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#rockbox log for 2018-06-25

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07:06:48Abbottwhat size should album artwork be for an iPod video?
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07:50:30CH23quick question: is there a way to always update the database in the foreground? if it updates in the background i can't see what it's doing and i don't like that.
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08:32:00lukeoftheaurafor some reason when I connect my rockbox-running sansa fuze+ to my PC, two /dev/sd* devices appear (like they should) but each one acts as it has no partitions
08:32:48lukeoftheauraalthough if I go in and check it in fdisk it's fine and then works after that
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11:35:18pamaurywodz: regarding g#519 the reason I did not commit (iirc) was that it essentially broke the volume, maybe on radio, by making the steps super small
11:35:21fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #519 at : Fix volume handling of steps in wps, list and radio by Amaury Pouly
11:35:47pamaurybut maybe changing it in list.c only is safe
11:36:52pamaurythe wps.c file should also be investigated I think
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11:54:49wodzpamaury: I commited change to wps.c in 706e31b
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11:59:30wodzpamaury: I wasn't aware of g#519. radio part looks ok. All targets except Agptek (and propsed patch for amsv2) use 1dB steps for volume so I can't see how this change would make steps super tiny
11:59:33fs-bluebot_Gerrit review #519 at : Fix volume handling of steps in wps, list and radio by Amaury Pouly
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13:38:42pamaurywodz: I don't remember the details but at the time I think it made the radio steps super tiny on some targets, it would be useful to check why. Maybe because some target do not have correct AUDIOHW_ settings
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14:13:48wodzpamaury: I greped AUDIOHW_ related with volume and ONLY target with decimal precision different then 1 and step different then 1 is agptek (and patch which changes step to 1.5dB for amsv2)
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19:23:44massaHi everybody!
19:24:34massain configure script, what is the target_id? And why do several targets have identical ids?
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19:41:14massa@wodz: why did you set the memory variable for the rocker to 6M in configure script? Doesn't it have 32M (and at least 16M available for rockbox)?
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19:54:52pamaurymassa: iirc the target_id is just an internal configure thing, so that if some configure needs to do some target specific action, it can use target_id. In theory they should all be unique
20:08:27massapamaury: so there's no such thing as same target_id means similar device or something?! And the number itself does not mean anything? So I can just choose any unused one for a new target?
20:09:26pamaurymassa: yes I think just use the highest number +1
20:11:03pamaurymassa: actuallu the target_id might also be used to make sure the codecs/plugins are for the target
20:11:23pamauryie each codec embeds the target_id and when rockbox loads a codec, it check that number to see if it matches
20:12:02pamaury(also possibly applies to lang/talk files too)
20:12:07pamauryso yeah just make it unique
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20:20:43massaO.K. and can I access (e.g. as #define) the output / bootoutput content of the configure script inside the sources?
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20:30:02pamaurymassa: what for/which output?
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20:36:17johnb7Just ask your question ...
20:36:19e3kwould you mind to help me with an particular issue about an rockbox supported player?
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20:37:07johnb7describe your problem ...
20:37:39e3ki have now bought a sony NWZ-E384 and i can't find Sony anywhere in the RockboxUtil application...
20:37:55e3kdo i have to install it manually?
20:45:23e3kthank you johnb7 i stopped watching rockbox for a year because of the huge lag there was between the current and the previous release.
20:46:29e3know i realised there were sony players supported and i bought one. before it was sansas but the hw quality is shit. i will now try to manually install that sony. thank you again
20:46:51johnb7no problem
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20:50:51e3know i have got the table of what is actually done
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20:56:24massapamaury: the "bootloader" for the shanling (and also for the agptek rocker) loads rockbox by executing the "output" in the underlying linux system. So it uses the hardcoded name, which must match the one defined in the configure script
20:56:58massaI want to only have a single definition of that name - it should be used as variable inside the code if possible
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20:59:03e3khmm the bootloader is in dropbox and wants me to log in....
21:05:43e3ki have now got some sysinfo displayed on the player Ver: V1
21:05:58e3kArg: CAFEBABE
21:06:07e3kwhat is cafe babe?
21:06:42e3kbattery is 19%
21:06:49e3kwhat is Die?
21:07:09e3kunplugged i am back in rockbox
21:07:20e3kthank you once again johnb7
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21:37:56e3kgot to go. did upload 4 albums to that player and lets see what it does :)
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