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#rockbox log for 2018-04-20

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00:02:03CheetahPixieWhy does the DSP make it less likely?
00:02:07CheetahPixieDoes Rockbox not support them?
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00:04:53__builtinWe actually do support them
00:05:06__builtinTo an extent (the HWCODEC devices)
00:05:50__builtinbut they've largely been relegated to history at this point
00:07:05CheetahPixieCue drivers.
00:07:22CheetahPixie(I actually already have a driver for it in the firmware, nicely segmented out because it seems to have a file system.)
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01:21:07CheetahPixieSo, to condense everything I learned, I actually ticked down a Tumblr post:
01:21:13CheetahPixieFor extra details and pictures, too.
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03:01:27*__builtin tries to cut some size off of Solo
03:07:34__builtinhmm, out of curiosity, has anyone tried running duke3d on a c200v2?
03:07:51__builtinI'd be interested to see if it even runs
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03:10:03saratoga_CheetahPixie: that blog shows an AK2117, which is an old actions semiconductor part from ten years back
03:10:22saratoga_it has only a few hundred KB of memory and a simple microcontroller for the CPU
03:10:35saratoga_you won't be able to do anything interesting with it, the device is barely programmable
03:12:20CheetahPixieI dumped 64mb of flash from that very device.
03:12:29CheetahPixie(Which also has the Flip80251 in question, see datasheet.)
03:13:04__builtinCheetahPixie: that's presumably not the same memory saratoga_ is referencing
03:13:09__builtinflash != ram
03:13:14CheetahPixieYes. I know.
03:13:29CheetahPixieThat flash is *inside* the chip. The full 4 gigabytes of the other chip are exposed.
03:14:24CheetahPixieAnd it *does* have 16 megaytes for RAM.
03:16:36saratoga_that CPU has 64KB of data memory and 28 KB of program memory
03:16:48saratoga_it has 16MB of address space, but most of it is not used for memory
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03:17:57saratoga_that CPU doesn't even support DRAM, so you won't have more than kilobytes anyway
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03:19:33__builtinis there a C compiler targeting this ISA?
03:20:19CheetahPixieThere's a C compiler in the development kit.
03:20:52CheetahPixieNot sure, but I'd work with it and reimplement according to ability.
03:21:30__builtinfrom the datasheet it should be binary compatible with the 8051
03:22:52__builtinas far as open-source compilers, you could probably go with SDCC
03:23:44CheetahPixieBut I want to use the full set.
03:24:06CheetahPixieConsidering what I have on hand, and the address space, the already-allocated chunks are only a couple hundred kilobytes at best.
03:24:24saratoga_did you check the datasheet?
03:24:35CheetahPixieI did, staring at the memory map right now.
03:24:49CheetahPixieAround 70k on the program RAM are reserved.
03:26:07__builtinyou might be stuck with either their proprietary (?) compiler or rolling your own
03:26:22CheetahPixieGonna roll my own for sure.
03:26:27CheetahPixieWhich is why I wanted an ISA ref.
03:26:58__builtinhave you figured out code execution yet?
03:28:22CheetahPixieIt has a flash mode, and programs that can flash to it.
03:28:41CheetahPixieI've already made a modification of the firmware on board.
03:29:48__builtincan you run code, though? or just modify some strings?
03:31:19CheetahPixieI have all the code in front of me in the dump.
03:31:27CheetahPixieSo yes, I can modify, and run, this code.
03:31:40__builtinI see, nice :)
03:34:55CheetahPixieJust have to figure out dumping RAM for fucks and fun.
03:35:37CheetahPixie(And this odd device 106D.)
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03:37:34CheetahPixieOne of its biggest crimes is its horrendous UI.
03:37:49CheetahPixieYou have to stop music to get to videos.
03:37:57CheetahPixieYou have to stop listening to go do anything else.
03:38:21__builtinI can't seem to find an instruction set reference for the 80C251
03:38:30__builtinbut 80C51 docs are everywhere
03:43:11saratoga_80C51 == 8051 built on C(mos)
03:43:26saratoga_its old enough that they had non-cmos variants :)
03:43:40__builtinnot the 80*2*51 though
03:43:56saratoga_it is a higher clocked version
03:43:57saratoga_same ISA
03:44:05__builtinah, I see
03:44:32saratoga_actually maybe not
03:44:55saratoga_oh i see, it is a superset of 8051
03:46:15__builtinhere we go:
03:47:18saratoga_ch 5 explains the new instructions
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04:05:38saratoga_"High-end 8-bit and 16-bit applications" and then a picture of a cellphone :)
04:05:53saratoga_i guess 20 years ago you could have a highend 8 bit cell phone
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07:42:28alceCheetahPixie: have you looked at smart watches?
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09:03:11alceCheetahPixie: there are some smart watches with MT2502C and tf+sim slot
09:03:44alceit seems mediatek has released sdk for it
09:08:36alcei doubt it would make a very good music player with the battery it has and one would be stuck with bluetooth audio
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09:43:48CheetahPixieThis device is sold locally.
09:43:50CheetahPixieAnd it's cheap.
09:43:53CheetahPixieWhich is why I bought it.
09:44:01CheetahPixieSo, no.
09:44:10CheetahPixieI bought this thing to learn.
09:44:34deeviousto add to that, if I remember correctly, all the cheapie MTK-based smart watches run Nucleus and the SDKs that are floating around aren't official releases and aren't open source
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10:37:11alceCheetahPixie: my view is that these olders socs are not that relevant anymore. you can already get some 300mhz arm core for couple of dollars
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21:17:39saratogawhats the status of git? I don't seem to be able to commit
21:24:25saratogarefreshing my memory, i see that gerrit accounts are no longer working, which is probably why i can't push
21:24:28saratogais there some work around?
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21:52:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 56803c8, 273 builds, 12 clients.
21:52:37saratogagot it!
21:52:52saratogahad to copy my keys from an old VM and mess around with the new one to get it to recognize the old account
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