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#rockbox log for 2018-05-02

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02:40:45bray90820So I am here with rockbox on a DX90 and and every time I try to play a song the system reboots I tried it on stock firmware and everything works correctly
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02:54:58pR0PsI'm having an issue with data corruption when copying files running RockBox. iPod Video, latest dev build of RockBox, 2*128GB SanDisk SD cards in a iFlash dual. When I copy files over running RockBox almost every file is corrupt. It still plays so it's mostly fine, but theres a ton of skipping, making it unlistenable. I know it's not hardware-related because I put it in disk mode, let iTunes totally restore it, and used iTunes to copy files over and they're
02:54:59pR0Ps all fine. Is this a known issue?
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03:00:56__builtinpR0Ps: yes, it's a known issue
03:01:06__builtiniflash adapters are known not to work well
03:01:32__builtinwe get a question about those roughly once a week
03:04:13pR0Pshuh, good to know.
03:04:38pR0PsAre there any workarounds or patches? (or an open bug I could look into?)
03:05:34__builtinI don't think so
03:05:52__builtinthe obvious workaround is "use the OF"
03:06:10__builtinsomething about the OF's ATA driver works better with the adapter
03:06:58pR0PsJust while transferring data? Or no Rockbox entirely?
03:08:30__builtinyou could see if using the OF to transfer data and then rockbox to using access it works any better, but I doubt it
03:09:24pR0PsAww, that sucks, I hate iTunes
03:11:25pR0PsSo that would mean that if the data goes from USB -> Rockbox USB driver -> Rockbox ATA driver -> iFlash (does it?) then the problem would be the ATA driver?
03:12:40pR0PsIf it was in the USB driver I would expect transferring data with the Of and playing it with RB would work, but if it's in how RB communicates with the disk then yeah, no difference.
03:13:27pR0Ps(well, the files would be fine, but anything else RB wrote to the disk like the DB would be corrupt)
03:20:17pR0PsAre there any other options for flash cards that *do* work well with RB?
03:35:57pR0PsI came across a few posts in the forums from people that said transferring via OF and playing in RB worked fine so I'll give that a shot
03:36:35__builtinit could be a bug with writing only, but I'm not sure
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04:19:08pR0PsAnecdote incoming: I formatted via iTunes on Windows, installed RB, rebooted into disk mode, transferred music, and rebooted back into RB. Everything is playing perfectly.
04:19:47pR0PsAlso, after I transferred the files I did a hash check on them and they all match (previously the hashes were different after copying)
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08:37:23alceDigital[m]: i do not know if you are familiar with linux but
08:39:04alcei am not sure if i have any bluetooth audio receivers so a bit hard to test
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08:55:15alcei think from audio quality point of view it would be difficult for any bluetooth receiver to match the 3.5mm jack because the dac and these receivers is most likely of lower quality
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10:51:24Digital[m]alce: thanks, I'll look into it
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16:40:27__builtinpR0Ps: looks like a write issue then
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23:30:13pR0Ps__builtin: Seems like it. Even when I was using RB to transfer files and getting corruption, the hashes I was reading back from the device were always the same. I'm just worried that if the problem is between the RB and the disk instead of USB and RB then all the writes that RB does over the course of normal use (database, etc) will eventually succumb to the same same corruption. It seems to be working so far though.
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23:33:59pR0PsI am seeing occasional longer-than-normal delays when hitting next to skip songs repeatedly. Seems to be happening when I hit next while it's still caching the currently-playing song. Known issue again? Or maybe it's something in how the driver and iFlash interact?
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