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#rockbox log for 2018-04-15

00:00:24CheetahPixieI get the feeling those are either 1MB or 256KB sticks of RAM.
00:01:17CheetahPixieSince I don't really have scanning equipment, the Lenco will be treated the same when I *do* get it.
00:01:26CheetahPixieWhere would I look for exploits to write code? pamaury
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00:03:34pamauryCheetahPixie: you mean to run code on the device?
00:03:55CheetahPixieThat's what I intend to do, and have to do in order to port Rockbox.
00:04:49CheetahPixieThe manual does state there are no "user servicable components inside" either and warns against disassembling it. :P
00:04:54CheetahPixieAlso to not use it in direct sunlight.
00:06:47pamaurymany of those devices do not require exploits, they either provide a hardware recovery mode which allows to run unsigned code (though the format is usually undocumented), or allow for a firmware upgrade which is ofen trivially decrypted
00:07:26pamaurythe best source of information is usually 1) firmware upgrades 2) recovery tools often released by manufacturers
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01:37:41CheetahPixieand they have been contacted
01:37:43CheetahPixiesome nice pictures
01:37:58CheetahPixiealso, hardware on/off it looks like
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02:08:33SaratogaI don't see a firmware update for that player, so might be hard to hack unless it's a clone of some better known device
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03:38:11CheetahPixiewell screw me sideways
03:38:46CheetahPixieso, i'm asking for libreoffice help on another channel
03:38:53CheetahPixie220 users; no response for fifty full minutes
03:40:43__builtinyou can't always expect a speedy respect
03:41:03CheetahPixiebut fifty minutes for a response from a channel almost twice the population of this?
03:41:10CheetahPixieI find it a little odd I get answered, every time, in good time.
03:41:21__builtinand #rockbox isn't really appropriate for this kind of talk, maybe we should head over to #rockbox-community
03:43:04CheetahPixieWasn't gonna make it longer. Just found it quite odd, the difference in response.
03:43:12CheetahPixieOn another note, are there plans for dynamic linking?
03:43:22CheetahPixie(And maybe cross device plugin compatibility.)
03:43:46__builtinnot active ones, but there's an ELF loader on gerrit in an early state
03:44:02__builtinas for cross-platform plugins, that's pretty much impossible
03:44:12__builtinor cross-device, whatever
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03:52:37CheetahPixieSo you're planning to make plugins ELFs later, in like 3.15 or something?
03:52:52__builtinit's unfinished and there's nobody working on it
03:53:04__builtinso it probably won't happen unless somone does
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04:00:41CheetahPixie This is the chart I was working on, because I found the boatload of numbers present over to be a bit of a mindfuck.
04:00:53CheetahPixieIf you're a wiki member, I can send you the chart as a picture.
04:00:58CheetahPixie(Maybe omitting the subtitle.)
04:03:39CheetahPixie There.
04:07:17CheetahPixieThough... wait
04:07:19CheetahPixieclip, damnit
04:07:25CheetahPixiewhatever, if you want it, poke me
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04:44:55turkeyhandhow difficult would it be to change the h300 bootloader so that when you power it on with the hold switch activated, it de-activates the disk
04:45:04turkeyhandso you can charge it without the disk being powered
04:47:00turkeyhanddoes someone know if that would be at thing that's possible with code?
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05:06:38massiveHturkeyhand, I originally made a firmware edit to enable an unsuppored mode to charge the player in certian settings, you could manipulate the file that involves the bootladeer to pause or maybe even do something different for your purpose
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07:18:03CheetahPixieI wonder
07:18:10CheetahPixieDo we have Python interpreters of any sort available?
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08:42:23lilkuzCheetahPixie: you around?
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09:54:13CheetahPixielilkuz yes
09:54:24CheetahPixieWas fiddling with something, what's up?
09:55:34lilkuzCheetahPixie: i tried to use my ipod in my truck today and it wouldnt work, and every time i plug my ipod into a windows machine it keeps telling me to format but i click cancel and im abot to access the rockbox partition
09:55:40lilkuzis this normal ?
09:56:31CheetahPixiecouple questions
09:56:35CheetahPixie1: formatted on that same pc?
09:56:41CheetahPixie2: safely ejected?
09:56:46CheetahPixie3: file system checked?
09:57:00CheetahPixieif you're having boot probs, it may be because you screwed something
09:57:04CheetahPixiealso, what ipod was this?
09:58:40lilkuzipod classic 160gb 7 gen, i havent done any formatting, and when i was using itunes i would eject before removing the ipod, how do i check the file system ? any way i can totaly remove the need for itunes and just use rockbox ?
09:58:52handturkeywhat's the "best" device that rockbox supports
09:59:02handturkeylike the best amp, dac, etc
10:01:31lilkuzCheetahPixie: the ipod boots fine, it works well, its just when i plug it into a pc it says the disk needs to be formatted, and it shows like its 2 partitions, the rockbox partition i can access no issue, its the itunes partition thats saying it needs formated
10:03:35lilkuzi need to get some sleep, im going to look into this issue tomorrow, maybe redo the install and make sure its formatted correctly this time, before i go can you tell me if i can update the ipod firmware in itunes without messing up my ipod ?
10:06:03CheetahPixiehow did it not work in the truck?
10:06:11CheetahPixieand: i'm not sure if you can
10:06:15CheetahPixieare you missing one?
10:06:19CheetahPixiewhat is the of version?
10:06:44CheetahPixiealso: there is no 7th gen ipod classic
10:11:42CheetahPixielilkuz btw
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10:21:21CheetahPixiealright so
10:21:29CheetahPixieI'm trying to play MPEG2 video on my iPod now
10:21:31CheetahPixie15 mins long
10:21:37CheetahPixieand it spews at me "format unsupported"
10:36:53 Join pamaury [0] (~pamaury@rockbox/developer/pamaury)
10:55:45CheetahPixieit seems it'll play mpeg encoded shit at lower quality
10:55:58CheetahPixie...whereas full quality stuff a long while back played fine rendered by the same program
11:01:05CheetahPixienowhere above the middle of the slider in kdenlive seems to play
11:01:19CheetahPixieturned up video quality to max; maybe it's audio quality to blame
11:01:22CheetahPixie(really shouldn't be)
11:03:20 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
11:05:57CheetahPixieso pamaury I'm running into more format issues.
11:06:07CheetahPixiethink it may have been you I talked to about it earlier.
11:06:09CheetahPixieNot sure.
11:06:30CheetahPixieSomeone told me that MPEG2 was basically the only thing supported by mpegplayer.
11:06:49CheetahPixieWell, I'm trying with the highest quality output that Kdenlive can provide, and it says "unsupported format".
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11:46:13CheetahPixieI got extra details.
11:46:24CheetahPixieIf the file is under 1MB, it'll play in that quality flawlessly.
11:46:37CheetahPixieSo I know Rockbox can most certainly play it as a valid format.
11:46:49CheetahPixieIt's probably something to do with some blocks inside the file that are too big.
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11:49:07handturkeyI never bothered trying to play that.
11:49:23handturkeyevery audio file format worth playing, yes, video, never really worked
11:50:17handturkeyone video has worked
11:50:24handturkeyit was basically encoded for the screen size
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12:06:04CheetahPixieGoing through testing.
12:06:11CheetahPixieBlock size may not be what counts, but duration.
12:06:35CheetahPixieI saw that files anywhere south of around ~2 megabytes played flawlessly at the highest possible qualities.
12:22:26CheetahPixieAnd suddenly, mounted.
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13:43:23CheetahPixieAlright, see you in some hours.
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18:02:21__builtinhmm, so I might just be able to enable every single sgt-puzzles game
18:02:35__builtinthe remaining ones all rely on having some sort of keyboard input
18:14:56__builtindarn, Simon knows about bases other than 10 :(
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18:22:36__builtinI might have to merge in the changes from Chris Boyle's android port so the frontend knows what keys the backend needs
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19:01:41lilkuz2005anyone in here using an ipod classic 160gb with rockbox ?
19:02:12 Join gaen [0] (c4340a16@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:04:17gaenHi! From the "help us" section, I wanted to know if this sony walkman NWZ-S618F was supported. I have the scsitool output here:
19:12:40 Join lebellium [0] (
19:15:29__builtinlilkuz2005: yes
19:17:03lilkuz2005__builtin, do you get a format message when you plug it into a windows machine ?
19:17:30*__builtin wouldn't know
19:17:33__builtinI'm running linux
19:17:41gaenlet me check
19:18:25gaenit appears like a USB mass storage, I can format it but there's no pop up when I plug it
19:19:04lilkuz2005ah, well im running linux on this machine, but the pc i was using with itunes is running windows 10 x64 pro, when i plug in the ipod i get a format message, ill go plug it in now to tell you exactly what it says
19:19:31gaen(sorry I hijacked your discussion, my bad)
19:22:48lilkuz2005okay i just plugged it in to my windows 10 machine, the partition that rockbox is installed on is drive F:\, windows pops up and says you need to format the disk in drive E:\ before you can use it
19:23:11lilkuz2005gaen, no worries
19:25:49__builtinit's running rockbox, right?
19:27:04lilkuz2005okay i opened up disk manager in windows, the partition size is 192mb i just went ahead and formatted it to fat16, im going to resize the main partition so the ipod only shows up as a single drive when connected to a pc
19:27:17lilkuz2005__builtin, yes its running rockbox
19:27:50lilkuz2005i just wasn't sure what that partition was ?
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19:35:44lilkuz2005okay, i wasn't able to merge the 192mb partition with the larger partition, so i just deleted it so only the one partition shows up in windows now, good deal, now the only other issue i have is using my ipod with rockbox on my trucks factory stereo, maybe now it will work now that partition is deleted, ill run and check that
19:36:13__builtinI don't think that's a good idea
19:36:18__builtin(deleting the partition)
19:38:08lilkuz2005well i cant merge it, oh and im going to be swapping out the hdd with a sd card adapter when i replace the battery so its all working now in windows just fine
19:39:12lilkuz2005in itunes i get a message about a firmware update for the ipod, is this safe to install ?
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