, I had to do some hacks to interoperate with the OF because not all OF store the time in seconds relative to the same date...
21:50:10wodz It sets system time correctly but hw time not
21:50:31wodzpamaury: so after restart I have +8h to what I set originally
21:51:09wodzso It looks like hw is storing time in UTC and system time is local
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21:51:51pamauryhmmm, indeed, I guess there is some locale-based magic to get the timezone? Unless it's hard-coded somewhere
21:52:20pamauryso settimeofday does not change the RTC?
21:52:40 Quit mendelmunkis (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
21:52:46wodznop it changes system time
21:54:44pamaurywodz: my wild guess is that on boot something must set the system time based on rtc, probably an init script
21:54:51pamauryis it using sysV ?
21:55:23wodzpamaury: I am just looking at init scripts but I don't see anything time related
21:56:12wodzit may be that monstrous player app handle this
21:56:31pamauryyeah, good luck looking at all ioctl calls though...
21:58:24*wodz is frustrated - it was supposed to be easy thing
21:59:08pamaurywodz: there is an "easy" option: strace the binary
21:59:14pamauryI've actually done that on the sony
21:59:22pamaurywith a custom "strace"
22:00:00wodzpamaury: I have straces somewhere. Never looked at time ioctls so far
22:00:30TyphoonSco@wodz Wanted to let you know that I think you are doing an amazing job with the Rocker port. I can't wait to see it with the Bluetooth working, however you have done amazing work to have built the port from scratch.
22:01:45wodzTyphoonSco: thanks
22:02:29 Quit lebellium (Quit: Leaving)
22:03:09TyphoonScoAlso to anyone who can answer, is there any reason why I can't seem to access the forums right now?
22:03:39pamauryyes forums are down it seems
22:04:18TyphoonSco@pamaury Thank-you for the confirmation.
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