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#rockbox log for 2018-07-25

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00:47:12flashpointhey who does the ibasso dx90
00:47:59flashpointwill there be a more stable release for it? is someone working on that thing a lot?
00:48:27flashpointor with any consistency?
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03:40:13diggsI've been trying to compile an emulator to run some games on my iPod Photo, but I seem to get stuck when actually looking for information on how to compile. Maybe I'm missing something obvious, but the link I keep getting referred to (How to build Rockbox) seems to help me just build Rockbox−−which I'm not sure if I even have to?
03:40:24diggsAny clarification you need I'd be more than happy to give.
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03:59:00diggsIs anyone even around? I know it tells me to stay, but I don't have all night :/
04:03:02diggsOkay, so I did some more poking around, and all I need to know now is how to actually compile a program to use. I can't seem to find any info out there that really helps me−−I don't need to learn C, I just want to put together this *one* thing (an emulator designed for use with Rockbox)
04:03:24diggs(Specifically, infoNES)
04:05:32__builtinHi diggs
04:06:28__builtinYou want to compile rockbox with infones?
04:08:33diggsYeah. I've got it all set up on the VirtualBox
04:08:51diggsI'm just a bit lost in the documentation
04:10:21diggsRight now, I've finished HowToCompile/Build your own Rockbox
04:12:49diggsNeed any more info?
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04:21:40diggsHey builtin, you still there?
04:24:01diggsCome on, I just need a bit of help here
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04:31:49quaz0rhey sup bro
04:31:51quaz0rwhats good
04:32:14diggsI'm having some trouble figuring out how to compile Rockbox to get an emulator on it
04:32:20diggs(Specifically, infoNES)
04:32:28quaz0rcool im having trouble finding all the white women
04:32:30quaz0rwhere they at?
04:32:57quaz0rback to nerd shit i guess
04:33:21diggsor in my case, back to waiting
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04:44:43diggsanyone around?
04:47:09_Bilgusdiggs where is infoNES coming from generally our plugins get built at the same time as the RockBox build
04:47:51diggsI got it off of the emulators page on the rockbox wiki
04:49:28diggsI just don't know how to get it working (and that's not to say I don't know what I have to do, I just don't know how to compile it into something Rockbox will read)
04:53:44diggsAny help you could give me?
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04:58:59SaratogaApply this code to your local source
04:59:23diggsHow do I do that?
04:59:42SaratogaThen compile and open a new file
04:59:58diggsHow do I compile it?
05:00:01SaratogaCheck the dev guide
05:01:15SaratogaSorry, open a "nes" file not new file
05:01:40diggsWhat do you mean "apply this code to your local source" (specifically, the application part)
05:05:33SaratogaGerrit has code you can apply to your local git repo, if you haven't used git, take a look at the development guide instructions
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05:07:21diggsCan you please be specific about which instructions you are talking about?
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05:23:02diggsI am going insane here. Apparently, I need to generate an ssh key (which is fine), but apparently it is saving to somewhere that does not exist
05:23:45diggsI just want to play SMB on my iPod, and I've been sitting here for almost 2 and a half hours over something that should be *easy*
05:26:55diggsIs there any way to do this *avoiding* gerrit??
05:27:18diggsI am fed up with working on Ubuntu, and I'd rather just get over with it as soon as possible
05:29:03diggsI mean, God forbid I don't respond in 2 seconds, lest the person disappear
05:32:56diggsDoes anyone know how to compile infoNES onto an iPod Photo? I don't care about setting up accounts with Gerrit−−I have the files. I don't care about learning any programming skills−−this is a one-off thing. I just need to know how to compile it into something Rockbox can read, so that I can play some NES games on my iPod.
05:43:30__builtindiggs: I doubt that it will work very well if you get it compiled
05:43:53__builtinI remember the port is very buggy
05:45:14diggsI don't even care anymore. I have the files, I've sunk two-and-a-half hours into this... I just want to get this done
05:45:54__builtinIt's very late here; I've got to go, sorry
05:46:07diggsthat's that then
05:46:10__builtinI'll see if I can help tomorrow
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05:49:45_Bilguswow rage quits make me want to help..
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15:47:31saratogai tried copying my ssh key to a new machine so that I could continue to access gerrit, but i'm getting an error I don't understand:
15:57:22saratogaugh stupid permissions issue
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16:02:17gevaertstoo many read permissions?
16:13:55saratogayeah that was part of it
16:14:30saratogaits really unfortunate that the gerrit web interface is all screwed up and i can't just make new ssh keys
16:20:08gevaertsYes. I've poked Zagor several times about upgrading gerrit (which might fix it, there are things in the changelog that look like they might be the issue), but it's not done yet
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16:43:00wodzsaratoga: A few days ago you asked about MIPS toolchains. What was actual question?
16:57:50gevaertsIt would be better if such poking was done by someone who's actually active I think
17:15:39saratogawodz: what is needed to build mips devices like the x3?
17:16:54saratogai ended up needing g#1747 to get it to compile
17:16:57fs-bluebotGerrit review #1747 at : Update MIPS toolchain to GCC 4.9.4 and binutils 2.26.1, update configure by Amaury Pouly
17:19:27saratogabut i'm not sure if that is just because the port is incomplete or because the updated toolchain is actually needed
17:20:11wodzsaratoga: Our official toolchain is ancient. I couldn't compile it quite a bit ago.
17:20:44saratogayeah i had trouble as well
17:21:30wodzsaratoga: g#1747 makes it possible to compile mips toolchain on modern systems. However Ingenic targets are unmaintained.
17:21:33fs-bluebotGerrit review #1747 at : Update MIPS toolchain to GCC 4.9.4 and binutils 2.26.1, update configure by Amaury Pouly
17:21:54saratogaok good to know
17:23:00wodzsaratoga: The crash reported in x3 thread is not related to compiler IMO. I am almost sure mips threading code got broken. Maybe during agptek stuff merge, I am not sure.
17:24:09wodzsaratoga: The problem is that I have no target to debug and test this. I asked a few times previously if there is someone with jz player to test and got no answer.
17:25:51saratogamaybe 1747 should be committed? It at least builds cleanly
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17:27:52wodzsaratoga: Maybe. Changing toolchain is fragile business.
17:28:18wodzjumping 8 generations of compiler...
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17:34:27alcewods: i think the bluetooth menu should have emphasis on making it as fast as possible to connect because if it is clumsy to use it might not be as useful
17:39:14alcei think it could automatically connect to any paired device as soon as entering menu
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22:54:56asymsucon_Bilgus: Hi, turns out the OLED burnout was a cold joint on the display cable. Seems like a one shot fix which'll end up by either damaging the cable itself or other components.
22:55:35_Bilgusthere should be some conductive epoxies that you could try
22:56:50asymsuconless destructive way might be to put little pressure behind the screen bezel, that's how it functions now
22:57:19asymsuconnot really a fix, but basically risk-free
23:01:44asymsuconBTW, your multiboot is now merged as 1558? Does it still require redirect file on the SD card?
23:03:00_Bilgusyes it also still requires multiboot firmware
23:03:50_BilgusI'm also unsure if any of the bootloaders actually have it as they get rebuilt very infrequently
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23:54:09asymsucon_Bilgus Mihail also worked on improving battery life through CVDD2, couldn't find any update about it. Especially the part where CVDD2 is increased to 127 which makes the output at +6dB undistorted interests me.
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