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#rockbox log for 2018-06-14

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10:03:51fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5c015ad, 273 builds, 13 clients.
10:05:41wodzgevaerts: ping
10:20:23*gevaerts wakes up
10:26:22SammysHPgevaerts supports WOL? nice...
10:26:32gevaertsWOI only
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10:31:46wodzgevaerts: Could you remind me what has to be done to add new target to build system?
10:33:35wodzgevaerts: Do I remember correctly that if there are no clients capable of particular build type whole system is stuck?
10:34:08gevaertsAdd it to buildserver/builds in rockbox-www at least. Maybe also add an icon somewhere, but I don't remember that bit (I never did that myself...)
10:35:34gevaertsActually, I'm not sure about that. I *think* the build system gets stuck if a client claims to be able to build something and then fails (as in tools not found, or connection gets stuck). I don't think it gets stuck if no client at all declares it
10:35:51gevaertsBut I could be wrong. We can try :)
10:43:45gevaertsYou'll also want to update in rockbox-www/buildserver to know about the new compiler (and bump revision in there), and then I believe ask zagor to bump the required client version on the server
10:44:13wodzgevaerts: what is the meaning of the first column in buildserver/builds? It seems to some signature of compiler but it doesn't match actual gcc triple
10:45:15gevaertsIt's the build type as specified in
10:45:31wodzaaah, now it makes sense
10:46:23gevaertsIt's not used anywhere else so you can be creative there, but ideally it somehow encodes at least target architecture and compiler version
11:03:07fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 203e4ad, 273 builds, 13 clients.
11:05:02wodzgevaerts: eee, how do I actually commit to www repo?
11:05:43wodzgevaerts: I get fatal: remote error: access denied or repository not exported: /www.git
11:06:16gevaertsHmmm, is that a separate group?
11:06:24*gevaerts tries to find out!
11:09:38gevaertsHmmm, I don't see a www-specific group in there
11:11:25gevaertsI can push to it
11:12:05gevaertsHmmm, did you set the pushurl properly?
11:15:46wodzyep, that was it
11:17:38*gevaerts tries to grab zagor in #rockbox-community to bump the server side
11:21:13wodzgevaerts: wait a bit. I am updating frontpage as well
11:21:38gevaertsAh, right. Well, I suspect he won't respond immediately anyway :)
11:24:26wodzThe last thing is dev builds table. Can't remember where it was
11:25:48gevaertstools/ in the main repo I think
11:29:14fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 20bdfa8, 273 builds, 13 clients.
11:30:09wodzNow someone have to provide buildclient capable of building agptek :-)
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11:34:10gevaertsTrying to build it
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11:43:02wodzfor buildclient
11:45:31gevaertsBuilding toolchains on not very fast systems is not very fast
11:46:14wodzok so in theory I just added client capable of mipsel-rockbox-linux-gnu build
11:58:48wodzgevaerts: ping me when you will have feedback from swedes so I can push something to check how agptek build goes
12:03:58*Digital[m] is excited for this
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13:37:29gevaertswodz: should be done
13:37:51gevaertsMy toolchain isn't built yet, but yours should be all that's needed
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14:23:24wodz_gevaerts: No changes on frontpage and in buildtable
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18:37:43handturkeyhas anyone here tried out the i-flash ?
18:37:57handturkeythat sdcard drive replacement that runs in JBOD with several sdcards ?
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19:02:22__builtinhandturkey: for the ipods?
19:02:33__builtinthey're pretty unstable with rockbox
19:03:04__builtinwe get a lot of people complaining about problems with the iflash adapters
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20:05:56handturkeyfor a different player
20:06:05handturkeyiriver h300
20:06:26handturkeypretty unstable how? fuck I just spent 90 euro on 4 large sd cards and the actual adapter
20:07:12handturkeyI don't own an ipod. I have two h300 irivers, one already has an msata drive in it but it draws so much current I can't charge it from usb anymore
20:07:49handturkeythe iflash thing said it draws less power and has fast access speeds
20:14:13__builtinI don't know about the h300, as it has a separate ATA driver than the ipods
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20:38:18handturkeywas it user error
20:38:39handturkeyok well this MSATA is being driven directly BY the iriver going through some crappy adapters
20:38:48handturkeyso here's hoping.
20:38:56handturkeyalso the cards have to be formatted properly
20:39:13handturkeyit says this if you read all the documentation, I hope it was people who didn't do that
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