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#rockbox log for 2018-06-27

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01:06:02lodzieis * walle303 here?
01:06:45lodzie or __builitin
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02:40:47__builtinit'd be nice if he stuck around longer
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05:00:04montona2Hey I am having some trouble syncing my playlists in rhythmbox to rockbox. I made some playlists on rockbox on my mp3 player but I would prefer to create them in rythmbox and sync them to my mp3 player as that is much easier for me. Thanks
05:01:10montona2What is the best way to sync (if possible) playlists to my player? (ipod nano 2nd gen)
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12:27:38walle303__builtin: lol
12:28:03walle303told you matrix makes more sense for users like that
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16:45:30JordiGHMy Sansa Clip Zip shuts off when squeezed in a particular way. Rarely it freezes with an I/O error. Any suggestions on how to debug?
16:45:54JordiGHI suspect some kind of short or bad connexion with the battery. The battery life seems to be way shorter than it used to be.
16:46:08JordiGHI guess I should open it up, but I don't even know how to do that.
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17:05:30SammysHPJordiGH: i/o error sounds like pcb warping and bad solder joint
17:07:53JordiGHIs this something that would be obvious to an expert if they just open up the device and look around?
17:08:00JordiGHI wonder if I should take it to a repair shop.
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17:28:37BilgusJordiGH unfortunately most electronics are disposable at this point you might have luck with someone that is a hobbyist but even that is doubtful myself i'd take it apart clean the board very well and try my hand at refreshing the solder joints manually or in a reflow oven but it'd likely just break it *more* I'm not sure how the clip(+, zip) acts if you lose the flash in the middle but you could always try the multiboot bootloader and run rockbox
17:28:37Bilgusfrom the sd card just be very careful while flashing the new bootloader because if it were to lockup before it was done copying it'd likely be bricked
17:29:29JordiGHYeah, but clip zips are getting rare.
17:29:36JordiGHI wish I could just buy a new one.
17:29:50JordiGHAnd clip sport, which I've seen in stores, can't do Rockbox.
17:30:10Bilgusand the OF is junk along with the HW
17:30:32BilgusI feel your pain I really like the form factor
17:32:03Bilgusso try the multiboot option as long as it boots it will probably prevent the unit from freezing, I suspect what is happening is the flash disconnects when it tries to read and panics but no guarantee
17:33:30JordiGHYou think a panic would shut down the device?
17:34:58Bilguspanic halts the device I'd think it'd show the message about the I/O error and then be unresponsive till reset
17:35:37JordiGHI've only seen the I/O error once or twice.
17:35:43JordiGHMost of the time it just blacks out immediately.
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17:38:24Bilguscould be a short then you might just try taking it apart and being careful around the screen and with the screen connections use a clean toothbrush and rubbing alcohol (90%) clean it throughly see if it improves
17:38:54Bilgusalso wathch the battery connections no tugging them because they are very thin
17:39:38JordiGHHow do you open it up in the first place? Guitar pick?
17:40:02Bilgusthe battery issue could be a parasitic short or even that the flash chip has a bad connection and is using extra power
17:42:13Bilgusyou start on middle of right side just beyond the sdslot get your spludger or pick in lever it up slightly till it separates go up from there DO NOT pry over the sd slot it will break
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17:43:06Bilgusi use a old credit card and trim a sharp corner with scissors
17:43:33Bilgusno metal..
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17:44:49JordiGHI see. I'll try later.
17:45:00JordiGHI mean, I could buy a new one on ebay, but they're getting very expensive.
17:45:17Bilgussometimes it helps to have an extra strip of card material to leave in the area where its already separated and use a fingernail at the top right corner to start an opening
17:45:58Bilgusjust remember it opens like a book with the charging port as the spine
17:53:13JordiGHThanks, this is helpful informatio.
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