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#rockbox log for 2018-07-24

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03:57:54__builtinWow, that's a long commit message, _Bilgus
03:58:20_Bilgusmonths of work :p
03:58:55_Bilgusoh __builtin any clue why some of the targets wouldn't create new files?
03:59:30_Bilguscp: cannot create regular file '/home/bjst/src/rockbox-rbclient/build-mpiohd200sim/apps/plugins/lua/blit.lua': No such file or directory
03:59:50_BilgusI couldn't reproduce it on my side..
03:59:53__builtinLemme see
04:01:18__builtinOdd, I can't view the build output on the site
04:01:41__builtinAll I get is a blank page with just the target name
04:03:44_Bilguslook at the one just before the revert its the same
04:10:08__builtinI'm guessing the parent directory doesn't exist
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04:13:11_Bilgushmm so should I create it first then or just move it to after the files that create it in the make file?
04:13:53__builtinI'll take a look at the makefile that's doing that
04:14:12__builtin(I don't have a build environment at the moment, though)
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04:18:49_BilgusThe file creates a file within the same directory but maybe I'm missing something
04:20:05_Bilgusno sorry thats
04:24:39__builtinthere's one thing in the lua.make file that stands out to me
04:24:54__builtinyou have the line "+$(LUA_INCLUDELIST): %: $(LUA_INCLUDEDIR)/%.lua"
04:25:59__builtinwhat's the first "%:" supposed to do?
04:26:50_BilgusI think that just prints out CP filename
04:28:10_Bilgusnah maybe not Its been months ago that I wrote this It looks like someone elses code already lol
04:28:37__builtinI don't thiink that's proper syntax, that build rule (though I might be wrong)
04:29:25__builtinyou have two targets on a single line, both with colons after them
04:30:48__builtinyeah, see
04:31:02__builtinit's supposed to be "target1 target2: prereqs1
04:32:08__builtinbut you have "target1: target2: prereqs", with a colon after each target name
04:32:24__builtinalso, why are you specifying a target rule for "%"?
04:36:29_Bilgusit looks like a typo to me
04:38:00_Bilgusit becomes a prerequisite but I think it needs the extension too
04:38:41_Bilgustargets : prerequisites ; recipe
04:38:56_Bilgusmaybe just the semicolon
04:39:51_Bilgusah duh you are right
04:40:20_Bilgusit should be $(LUA_INCLUDELIST) : $(LUA_INCLUDEDIR)/%.lua
04:41:23_Bilgusnope I guess not /home/ubuntu/Desktop/rockbox_gerrit/rockbox/apps/plugins/lua/include_lua/%.lua', needed by `blit'. Stop.
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05:14:51__builtinsorry, wandered off for a bit
05:15:10__builtinwhat exactly are you trying to do with these rules?
05:15:59_BilgusI just need to copy the include files no processing
05:17:18__builtinso you've got files [a, b, c] under include_lua/, right?
05:17:33__builtinand you want to copy them to LUA_BUILDDIR/[a, b, c]?
05:21:17_Bilgusyep CP rockbox/apps/plugins/lua/include_lua[a, b, c] /apps/plugins/lua.[a, b, c]
05:21:34_Bilgusand on install they end up in /.rockbox/rocks/viewers/lua/[a, b, c]
05:21:59_Bilgusit works perfectly on 90% of the targets just not those few
05:27:19__builtinit's just that you've chosen to do it in a really weird way in the Makefile
05:27:49__builtinit would make more sense to add LUA_BUILDDIR/[a,b,c] as the prerequisites of lua.rock
05:28:42__builtinrather than [a, b, c] as you've done now (which causes make to think it needs to create the files [a, b, c] in the *top-level* build directory, not the lua build directory)
05:29:44_BilgusI'm pretty sure I tried that the first time but it puked on it but I'll try again to confirm
05:30:53__builtinthen you'd just need a rule $(LUA_BUILDDIR)/%.lua
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07:11:32fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision aefdd20, 275 builds, 13 clients.
07:13:18_Bilgusfor future reference $(files):%:%.lua is a static pattern
07:25:42fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 849 seconds.
07:25:43fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision aefdd20 result: 22 errors 79 warnings
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07:29:25GyuritzyGood morning
07:30:36_Bilgus@__builtin, I think its an issue with those particular build servers I've one more idea and then I give
07:31:11_Bilgusit seems to follow zagors
07:32:23fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1482a31, 275 builds, 13 clients.
07:34:40_BilgusGyuritzy, are you the person with the Creative Zen X-Fi
07:41:26Gyuritzy@_Bilgus do you think you can give me some advice?
07:42:03_BilgusI saw your post on the forum in linux have you tried looking at the disk give me a minute I think there is a help file on the wiki
07:43:19Gyuritzythe disc is showing up as a 60Mb disc, I can't format it, I can't put any file on it.
07:44:35GyuritzyI can not format all (it says it's formatting but then I get a black screen), I can't erase firmware (error message at the end: Media problem).
07:45:57_Bilgusok so I saw you were trying to put the OF back on the device
07:46:42_Bilgustry putting the RB bootloader on it and follow the instructions for the reformat
07:47:16_Bilgusthe OF are generally pretty rigid in their acceptable parameters also do this from linux
07:47:52Gyuritzythe only bootloader I can get on - which does anything to the player is zenxfi_pcfw_l22_1_04_08e_rk_fresc.nk
07:48:07_Bilgusother than that I'm not familar with the player so you will probably have to talk to pamaury but he is MIA
07:48:33fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 971 seconds.
07:48:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1482a31 result: 0 errors 64 warnings
07:49:05GyuritzyI was hoping to see him (pamaury) on irc...
07:50:02Gyuritzydo you know any other way to contact him? I tried his e-mail...
07:54:51Gyuritzyis there any tool to connect to the player? other than sbloader and sendfirm
07:54:55_BilgusI'm unsure of how else you can besides waiting till he isn't busy
07:55:30GyuritzyI have the feeleing that sendfirm is using the wrong vid:pid
07:55:47_BilgusIIRC sbloader has some other in built commands to change that
07:56:19_BilgusI'm also unsure why the OF file would work but not the rockbox bootloader
07:56:34Gyuritzycan I send the firmware with sbloader? I tried but it does nothing...
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07:59:48Gyuritzypamaury did some changes on the sbloader... oh but then it should work with both booloader files...
08:00:43Gyuritzywhere can I get this tool IIRC sbloader? or is it the one which I already have?
08:01:38GyuritzyI have no ideea why it does not work... I tried all of them, the only one which works is the one I wrote above (the one with fresc)
08:03:14_Bilguswell if sendfirm works i'd its the correct one again I'm sorry but I haven't used that player to give you any real insight
08:03:49Gyuritzysendfirm does not work at all
08:04:14Gyuritzyif I have the player and another usb device, then it will send the file to the usb device...
08:04:27Gyuritzythe only tool which is working is sbloader
08:05:44GyuritzyI could get the creative original firmware updater to see my player and try to send the firmware, but in the end I only get a black screen, I must then reboot and I am back at the begining
08:06:14Gyuritzysendfirm gives me error occured during sending error message
08:10:13_Bilguswell sbloader has some otheroptions you should be able to type sbloader -h in linux to see them
08:11:46_Bilgusalso after you transfer the rbbootloader have you tried hooking up to a charger (NOT THE PC) and see if it might be a super low battery?
08:12:49Gyuritzythe player starts on the pc to charge and then at some point I get the graphic of a full battery
08:15:33_Bilgusnot on the pc..
08:17:48GyuritzyI undocked the player from pc - it says the battery is full
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08:19:16Gyuritzyis there any other way to format the player drive with command lines?
08:32:34fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1b68aea, 275 builds, 13 clients.
08:33:38_BilgusI'm sure there is but I couldn't tell you how
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13:02:58wodzhello, I am not good at UI so I have a question how should bluetooth menu looks like? Basically it should be possible to ON and OFF, scan for devices, connect, disconnect, remove from paired list. Help welcome
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