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#rockbox log for 2018-04-14

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02:19:00__builtinCheetahPixie: what for?
02:32:30CheetahPixieCuriosity's sake.
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02:37:54__builtinwe distribute test plugins in the releases
02:38:08__builtinI think test_fps is what you're looking for
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02:48:14CheetahPixieNot in the dev builds?
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02:48:21CheetahPixieI got a dev build and no test_fps.
02:48:32__builtinonly releases
02:49:40CheetahPixieAny way to smuggle the plugin in?
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02:51:30__builtinI could compile a build for you but that would take longer than having you download the release
02:51:51CheetahPixieSo the dev builds are incompatible with release plugins?
02:53:31CheetahPixieWhat causes that? Internal API changes or resource movement or something else?
02:53:50CheetahPixieOr, well, ABI or whatever.
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02:55:14__builtinthe plugins are very tightly bound to the core
02:55:23CheetahPixieAlso, anywhere to report bugs?
02:55:30__builtinthere's no dynamic linking or any of that like you see with ELF and the like
02:55:42__builtineither here or on our bugtracker
02:55:44CheetahPixieI noticed that in newer versions my Ubuntu install seems to not pick up my iPod at all.
02:55:54__builtinwhat's the output of `lsusb'?
02:56:10CheetahPixieEssentially, my Windows machine picks it up both in iPodOS and Rockbox.
02:56:19CheetahPixieBus 001 Device 013: ID 05ac:1260 Apple, Inc. iPod Nano 2.Gen+
02:56:24CheetahPixie...Oops, ignore the +.
02:56:41__builtinrun `lsblk'
02:56:58CheetahPixieSees it.
02:57:09CheetahPixie...Not showing up, for some reason.
02:57:16CheetahPixieDetects two partitions, though.
02:57:18__builtinare the partitions visible?
02:57:31__builtinand what are their sizes?
02:57:38CheetahPixieYes, sdc1 and sdc2; 94M and 3.7G.
02:57:58__builtintry mounting sdc2 manually
02:58:08__builtini.e. `sudo mount /dev/sdc2 <SOME_DIRECTORY>'
02:58:20CheetahPixiefile reports "block special (8/33)" for sdc1 (the 94M one) and "block special (8/34) for sdc2.
02:58:37CheetahPixieI'm gonna use udisksctl to do it through the regular mechanism.
02:58:45__builtindoes it mount manually?
02:59:00CheetahPixieOne moment.
02:59:39CheetahPixieThink it did.
02:59:48CheetahPixie...Not sure.
02:59:59__builtinany output when running the mount command?
03:00:10CheetahPixieNothing at all.
03:00:12CheetahPixieJust hangs.
03:00:19__builtinit might take a while
03:00:25CheetahPixieSure. I got time.
03:00:54CheetahPixieWhat codecs does mpegplayer support?
03:01:05CheetahPixiealso: it mounts the ipod OF side without any issue.
03:01:17CheetahPixieThis is on latest dev build, by the way.
03:01:35__builtinand MPEG-1
03:01:37__builtin(I think)\
03:01:41CheetahPixieIs there anything that plays x264?
03:01:44CheetahPixieOr x265 etc
03:02:09CheetahPixieWould it be hard to implement?
03:02:44CheetahPixieAnd are there any other video codecs that are compatible with some player available, either standard or as an extra plugin?
03:04:16__builtinI think the old monochrome archos players supported some rockbox-specific raw video format, nothing apart from that
03:04:31__builtinand the ipod OF may or may not do other codecs
03:04:37__builtinI'm not sure, though
03:05:07__builtinand as for x264/x265, that's probably impractical
03:05:28CheetahPixieThe Nano OF doesn't do video at all.
03:05:36CheetahPixie...That was of course segregated to the iPod Video only.
03:06:07__builtinyou're probably stuck transcoding to MPEG-2
03:06:29CheetahPixieWell, guess that's... enough.
03:06:35CheetahPixieI tried MP4 and VP9.
03:06:37CheetahPixieNeither worked.
03:06:40CheetahPixieWas curious why.
03:07:27__builtinno software support
03:07:36CheetahPixieFound that out now.
03:07:42CheetahPixieHow practical would newer MPEG formats and VP9 be?
03:07:50CheetahPixieThe VP9 spec is open, after all.
03:07:58CheetahPixieCan the plugins use external libraries?
03:08:20__builtinthere are open implementations of h264/h265 decoding as well
03:08:24__builtinand yes, but not easily
03:08:40CheetahPixieBecause of optimization or somesuch?
03:08:44CheetahPixieOr is it because the devices are slow?
03:09:02__builtinthe devices are pretty slow, yes
03:10:38CheetahPixieWell, my idea was to transcode video to be played into the native resolution.
03:10:44CheetahPixie(And, hopefully, to the native FPS.)
03:10:51__builtinon the device?
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03:31:38CheetahPixietranscode on PC.
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03:36:14CheetahPixieAnd then play on the device, but if we use a similar approach to what Euclideon did with their point cloud stuff for video (read only the required pixels) then I imagine that might save us cycles and bytes on large, normal-size files.
03:36:30CheetahPixieAnd possibly enable on-device transcoding of some sort.
03:37:49__builtinyou're basically saying to resize the video to the device resolutoin?
03:38:02CheetahPixieEven then, I may implement data discard in order to keep full speed; either color or video, or both with a preference setting.
03:38:19CheetahPixie(And then assemble a video with the largest frames possible to see how it performs.)
03:39:15CheetahPixieI think it was H codecs that used chrominance and luminance, as with some old television.
03:39:44CheetahPixieCould compensate for low read speeds or crap decoding by dumping chrominance for the specified frames.
03:40:12CheetahPixieAltogether would make an interesting greyscale filter I think. Yes, I'm rambling.
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07:34:45lilkuzhey guys, is the themes page down ?
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07:53:03CheetahPixieIf you need it right now lilkuz try an copy
08:17:19lilkuzCheetahPixie: thanks, i found the theme i was looking for, installed and its looking good
08:19:45CheetahPixieI made my own KDE theme, too.
08:19:56CheetahPixieStupid easy; just resize image to fit into what you need.
08:20:12CheetahPixieI've been battling with getting native res footage on my iPod.
08:20:20CheetahPixieLearned that MPEG-2 was my only option, sadly.
08:21:04CheetahPixieHappened upon a bug meanwhile wherein my iPod, under Rockbox, refuses to mount at all, but does in the OF.
08:21:25CheetahPixieAt this point, I don't think it's going to mount __builtin
08:21:27lilkuzi have known about rockbox for a long time, but i just insalled it today on my ipod classic 7th gen
08:21:36CheetahPixieWhy not earlier?
08:21:39CheetahPixieThis firmware is amazing.
08:21:48CheetahPixieIt blows you in the face like the Atom did Jeremy Clarkson.
08:22:03lilkuzwell its not supported
08:22:22CheetahPixieNot supported how?
08:22:33lilkuzi just seen a youtube video showing it running on the classic, so i took a chance
08:22:51CheetahPixieClassic 7th gen, huh.
08:22:56CheetahPixieHow did you install it?
08:23:42lilkuzone sec
08:24:51lilkuza site named freemyipod
08:26:46lilkuzthere was a youtube video showing how to install it, im not really sure im allowed to post links and im not trying to break the rules
08:27:32lilkuzim using the ipod widgets theme now, it looks really nice
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08:47:51CheetahPixieSo you installed with emcore?
08:55:53user890104this page? user890104/bootloader-ipodclassic.html">
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10:55:02turkeyhandhi, I'm trying to assemble the last working H300 I have
10:55:22turkeyhandI have a solid state drive that takes slightly too much power to charge with USB
10:56:09turkeyhandit charges if I use the barrel connector but I'm in a country where I don't have one, I tried to hack together a barrel connector and a usb cable but it wouldn't charge with 5v
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10:56:27turkeyhandwhen it's powered on through usb bootloader mode does the battery charge?
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10:57:19turkeyhandand somehow it crashed a few times and I was able to charge it through the original firmware charging screen, through usb, and that somehow worked. but I can't find any button combo or shutting down combo that'll get me back to that. I'm not sure how it happened
10:58:20turkeyhandit just said "charging" like it was connected with power, it's the chain of adapters + msata ssd
10:59:41turkeyhandprobably the wrong thing becuase it uses *just* too much power to actually charge while connected, the battery never quite goes up. it's probably damaging some kind of charging circuitry but until I buy a dedicated player that's exceptionally good, this has massive sentimental value
11:00:10turkeyhandcharges fine with a wall adapter at 6v but I don't have one at present
11:04:39 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:ec57:3a47:5275:aeab)
11:24:29turkeyhandis there a way to charge through usb with the iriver h300 without powering the hard drive on?
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12:43:02turkeyhandpamaury, do you know if the h300 can be charged without powering the hard drive
12:44:06turkeyhandI got some series of crashes from a very flat battery that went to the "charging" screen somehow
12:44:23turkeyhandI'm not sure if the hardware keeps the disk active though
12:44:30turkeyhandI can't find any documentation anywhere on this
12:45:03pamauryturkeyhand: no idea, I know very little about how hard drives are powered in rockbox but generally speaking rockbox controls when to power up things, so it should be possible
12:45:09turkeyhandI'm trying to find a way to charge it until I can get my hands on six volts of power
12:45:23turkeyhandto charge it through the charging barrel connector
12:45:28pamaurybut this may require to change the code, I am not sure
12:45:46turkeyhandI can't change the code
12:45:54turkeyhandit's got an MSATA drive with adapters
12:46:05*pamaury looks at the bootloader
12:46:06turkeyhandit uses too much current to charge it in any reasonable time
12:46:57turkeyhandI'm not sure it charges at all, using 6v and the charging jack, it's fine, but I'm stuck in a country without that
12:47:25pamauryturkeyhand: from the look of it, it looks like if you power down and then plug the charger, rockbox will boot and charge without power up the drive
12:47:48turkeyhandI don't have the charger
12:47:53turkeyhandthat's the problem
12:48:21pamauryso you charge it with usb?
12:48:25turkeyhandthere's usb bootloader mode but that obviously powers the drive
12:48:39pamauryyeah if the bootloader detects usb it starts the driver :-/
12:48:55turkeyhandthe MSATA drive in there uses too much current and it can't charge in any reasonable amount of time
12:49:10pamauryhave you tried to boot with hold button active?
12:49:34turkeyhandit just powers off
12:49:44turkeyhandit senses the hold button is active, and powers off
12:50:02pamauryah damn indeed, I see no way then if you cannot change the code
12:50:18turkeyhandI don't even know what it's coded in
12:50:24pamauryin C
12:50:25turkeyhandmy C or C++ is very poor
12:50:33turkeyhandit's too poor to change it I think
12:51:40turkeyhanddoes the bootloader need to be changed?
12:51:57pamauryI don't think you can reflash the code anyway with the battery low, your only option is to use the charger I think
12:52:07turkeyhandI tried 5v but that doesn't work
12:52:41turkeyhandI can't find a 6v supply anywhere, until I move to germany in a week, but I am going crazy with no music or the TERRIBLE radio
12:54:19turkeyhandI can power the unit to change the bootloader
12:54:27turkeyhandwith an 18650 or something
12:54:57turkeyhandbut I can't change the code myself
12:56:38pamauryI don't feel very confident changing the bootloader code without knowing the target, this is a critical piece of code
12:57:04pamauryis there to boot to the OF and let it charge?
12:57:34turkeyhandit doesn't charge with the original firmware
12:58:06turkeyhanda liion battery for a torch
13:04:00Bilgus18650 is 3.7 v two of them would be too much
13:04:23turkeyhandone would be ok
13:04:31Bilgusso get some alkalines or a Lantern battery
13:04:46Bilgusnot if it needs 6v
13:04:57turkeyhandoh yeah.
13:05:22turkeyhandI have no soldering iron or anything
13:05:48Bilgusduct tape some wire and a drinking straw would do it
13:05:49turkeyhandjust twisting wires. the unit says 5v but that doesn't work
13:06:08turkeyhandyup I have tape. but no other batteries
13:06:37Bilgusi guess you'll havce to break out or do without music
13:07:29turkeyhandI would really prefer music
13:07:35turkeyhandfor a 3 day flight
13:08:17turkeyhandaway from this shitty country where my dad has too much cancer and I won't see him again
13:08:49turkeyhandI'd probably pay someone to change the bootloader
13:09:17turkeyhandwhat's the best device that rockbox supports or has a fork for?
13:14:18turkeyhandthis thing says DC 5v, I tried a barrel jack and power from a usb port, that didn't work
13:15:53turkeyhandwondering if 8v will break it
13:17:27turkeyhandif someone is able to change the code I can power the device to flash it
13:19:40turkeyhandand send some hardware in the post? something like that?
13:23:44 Join massiveH [0] (
13:27:28turkeyhandis it possible to mod the bootloader so the hold button disables the disk?
13:29:19turkeyhandbecause I have two devices, I'm willing to kill one of them trying
13:29:52 Quit ZincAlloy (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
13:33:33turkeyhandit needs to be physically possible
13:33:52turkeyhandbefore spending time on it
13:34:55 Join ZincAlloy [0] (~Adium@2a02:8108:8b80:1700:ec57:3a47:5275:aeab)
13:39:09turkeyhandis there a patch available that would switch the disk off with the hold switch
13:44:29turkeyhandI'd paypal someone to change it
13:44:57turkeyhandor if I had some direction or where to start...
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14:50:46turkeyhand12v and a resistor out of a broken pencil. here we go
14:51:19turkeyhandshit it's probably going to change as it heats up
14:52:21 Join johnb3 [0] (
14:52:45turkeyhandI'll donate hardware or something for a patch that switches the drive off when the hold switch is activated
14:53:45turkeyhandthe instant I get back to civilisation, I am literally stuck the closest you can possibly be to antarctica without being on it
14:54:04 Quit johnb3 (Client Quit)
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20:11:34 Nick Piece_Maker is now known as Acou_Bass (
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21:46:40 Join CheetahPixie [0] (55dc24c4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
21:46:58CheetahPixieMorning, lads.
21:47:09CheetahPixieDo any of you know of the Lenco Xemio 655?
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23:05:51pamauryCheetahPixie: no...
23:07:33pamaurylook like those typical nonames from China
23:36:57 Quit noobineer (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
23:40:08CheetahPixieI wanted to try to port Rockbox to it.
23:40:21CheetahPixie(Or at least hack it.)
23:40:56pamauryCheetahPixie: you need to disassemble it to find out the cpu it is using
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23:48:58 Join noobineer [0] (
23:53:17CheetahPixieOf course.
23:53:20CheetahPixieThat's what I'll be doing.
23:53:23CheetahPixieDocumenting *everything*.
23:53:30CheetahPixieAnd getting good chip shots, probably DRO.
23:53:55CheetahPixie A little distorted, but I managed this on a phone camera.
23:55:09CheetahPixiepamaury btw
23:55:28CheetahPixieGot some nice HDR ones too, which I think turned out worse.
23:55:56pamauryI don't recognize any of those chips, they don't look like a typical modern SoC
23:56:06CheetahPixieThose are not from the player.
23:56:12CheetahPixieThose are an example of how good I can get the pictures.
23:56:15CheetahPixie for remainder of album.
23:56:38CheetahPixieThat is a 30 pin SIMM I wanted the datasheets of, had to contact the company. Haven't received an answer yet I don't think.
23:58:50CheetahPixieNope, nothing yet.
23:58:55 Quit jhMikeS (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)

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