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#rockbox log for 2018-07-05

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00:01:27moozoohgonna try formatting it as 32gb or 16gb and see if anything changes
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00:34:28moozoohhmm, nope, creating a 16/32gb partition didn't work, either
00:34:48moozoohcan't understand if there's something i'm doing wrong
00:35:09moozoohthe old card works just fine
00:36:23moozoohbut i put it there almost a decade ago so i don't remember if i did anything differently the previous time :v
00:37:48moozoohthey're of the same brand, too. the old one is a 300x 16gb transcend, and the new one is a 400x 64gb
00:38:07moozoohwindows sees it just fine in usb mode
00:38:44moozoohwhich means both the card and the adapter are working
00:39:23moozoohit appears that either the boot loader or rockbox itself don't play ball
00:41:27moozoohi'd be happy if anyone could confirm and/or suggest something i could do to make things work
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03:15:22FireStriker_Bilgus are you still there
03:20:28FireStrikerdo i still need to do the duel boot?
03:33:59FireStrikeri fell asleep and i didnt see what you said till the morning and then i timed out
03:45:04FireStrikerif anyone is wondering, I have an SANSA Clip + that i just installed RockBox on last night, it has been logged if you want to know more of what was said
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05:42:20FireStrikerBilgus: are you still online?
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07:12:40FireStrikeris anyone here?
07:27:00quaz0rnobody loves you
07:43:00FireStrikerbetter eat some worms
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10:13:24FireStrikerim back
10:13:41FireStrikerare there more fonts for rockbox?
10:14:00FireStrikerlike maybe a 9 or a 10 sized Rockfont font?
10:14:55FireStrikeror a way to modify fonts
10:18:20pixelmaif you installed Rockbox via RbUtil - there should be an option to install the fontpackage
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10:29:03FireStrikerWhats RbUtil?
10:31:04FireStrikerthe installer?
10:31:13FireStrikerinstalled the font package
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11:53:09FireStriker_ whats the best way to rip cd's to FLAC
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12:43:05xD-FireStrikerBilgus ?
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14:20:45moozoohFireStriker">xD-FireStriker: if it's still relevant, any software that supports accuraterip is good enough
14:21:21moozoohexact audio copy and dbpoweramp have been around for like a couple decades
14:21:31moozoohcan't go wrong with those
14:23:23xD-FireStrikerEAC is just too complex for me.
14:23:26xD-FireStrikermight try dbpoweramp
14:23:32xD-FireStrikerwas just using Fre:ac
14:26:32xD-FireStrikeris fre:ac bad moozooh ?
14:28:15moozoohas long as it's bit-identical against the accuraterip database entry it doesn't matter
14:28:20moozoohcan't get better than perfect
14:32:25xD-FireStrikerhow do you check that?
14:34:51moozoohthe software will check automatically if accuraterip is supported and enabled
14:35:13xD-FireStrikerif its not?
14:35:28moozoohthen use one that does :)
14:43:44xD-FireStrikerwhat do you use to rip (if you rip)
14:50:56moozoohi think last time i used eac, but it was six or seven years ago...
14:52:14moozoohtbh i think you can just use foobar2000 these days
14:52:57moozoohbut i don't remember if you can set up the optical drive offset
14:53:37moozoohthat's pretty much the key thing
14:54:31xD-FireStrikeri might look at a better way of doing this later
14:56:27moozoohjust keep in mind that no software does error correction. the only significant difference in actual reading method is how many times it rereads a given sector on the cd to determine if it's read correctly
14:56:54moozoohif the cd surface is good there should be no problem with that
14:57:04moozooheven at a high speed
14:57:25xD-FireStrikerthe one disc thats a little eh was done in foobar
14:57:55moozoohwhat was the problem with it?
14:58:01xD-FireStrikerand just checked it no a scratch
14:58:14xD-FireStrikerits a second hand thrift show find
14:58:23xD-FireStrikerWipEout 2097
14:59:02xD-FireStrikerfound it at a local Vinnies for 3 AUD
14:59:51moozoohok, so what was wrong with the rip?
15:01:27xD-FireStrikeri might rerip it to be safe. i think it had a error with accuraterip
15:03:00moozoohthat could be due to the wrong offset. i think it's by far the most widespread issue with ripping cds
15:05:21moozoohbasically what the ripping program considers the start and the end of the track is shifted either forward or backward a little bit. as a result, the accuraterip check fails and depending on how the content is mixed the start and end of a track might be appended to the next/previous track which is very annoying
15:06:57moozoohespecially jarring if there's a large change in amplitude
15:07:13moozoohwhich sounds like a loud blip
15:09:42xD-FireStrikernot going to do all my cd's today so this batch of like 3 cd's will be a good test with 2 using fre:ac which doesnt use Acuraterip yet and 1 with Foobar
15:11:55moozoohif all else fails, dbpoweramp and eac should have you covered. dbpoweramp's developer is the one that founded the accuraterip database to begin with iirc
15:13:33moozoohand eac has been the go-to tool for generations
15:13:34xD-FireStrikerEAC i need to be a rocket scientist to figure out. why cant it have a big red button saying RIP TO FLAC and just rip at the bitrate of the cd
15:14:18moozoohit's not really as difficult as you make it sound :D
15:14:51moozoohi started using it in high school back in 2001 or so
15:15:05moozoohthere are some very thorough guides
15:15:39xD-FireStrikeri might try and track one down when i go to rip all the cd's in the house in FLAC
15:15:40moozoohi do agree it's not user-friendly, but it's not remotely on the level of setting up e.g. megui with avisynth filter chain
15:15:47moozoohthat is a goddamn nightmare
15:16:18xD-FireStriker"14 out of 14 tracks converted with minor problems."
15:16:40moozoohyeah, i'm 99% sure that\s the offset
15:16:52xD-FireStrikerSource: "cdda://02039681" / index: 1
15:16:52xD-FireStriker AccurateRip status: Not accurate - partial matches with offsets: 239(3), 667(2).
15:17:02xD-FireStrikersame with every track
15:17:38moozoohwas that foobar?
15:18:08xD-FireStrikerfre:ac doesnt have AccurateRip yet
15:18:13moozoohyeah, i don't think you can set up the offset there, and it doesn't seem like it's detected automatically
15:18:20moozoohmaybe there's a plugin, idk
15:18:28moozoohthen to dbpoweramp you go
15:19:08xD-FireStrikerwhat does that translate to in terms of the quality
15:19:32moozoohtracks stat and end at wrong points
15:19:37moozoohthe content itself is intact
15:20:00moozoohwell, mostly −− either the first or the last track has a few ms cut off
15:23:01xD-FireStrikerany clue if the other ones i did in fre:ac would be the same?
15:26:29moozoohhighly likely
15:27:03moozoohyou can rip one of them in foobar and use the bit-compare tool
15:27:46moozoohif the foobar will show the accuraterip error and the rip is identical to the fre:ac one, then it's the same
15:27:59moozoohthe foobar rip*
15:28:20moozoohgah, i suck at english today
15:28:54moozoohgotta go get a different compactflash for my iriver. doesn't look like i'm going to get any help otherwise
15:29:59xD-FireStrikerwhat happned?
15:46:58***No seen item changed, no save performed.
15:51:39xD-FireStrikerIdk if you can help me moozooh but last night Bilgus said something about dual booting RockBox and the OG Firmware and then said the bootloader is updated and said um idk and was a bit confusing but he said this while i was asleep.
15:51:41moozoohiriver h300. mine has been modded to support compactflash cards instead of the hdd that once was there, and i was trying to upgrade the old 16gb card with a 64gb one, but the new card isn't recognized by the boot loader it seems
15:52:08moozoohwhat device?
15:52:39xD-FireStrikerSandisk Sansa clip +
15:52:57moozoohi know nothing about those i'm afraid
15:53:21moozoohonly tried rockbox on irivers and some old iaudio model
15:53:41xD-FireStrikerbeen trying to get a hold of Bilgus all day.
15:53:48xD-FireStrikerthis is my first time messing with rockbox
15:53:58xD-FireStrikerthis is just a random mp3 player we had laying about
15:54:11xD-FireStrikerusing it bc i dont know where i put my walkman
15:55:19moozoohso where di you get stuck?
15:55:39xD-FireStrikeri havent tryed it yet bc what he said confused me
15:55:53moozoohgood start right there
15:56:28moozoohhave you read rockbox installation instructions for sansa clip?
15:56:44xD-FireStrikergot it installed
15:57:11xD-FireStriker8 sized font on a Clip + is not the best size lol
15:57:40moozoohpretty sure you can set font size
15:57:52moozoohanyway, does it work?
15:58:58xD-FireStrikerneed to work on the eq tho
15:59:01moozoohthat does sound like there's no problem
15:59:34moozoohso how can i help you then?
15:59:36xD-FireStrikeryep no issue installing then he said somthing about setting up a dual boot
15:59:43xD-FireStrikerbut idk if thats needed
15:59:53moozoohwell, do you need dual boot?
16:00:33xD-FireStrikeri dont think so
16:00:47moozoohthere. problem solved
16:01:23xD-FireStrikerdoes rockbox suport m4a?
16:02:03moozoohit supports more shit than foobar2000 out of the box
16:02:55moozoohincluding the still somewhat exotic opus, lots of obscure lossless formats, and tracker/chiptune music that you will probably never see
16:03:17moozoohit does support m4a
16:04:08xD-FireStrikerok good, i dont have to do some tricker to get it to work
16:06:25moozoohrockbox is one the most omnivorous music player for any system. at least until a few years ago it could play more music formats than all macos audio players combined
16:07:11moozoohlast time i used a mac was in 2012 though. but i had to use foobar with a wine wrapper because everything else was horrible
16:07:29moozoohno idea if anything's changed significantly
16:11:32moozoohon that note, has anyone run any tests w/r/t battery drain between mp3/vorbis/aac/opus at a similar bitrate and/or quality level for any of the older platforms?
16:14:05moozoohiirc iriver's coldfire doesn't do well with floating point decoders, so newer platforms' results are probably irrelevant as the decoders are likely different
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16:14:33moozooh(correct me if i'm wrong there)
16:15:03xD-FireStrikeri know the clip doesnt like graphics
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16:15:15xD-FireStrikerdoom was nuts
16:15:32xD-FireStrikeri wasnt expecting it to work but the fuzzy nature of it was crazy
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16:25:16xD-FireStrikerare there any downloadable EQ Presets?
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16:31:56FireStrikeridk what happned there
16:35:41moozoohknock yourself out
16:38:26moozoohhis current set actually has over 1200 presets
16:38:38moozoohgood thing i don't use eq...
16:39:55FireStrikeri need to do somthing with the eq, the rockbox install has messed with the way stuff sounds like on this device
16:40:27FireStrikerused to have a bit of base and omfm and now its flat
16:41:25moozoohthat's most likely how it's supposed to sound
16:45:20FireStrikerwhere do you put the presets?
16:48:14moozoohhave you read that guy's post?
16:48:34moozoohthere's an actual guide there
16:49:41FireStrikeri knew that LOL
16:51:03FireStrikerits midnight where i am, a bit tired
16:54:07FireStrikernight all
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