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#rockbox log for 2018-04-18

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00:20:25fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6dc9d1d, 273 builds, 13 clients.
00:20:27__builtinwell, it's done now :)
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00:21:21__builtingevaerts: took me a while, but all the games work now (even the keyboard-only ones)! :D
00:47:00fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e84fc26, 273 builds, 13 clients.
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01:56:23__builtingreat, net is too big :(
01:57:33__builtinby 52 bytes
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02:13:34__builtin12 bytes
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04:13:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 22823e2, 273 builds, 12 clients.
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07:41:23seth_powersHey everyone! Is there an easy way to install an older release of Rockbox using rbutil? It only gives me the latest stable release and the dev version. (There's a bug in both of those regarding Opus playback.) Thanks!
07:45:55TorCseth_powers: Using RButil? Not that I know of. Just find the old release, download, and unzip to player root.
07:46:10TorCThat's all RButil really does for updates anyway.
07:47:30seth_powersinstallation is just unzipping and putting it on the root of the player's fs?
07:47:42TorCYep. That simple.
07:48:10seth_powersI was trying to build the old version, and I was having a bit of trouble. Errors in `make`...
07:48:20seth_powersTrying to build v3.13-final
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07:52:22seth_powersWould you (or anyone else online) happen to know if the Opus seek/resume bugs are being dealt with? They've been around since v3.13, and changed form slightly in v3.14 (seeking causes kernel panic in the newest dev release)
07:53:14TorCThat's outside of my knowledge.
07:54:11seth_powersAlrighty. Thanks anyway!
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10:02:04gevaerts__builtin: well done!
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10:37:09alce_dbus-send −−system −−print-reply −−dest=org.bluez /org/bluez/1301/hci0 org.bluez.Adapter.CreatePairedDevice string:"XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX" objpath:/org/bluez/agent_1317 string:"NoInputNoOutput"
10:37:52alce_it seems it might be easy to find devices and pair with dbus
10:38:20alce_it is just that dbus c interface is quite confusing as it is
10:40:17alce_ implements media_unregister_endpoint which used dbus
10:40:53alce_i think this is the proper way to shut it down
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13:48:54alcewodz: i found this
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14:00:04akaSMso, this is where all the cool kids that use rockbox hang out, huh?
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14:01:36pamauryakaSM: this is the developer channel, there is also #rockbox-community for non-dev stuff
14:02:00gevaertsWell, developer and support
14:02:14akaSMI'm here to help wodz with some Rocker stuff
14:02:57gevaertsThat counts as development :)
14:03:59akaSMI hope he notices me before I have to go
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15:31:08wodzbah :/
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19:58:21johnb3pamaury: (logs) here is the battery bench for the NWz-E474 :
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21:59:50CheetahPixieI bit the bullet and bought the thing.
22:00:09CheetahPixieThe Lenco Xemio 655 has popped up before in the IRC logs as another device; a fake iPod Nano.
22:00:26CheetahPixieInvestigating it, it is a Harvard architecture 8051-based processor.
22:00:52CheetahPixieWith 16 megabytes of RAM total, according to the datasheet, divided into two equal halves.
22:01:21CheetahPixieWhat I would then need is to find something that can work with the actual player type it is.
22:02:55CheetahPixieIt has 4 gigabytes of flash on it, which I am currently dumping.
22:03:06CheetahPixiePresumably, this space contains the system and everything else.
22:03:23CheetahPixieDoing some research, I figured the first two Nanos seem to have 32 megabytes of memory.
22:03:40CheetahPixieConsidering that their performance is ample, I'm pretty sure it could work on this device, but I don't know the minimum requirements.
22:03:42CheetahPixieSo what are they?
22:06:58Guest36376minimum requirements for rockbox?
22:07:19 Nick Guest36376 is now known as alexbobp (
22:11:41CheetahPixie This seems to be the CPU on board
22:14:34CheetahPixie For the flash chip, of which there is only one.
22:16:09CheetahPixieDumped. Now for a test compress of the file system.
22:18:35CheetahPixieThe only game on it, Snake, is so incredibly buggy that you can pause, mash buttons, unpause and instantly lose.
22:18:59CheetahPixieOr glitch the game and extend the snake (yes, just Snake clone) for as far as you are away from the furthest edge of the screen.
22:19:06CheetahPixieI would need to record it for you lads to understand.
22:19:21CheetahPixieThink I remember this thing having some boot ROM...
22:19:58CheetahPixie These guys haven't made a ton of devices...
22:20:08CheetahPixie is the one I am dealing with.
22:22:29CheetahPixieFirmware version thing gives two versions.
22:23:02CheetahPixie2015/07/27 1.1.00 and 2014/05/06 V7.02.B27
22:23:27CheetahPixieMemory info just displays free flash memory.
22:26:55CheetahPixieIt has a soft power off, and a hardware button.
22:27:05CheetahPixie(Which actually doesn't prevent powerups when charging. Useless crap.)
22:27:13CheetahPixieMaybe it's useful for a hold button in Rockbox?
22:27:31CheetahPixieHm. Holding Play shuts it down.
22:27:33CheetahPixieJust like an iPod.
22:28:03CheetahPixieIt has a microphone, however.
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22:28:45CheetahPixieHas five buttons and one switch.
22:28:48CheetahPixieInteresting little bugger.
22:28:57saratogaCheetahPixie: what SOC does it use?
22:29:10saratogaif it is really 8051 derived, I don't think you will be able to do much
22:29:23CheetahPixieIt's some silly supercharged version of it.
22:29:56CheetahPixie16MB of Harvard style memory, too.
22:30:51CheetahPixieThis is a Flip80251 core.
22:31:05CheetahPixieSo a 16 bit 8051.
22:31:18CheetahPixieAdd in some more enhancements and performance buffs, and you have this little fucker.
22:31:55CheetahPixieInstruction set compatible with 80C51 and 8xC251.
22:32:19CheetahPixieOn chip PRAM...
22:32:35CheetahPixieTwo banks of 8K*8 DRAM, one of 2K*8.
22:32:56saratogayou'll need more CPU than that for rockbox unfortunately
22:33:00saratogaat least a real 32 bit CPU
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22:33:35CheetahPixieMulti purpose (22K+64)*8 memory
22:33:43CheetahPixiesaratoga: Are you sure?
22:35:05saratogano, but the documentation says "8/16 microcontroller" so I doubt its going to run a 32 bit operating system very well
22:35:12saratogayou could read though and see though
22:35:48saratogaunless you want to do an enormous amount of work though, I recommend sticking with an architecture that is already supported
22:35:57CheetahPixieI'm in this to learn.
22:36:10CheetahPixieI come in knowing absolutely nothing, and intend to fuck my head dry with this stuff until I get something that works.
22:38:51CheetahPixieSeems to be some 32 bit stuff in here too.
22:39:16CheetahPixie This is the processor core.
22:39:40 Join dandels [0] (~dandels@unaffiliated/dandels)
22:40:01CheetahPixieThe specifications on the SOC thing say it goes up to 80 MHz.
22:40:37CheetahPixie16 and 32 bit arithmetic and logical ops
22:40:39CheetahPixiethat's nice
22:41:26CheetahPixie"It includes a 16-bit ALU that allows to perform 8, 16 and 32-bit arithmetic and logic operations, an 8-bit multiplier and a parallel divider. It can also perform single bit manipulation. "
22:43:16 Join this_is_a_nick [0] (~amofiuhr_@
22:45:32CheetahPixieContacted them for an ISA ref.
22:55:08saratogai think it would be better to learn by picking an ARM device (preferably a well documented one) and working on that
22:55:30CheetahPixieMaybe. But I want to get into assembly, and I want to make a system.
22:55:32saratogaotherwise you're never going to get anywhere if this is your first experience doing embedded operating systems
22:55:35CheetahPixieI need this experience later.
22:56:03 Join jhMikeS [0] (
22:57:07CheetahPixieHell, I got to find an exploit first. (Which, considering how bug ridden this software is, is probably easy.)
22:57:21CheetahPixieAlso very few screws holding this together; precisely two.
23:11:31saratogafor low cost devices you probably don't need an exploit, they're not going to protect the firmware update process
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