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#rockbox log for 2018-05-22

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11:30:37pamauryMassa (logs): the agptek port (done by wodz) is not yet in our repository. The code for the sonys (the linux-based) is there
11:30:57pamaurybut it's spread over many directories, some is Sony-specific and some is generic
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16:14:20massaHi everybody!
16:14:58massaSomebody here who was/is a bit involved in agptek rocker development? Especially how to connect via adb?
16:23:15SammysHPmassa: have you read the logs?
16:23:41SammysHPI don't think that the agptek rocker uses Android
16:26:57massaSammysHP: No, it's based on linux - but it also runs an adbd - so it's possible to connect to it and open an adb shell
16:27:00pamaurymassa: I answered (see the logs)
16:27:30pamaurywodz is the one developing the agptek port, I am not sure one can connect with adb since it runs linux not android afair
16:28:18pamauryhis tree is there: wodz/rockbox-wodz/tree/agptek-rocker/">
16:28:28massapamaury: the logs from today?
16:29:02massapamaury: thanks for the github URL, I already found this ;-)
16:29:53pamauryyou can send him an email, he has not been on IRC a lot lately, we are quite busy unfortunately :-/ I can try to answer more specific questions if you have some
16:30:18massaI know that wodz was able to connect via adb - I currently try the same with my Shanling M2s (which seems to be very very common to the agptek rocker - at least it uses nearly the same linux and boot infrastructure)
16:32:46pamauryFrom what I remember, the Shanling M2 is actually closer to the Fiio X1 2nd gen (see
16:33:26massapamaury: I already did - and he also answered - inbetween I (theoretically) switched on the adbd on my device and just wanted to know if it works - and I'm currently a bit impatient :-D
16:33:37pamauryah the M2s is a new version apparently
16:35:41pamaurywell even you make adb works, that does not immediately translate into an easy port though, my experience is that each device is unique, even (especially?) if it runs linux
16:35:55massapamaury: M2s is different to M2 - I was able to unpack the firmare update.upt from Shanling and compared it with an unpacked agptek rocker firmware - the whole structure is the same and there are not many difference
16:37:43pamauryok, well maybe you got lucky in this case :) Then wodz is the best person to ask, he is the one who has work on the agptek the most
16:38:58massaand they both start a hiby_player as music player - so yes, there may be differences especially when accessing the hardware (different screen for sure, different keys, etc.) - but I hope it shares enough that the agptek sources could be used as base for a new port
16:40:10massaAs said: I already asked him via email - but couldn't wait for his answer; wanted to connect to my device with adb - currently without luck...
16:40:42massa(but I don't know if there needs to be some special connection or USB driver or such to use the adb)
16:41:02pamauryyeah sorry, I don't know anything about, none of the devices I have worked with has adb
16:42:06massaO.K., then I have to wait until wodz answers - at least we're in the same timezone ;-)
16:43:58pamaurymaybe tell him to document this on the wiki at the same time ;)
16:44:20massapamaury: BTW, why are the wiki pages for these new devices (e.g. Shanling M2 and also the agptek) not linked to the wiki-WebHome page? Is there any specific reason for this?
16:44:52pamauryno, probably I didn't pay attention, is it important that it is linked to WebHome?
16:46:23massaWell, I didn't know a page for the Shanling M2 exists - and I only found the one for the agptek rocker because I knew there must exist some ;)
16:47:48pamaurywell we have many pages like that, the best way is really to use the search function because many pages exist only to document some info we have
16:48:20pamauryfor example if you feel like feeling a page on the M2s that would be great
16:48:40massaYes, I should always use the search function - but it didn't cross my mind to do so...
16:51:09massaI'll create one if I find out more about that device - I don't have the time (and hardware knowledge) to start development of a brand new port - but I think I could manage a "side port" of something which is very similar...
16:52:46pamaurymaybe the way would be for wodz to create the "base" port you (ie it's own entry in the configure script and all), so you just have to modify what is necessary
16:54:41massaHe already did - on his github repository; so if the Shanling devices (M2s, M1s, M0) share a lot with that I'd try to clone it ;-)
16:55:47massaBut that's future - first I want to play around with my device and find out how similar it is (regarding the original linux based firmware) to the agptek rocker...
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17:00:13massaI'll have to leave again - Bye!
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23:37:01saratogaBilgus: someone in the forums was saying that the current AMS bootloaders in git are too big to patch with, did you want to commit any of the space saving stuff you discussed to fix that?
23:40:39Bilgusno, JhMikeS and I found the root issue of that for most of the AMS stuff those patches will free up quite a bit of space in addition to that but ATM I don't believe its needed for most
23:40:54Bilgusalso I think that guy is doing it wrong
23:41:14Bilgusgive me a minute to find the log where we were discussing it
23:41:38saratogai just tried clip+ and its like 1 kb over
23:43:10saratogahmm no 3kb
23:43:27BilgusTry this patch first.
23:44:13Bilgus g#1743
23:44:15fs-bluebotGerrit review #1743 at : Move generic arm crt0 interrupt stacks to .bss section. by Michael Sevakis
23:47:25saratogaFYI, disabling priority scheduling and the boot data feature does make it fit, will try that patch too
23:47:28saratogawhy wasn't it committed?
23:48:06BilgusJust Busy and no one to test same with most of the stuff sitting on gerrit
23:49:51saratogathat patch doesn't seem to make much difference?
23:52:20saratogayeah tested again, that saves 9 bytes for me
23:56:27BilgusHmm thats odd it was quite a substantial decrease IIRC give me a few I bet theres something recently committed

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