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#rockbox log for 2018-05-23

00:08:33Bilgussaratoga theres the beginning of this conversation:
00:11:48saratogaBilgus: is there a patch somewhere with all of this?
00:12:32BilgusI thought there was but I'm not finding it
00:13:03saratogai have no idea what i'm looking at for that unicode change
00:15:15saratogai was going to ifdef out the priority threads on AMS just to get it to at least build, but that actually isn't enough
00:16:10BilgusThere must be some newer commit because it was like bytes over on the clip+
00:16:32Bilgusliterally a handfull of bytes
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00:30:27saratogaits gained 2kb since last november
00:37:52BilgusVersion: 8157871M-180522
00:37:52Bilgusmkamsboot Version ee2eb13M-171106
00:37:53Bilgus[INFO] Original firmware MD5 checksum match
00:37:53DBUGEnqueued KICK Bilgus
00:37:53Bilgus[INFO] Model: Sansa Clip+ v1 - Firmware version: 01.02.16
00:37:53Bilgus[INFO] Original firmware size: 134008 bytes
00:37:53***Alert Mode level 1
00:37:53Bilgus[INFO] Packed OF size: 86447 bytes
00:37:55Bilgus[INFO] Bootloader size: 65712 bytes
00:37:59Bilgus[INFO] Packed bootloader size: 45238 bytes
00:38:01Bilgus[INFO] Total size of new image: 132549 bytes
00:38:31Bilgushere is what I had the last time I compiled the bootloader let me pull whats creent and see what has changed
00:41:21saratogaBilgus: not sure i understand the map files, but there is a lot added in january
00:41:52saratogathis is all new:
00:46:50saratogaany idea why the bootloader suddenly gained a lot of stuff related to _divdi3?
00:47:54***Alert Mode OFF
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00:55:14Bilgussaratoga Ok first, make clean then ../tools/configure −−thumb 62 b make then make ams that brings it down to 400 bytes over
00:56:31saratogacould be random, but bissect says this is the offending commit:;a=commit;h=01c6dcf
00:56:37Bilgusmy guess is that it has something to do with vuprintf We were using a slimmed down version in the bootloader
00:57:07BilgusI guess that kinda comfirms it
00:57:37BilgusI know jhmikes had flags that pulled out un-needed functionality I wonder if that bypassed it
00:58:22saratogabut that commit was reverted
00:58:26saratogaso i'm a little confused
01:00:44saratogayeah, so that commit increased the bootloader size, but reverting it did not decrease it
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01:01:48BilgusI bet a conditional flag will fix it for now and we can let __builtin figure out what he broke
01:02:04__builtindamn, what'd I break?
01:02:33saratogawait it wasn't fully reverted?
01:02:35__builtinI did revert that patch
01:03:02saratogathat define changed
01:05:51Bilgusyep change it to #ifndef BOOTLOADER
01:06:07Bilgusand it knocks off 2k
01:06:28__builtinI evidently changed that in the Duke3D commit
01:06:39Bilgusso yeah JhMikes Added conditional flags but the rest of that commit turned them all on
01:07:06BilgusIn the bootloader we need %s and maybe %d IIRC
01:07:39saratogastill fails, but by less than 400 bytes
01:08:04Bilgusand since that patch We spoke about earlier saratoga only freed 9bytes I bet its been superseded
01:08:23Bilgussaratoga Ok first, make clean then ../tools/configure −−thumb 62 b make then make ams that brings it down to 400 bytes over
01:08:36Bilgusthat will bring it under
01:08:48Bilgusbut let me investigate for a bit
01:10:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0b2f518, 273 builds, 11 clients.
01:10:45saratogacan we just disable the priority thread thing on AMS?
01:16:23BilgusI swear mike already did
01:16:37saratogano its still enabled
01:18:37BilgusCP_STATIC_ALLOC should knock off the rest but I have to look for the flag
01:23:35saratogayou want to commit that?
01:24:53BilgusFixing vuprintf and knocking out the scroll worker code frees up plenty
01:24:59Bilgus g#1724
01:25:01fs-bluebotGerrit review #1724 at : Remove lcd_scroll_worker from bootloader except remote displays and charcell by William Wilgus
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01:25:16saratogapush it?
01:25:49saratogalooks pretty safe
01:26:10BilgusIts been tested but not across the whole codebase
01:26:31fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 977 seconds.
01:26:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0b2f518 result: 5 errors 0 warnings
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01:27:46saratogai don't see any errors in the build table
01:28:13saratogaare there any bootloaders that need scrolling text?
01:28:45saratogato be readable?
01:28:49BilgusCharcell bootloaders were the only ones I saw
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01:29:31saratogathe zip is one of the narrower devices, and while the text does clip off the edge, the bootloader doesn't scroll anyway
01:29:59saratogai think you can commit it, should be obvious if something breaks
01:30:20BilgusI don't have the permissions
01:31:08saratogayou don't?
01:32:22BilgusNope I never bothered asking either lol
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01:33:31saratogai'll see about changing that
01:36:31saratogai'll see about committing that patch
01:37:47BilgusI'd ask JhMikes about CP_STATIC_ALLOC as well I know theres a flag that enables it but I'd have to go through the logs to find it
01:38:13saratogai always forget with git, i can just cherry pick and then push to origin right?
01:38:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0999a22, 273 builds, 11 clients.
01:38:47saratogayeah thats right
01:40:59saratogafits by 60 bytes now
01:41:21saratogai bet at least something fails to patch still though
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01:45:59Bilguswell If you do −−thumb it frees a bit more
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01:46:44BilgusMy rework of the codepages frees another 80bytes and it has no side effects its just organized better in ram
01:47:48Bilgus g#1731
01:47:51fs-bluebotGerrit review #1731 at : Optimize is_diacritic by William Wilgus
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02:32:59__builtinis anyone thinking about doing another release some time soon?
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04:33:51BilgusSo is the build system stuck then?
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10:07:24gevaertsI don't know what the exact state of the build system is, but I noticed that one of my clients (which does Android) wasn't running, and when I started it it got some jobs
10:12:55fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 30854 seconds.
10:12:57fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0999a22 result: 125 errors 36 warnings
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12:19:10asymsuconHi, is there a fix for fading display on Clip Zip?
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12:59:30pamauryasymsucon: I didn't know this was a thing
13:00:45asymsuconIt happens intermittently, I can´t get a good photo of it
13:00:46pamaurylooks like a hardware problem
13:01:33asymsuconThough it doesn´t seem like cold joint because it´s not affected by manipulation
13:03:50asymsuconOriginal FW somehow always restore the backlight when loading
13:08:31pamauryyou mean that it only happens in Rockbox?
13:09:52asymsuconSo far I haven´t seen it outside RB, but as I said, it´s intermittent, so it might be just subjective conclusion
13:10:44asymsuconSince I increased the brightness, the issue has yet to appear
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14:16:31Bilgusasymsucon it is most likely still an issue with the hardware you just happen to be pushing the oled with enough current that it is working ok for now but the minimum amount that will work will probably increase over time
14:17:14asymsuconBilgus any way to prevent this, or slow down the progress?
14:17:26asymsuconI guess all OLED screens are limited in lifespan
14:17:48 Join amayer [0] (
14:18:15Bilgusthe brighter it is the worse the lifetime
14:25:56asymsuconTechnically, the screen is using PWM dimming so it´s always reaching 100% within its duty cycle
14:26:34asymsuconso as the screen ages, more duty cycle is needed?
14:33:45BilgusIIRC those displays use a current driver that is controlled by a pwm signal and the actual display is complicated there is a pre-charge current that gets them primed/biased then they get a little extra kick that pushes them over the threshold so its more like that threshold is a little higher now
14:34:55asymsuconyep, that´d explain the behaviour I was experiencing
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