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#rockbox log for 2018-07-20

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03:38:32blebis there some way to build the rockbox music database on my pc?
03:39:04blebwhen i put more stuff on my sd card i'm already waiting for it to transfer, might as well also build the database then
03:39:30blebrather than also having to wait for rockbox to index everything after the card is in
03:39:32CerpinI'd be very interested in this too
03:39:46CerpinAlternatively, a way for the iPod to build it while connected to USB
03:40:07CerpinMy iPod's battery is...ailing and I'd rather have as much of it is as possible for actual music
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04:07:19MarqueteurCerpin: Does it not work when connected to a charge only USB?
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09:46:58elensilhello o/
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10:00:08gevaertsbleb: there is, more or less. There's some information on,20964.msg147146.html#msg147146
10:00:13gevaertsCerpin: ^^
10:00:42gevaertsCerpin: you can charge while using the device
10:01:20gevaertsJust hold a button (menu is recommended because it doesn't do much) while plugging in
10:01:29*gevaerts sometimes recommends reading the manual
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19:34:50electimonI could use some help with my clip zip i've recently acquired
19:35:11electimondoes anyone here know about these?
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22:27:11electimonWiring the pins on the zip not wokring
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22:37:52_Bilguselectimon, wiring the pins?
22:39:10 Join mmint [0] (~mmint@unaffiliated/mmint)
22:39:33electimonnow it works
22:39:36electimonim a bad solder
22:39:45electimonany idea what to do now?
22:40:01electimontypical 32mb raw
22:41:26_Bilgusgenerally that points to bad flash if you have some flux you might try dragging an iron along the flash pins maybe get rid of a bad connection or tin whiskers
22:42:09_Bilgusother than that its kinda dead in the water as no one has successfully replaced the flash chip AFAIK
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22:43:09electimonit boots
22:43:18electimonbut its stuck on refreshing media
22:44:55_Bilgusif its getting to refreshing media then the bootloader is intact
22:45:25_Bilguswhat you need to do is hook up to a pc and wipe the visible part of the drive
22:45:32electimonthats the thing
22:45:40_Bilgusthat will generally get it unstuck
22:45:44electimoni cant get mass storage or mtp
22:46:02_Bilgusif you can't get it to mass storage then you need to use the unbrick guide
22:46:14_Bilgusis it a 4gb or 8gb model?
22:46:23electimonI believe 4gb
22:46:41_Bilgusthen you are in luck I have a 4gb dump for the ClipZip
22:46:55electimonfrom the 32mb partition?
22:48:33_Bilgusso what you will do with a linux based pc or even raspi is get it into "recovery" mode zero out the drive and dd the image to the drive
22:49:01_Bilgusif it is only showing the 32 mb partition it shouldn't be booting to refreshing media
22:49:17electimonwell it does and it takes 40 seconds to do so
22:49:19_Bilgushow do you know its 32 mb if you can't get it to mount?
22:49:45_BilgusI'd be very suspicious of windows
22:50:05electimonyou want me to use linux?
22:50:19_Bilgusyou need to do this from linux, a vm a Live Cd or a raspi
22:50:25electimonIve got 2 laptops
22:50:37_Bilguswindows is terrible for this
22:52:16_Bilgushere is a log of another clip zip user that had a partially bad flash chip
22:53:33electimonshould i download the clip zip recovery image?
22:54:00_Bilgushere is the recovery image post
22:54:21electimonI downloaded them
22:54:51_Bilgusyou won't be able to use recover.sansa you will have to put it in recovery mode manually
22:55:19electimonis there instructions?
22:56:36_Bilgusin that first post I walked a user through the process
22:56:57 Quit Acou_Bass (Quit: byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
22:56:59_Bilgusbe sure to try and get a copy of the current drive contents
22:57:46_Bilgusits manily for seeing what area is failing so you can copy around it but it doubles as insurance
22:58:38 Join Acou_Bass [0] (
22:58:59_Bilgusif you get stuck feel free to ask in here and I can help you on any sticky spots the only place you might have a problem is where I looked at the dump and told him the offsets to use with dd
22:59:29electimonswitched to linux and its giving device descripter error
23:01:27_Bilguscan you type the command and the exact error message?
23:02:00electimondmesg | tail
23:02:06electimonusb error -21
23:02:18electimonusb error -32
23:02:30electimonwhole lot of error codes
23:03:49electimonre entered 32mb mode
23:03:58electimondevice is detected fine now
23:04:29electimondoing backup now
23:05:03_Bilgusif it succeeds you should be able to just dd the image to the device
23:05:50electimonback up done no errors
23:06:18electimonnow what?
23:06:29electimonin the logs, the guy had rockbox and I dont
23:06:31_Bilgusthen power off and DC and reboot then power on the RB bootloader should error out then drop into USB mode replug and see if it has a real drive there
23:06:49_BilgusI put the RB bootloader in those images
23:06:59electimonAlright its start again
23:07:10electimonI did the backup and thats it
23:07:27electimonI have a recovery bin
23:07:28_Bilgusok so now you will dd the recovery image to the device
23:07:35electimonoh alright
23:08:34electimonno errors
23:08:51electimonnow I hold the power and disconnect?
23:08:52_Bilgusok now unplug and power cycle see what comes up
23:09:05_Bilgusd/c then hold power
23:10:09electimonsansa logo
23:10:42_Bilgusjust to double check you didn't hold any buttons when you powered on correct?
23:10:58electimonI holded the power
23:11:03electimonand the logo showed up
23:11:24_Bilgusok then you don't have the hidden partition exposed
23:11:38electimonwhat was the 32mb partition then?
23:11:43_Bilguswhat you will need to do is open the player and short the flash out at boot
23:11:53electimonguess what
23:12:00electimonrefreshing your media
23:12:12_Bilgusyeah we haven't fixed anything yet..
23:12:23electimonwhich chip is the nand?
23:12:42_BilgusIIRC someone posted a pic of which pins on the clip zip disable the flash
23:13:28_Bilgusits on the back side but there should be a set of pads exposed taht you can jump with a small screw driver
23:13:29electimonthat one?
23:13:53electimonif so
23:13:57electimonthats what I did
23:16:04_BilgusI can't get the pic to show up but i'll assume its it
23:16:52 Quit di[m] (Ping timeout: 245 seconds)
23:16:53_Bilgusdid you dd clipzip4GB_RECOVERY_image32.bin to the device or the backup you made?
23:17:10 Quit devponies[m] (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:18:05electimondd if=chipzip,bin of=/dev/sdb
23:18:09electimonno errors
23:19:29_Bilgusok can you upload the original image you made and dd from the device again and post both .bin files for me to look at?
23:20:00electimonum ok
23:20:47 Quit namedpipe (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
23:21:00 Join namedpipe [0] (~namedpipe@2002:c3b5:f6dc::1)
23:21:06_Bilgusalso when you typed sudo fdisk -l did it give you a warning about 'Disk /dev/sdb doesn't contain a valid partition table
23:21:27_Bilgusok then there is an issue
23:21:45_Bilgusso run me through the steps to entering recovery mode
23:21:54electimonok so first
23:21:58_Bilgusyou shorted out the pins
23:22:12electimonif you search that in google
23:22:16electimonand press images
23:22:22electimonyou can see the pins I shorted
23:22:24_Bilguswith the device off plugged the usb while still shorted
23:22:44_Bilgusthen un-shorted the pins
23:22:55electimonlinux said sdb 32mb
23:23:05electimondid dd if=/dev/sdb of=back.img
23:23:08electimonno errors
23:23:25electimondid dd if=clipziprecovery.bin of=/dev/sdb
23:23:27electimonno errors
23:23:36electimonunplugged and holded pwoer
23:23:42electimonsansa logo
23:23:51electimoncurrently at 32mb again
23:25:55electimonthats my backup
23:26:40_Bilgus is what I see in google images lol
23:27:54electimonjust look at this
23:28:19electimonthe file is no longer available so google encoded in base64 and some weird stuff happens
23:29:42electimonso I opened my backup and its all 0
23:29:48electimonthats bad right?
23:30:45_Bilguslooks like the right pins if you get it to show a 32 MB partition it should be good but the not saying it is an invalid partition is throwing me I wonder if someone formatted it
23:31:01electimonyea me too
23:31:12electimonthe backup is just zeros
23:31:14 Quit TheLemonMan (Quit: "It's now safe to turn off your computer.")
23:31:21_Bilgusyeah that means it failed to read but weird that dd didn't throw an error
23:32:07_Bilgusand if its all 00 you shouldn't see the sansa logo or refreshing media
23:32:33electimonsomethings wrong
23:32:37electimonvery very wrong
23:32:50_BilgusI've seen them go read only too but it should let you pull the data at least
23:33:24electimonill do another backup
23:33:28electimonand read directly from linux
23:35:36_Bilgusdd if=/dev/sdb of=backup.bin bs=512
23:36:16_Bilgusyou shouldn't need the count here and it should actually allow you to rip the whole 4gb
23:37:11electimonif the partition is 32mb
23:37:15electimonhow would I get 4gb?
23:37:39electimoni think i was doing it wrong
23:37:47electimonlet me repeat the steps
23:38:01_Bilgusthe recovery mode just unhides the beginning of the drive
23:39:06electimonrewriting recovery
23:39:07_Bilgusits kind of a misnomer since the Clip(s) have a hidden invalid portion that contains the firmware then a valid partition at the 32 mb point with the user accessible data
23:39:08electimonand rebooting
23:39:26electimonoh alright
23:39:28electimonits writing now
23:40:05electimonits going much slower now
23:40:08electimonI think its working
23:41:24_Bilgusthis is the multiboot fw so if you can't get the drive to work you can put a special version of RB on a sd card and boot into that so you can at least use the device
23:41:51electimonid love that
23:41:52_BilgusAssuming you can get it written to the darn thing...
23:44:02electimonSANSA LOGOOOO
23:44:21_Bilgusit might very well be read only
23:44:40electimonits 00000000 still in hexdump
23:45:02electimonis there a way to bypass the database refreshing?
23:45:05_Bilgusso when you plug it without shorting the pins do you get a bigger drive showing?
23:45:12electimonI get nothing
23:45:50_Bilgushmm thats odd
23:46:12electimonafter being on database refreshing
23:46:18electimonits reboots in a while
23:46:28_Bilgusoh because it boots to the sansa FW and hangs at db refresh
23:46:28electimonbadly worded
23:46:38electimonwhen it hangs for a 1 min
23:46:49electimonthe background turns transparently a bit
23:46:58electimonand I can see fm radio
23:47:06electimonthe time moves to
23:47:13electimonand then it reboots
23:47:25_Bilgusgenerally the sansa fw hangs at db refresh because it get stuck on something but with out being able to reformat I don't see how you could ever clear the jam
23:47:38electimonthey make stop firmwares
23:48:01electimonanyways thanks
23:48:05electimonI really wanted it
23:48:45_Bilgusyeah sorry I couldn't help I'd say its gone read only.. ;(
23:49:04electimontrash it is
23:49:10_Bilgusnah save it
23:49:47_Bilgusthe parts fetch a few $$ and someone might eventually figure out the FTL to allow us to replace the flash
23:54:32electimonare the ipod nano 2nd generations worth?
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23:57:07 Part electimon

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