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#rockbox log for 2018-07-04

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15:42:39firestrikeris anyone around still?
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15:56:31firestrikeri have some questions about Rockbox
15:56:34wodzfirestriker: If you have a question just ask
15:56:49firestrikeris it reversable?
15:57:07wodzwhat do you mean?
15:57:36firestrikercan you uninstall it? a bit weird of a question but im just wondering that atm
15:57:56firestrikeri dont know much about rockbox
15:58:25wodzYes, you can restore to original state. It depends on particular player type how exactly
16:02:36firestrikerwhat does rockbox do? like in what ways is it better then the regular fermware
16:03:27firestrikermy player is a Sansa Clip+ btw if you are wondering
16:04:06firestrikeri also have (and i love this little mp3 player) a little sony walkman. not suported but its reg fermware is doing the trick
16:04:13firestrikeri just dont know where i put it lol
16:05:00wodzfirestriker: rockbox plays about every possible audio format, is MUCH customizable, is open so you can alter it if you like.
16:05:44firestrikerdoes it alow the playback of midi files?
16:08:55wodzyes AFAIK.
16:12:41firestrikeri hit auto detect and the installer dispared
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16:22:24_Bilgusfirestriker you need to have your player in MSC mode System Settings>USB Mode>MSC
16:23:07firestrikerhow do i do that?
16:23:31_Bilgusfrom clip+ main menu System Settings>USB Mode>MSC
16:24:48firestrikerfound it
16:25:23firestrikerNow its working
16:29:34_Bilgusthe manual is very comprehensive albeit a bit too much so for a new user but I would recommend a quick glance over it while navigating the options on the player
16:29:56firestrikerno kiding i opned it before i started trying to install it
16:30:16firestrikerits infomation overload
16:31:27firestrikerquestion about the themes, is there a option in the settings to change between them on the player?
16:31:49_Bilgusyes but you need to download themes first
16:32:19_Bilguspersonally I'd get used to the player first with the default theme
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16:33:05firestrikerdo i want to tick the themes box when installing?
16:33:32_Bilgusif you want..
16:36:06firestrikeri will leave that unticked, i will be able to still get themes in the future after getting used to the default theme?
16:38:53_Bilgusyes just download what you like from the themes site at
16:44:23firestrikerdoes it want any version of the fermware?
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16:44:41firestrikeror will the one on this link do the trick
16:48:46_BilgusI don't think it will use one that new we have hard coded the versions we have tested but let me look
16:49:53firestrikerthis is going to be fun..... any idea where i might find the said firmware file its looking for?
16:56:04_Bilgus01.02.18 is supported
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17:13:01firestrikerits worked
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17:55:23firestrikeri think i might somthing, how do i setup a sd card with it?
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18:07:59fireStrikerim back
18:08:47fireStrikerso, how do i set up a micro sd card with the clip + after installing rockbox.
18:09:00fireStrikeri cant find a format mem card or anything like that anyware
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18:24:35fireStrikeri found a folder called Audible
18:24:43fireStrikeris Audible supported?
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18:40:52__builtinfireStriker: no
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18:49:11_BilgusfireStriker, you simply need to format the sd card in your pc or in the slot on the clip+ while plugged to the pc as FAT32
18:50:56_Bilgusalso you might want to put the multiboot bootloader on your clip+ as additional insurance for when the flash wears out follow the instructions here:
18:51:46_Bilgusyou don't need the special firmware just the bootloader then later if you have issues you can run rockbox from the sd card
18:52:12_Bilgusoh wait We might have already pushed the multiboot patch
18:52:54_Bilgusnevermind disregard its already included :)
18:54:00_Bilgusand if you are seeing the audible folder on the sdcard from rockbox you should just be able to copy your music over
18:57:58_Bilgusok yes, you would still need to manually install it, pretty sure that the bootloader hasn't been updated yet as far as rbutil is concerned
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23:55:42moozoohhey there. has anyone tried using a 64gb (or larger) compactflash card with a rockboxed iriver h300?
23:56:12moozoohi'm running into a weird problem and thought maybe somebody who's had that work for them could help me troubleshoot
23:56:55moozoohin short, a 16gb card works. a 64gb card (formatted as fat32 and with a .rockbox folder on it) doesn't
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23:58:54moozoohamong other things the boot loader says "ATA error -81" and "No partition found"
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