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#rockbox log for 2018-07-26

00:00:39_BilgusI suspect it has something to do with instability observed on some players as well, I'll eventually get the higher defaults pushed but I'm unsuree about some of the other power saving options they are pretty insignificant compared to the amount of extra code so perhaps i might set them up without a menu interface to keep the un-initiated from using them
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04:00:30fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 056d4b0, 275 builds, 12 clients.
04:23:29fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision dcd71e6, 275 builds, 12 clients.
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10:10:29july26Hi, I did a stupid thing. I accidently saved '0' time for screen-saver to turn off screen & now I cant see anything. Rockbox boots but then screen goes blank. Any ideas? Can I change something in rockbox files to get my screen back .. please?
10:19:09july26I have a sansa fuze+. I tried reinstalling but it just stayed to same.
10:24:11wodzyou can edit config file AFAIK
10:27:46july26Thanks for reply. Any idea which file or what to change? Greenhorn here.
10:35:54july26config.cfg has backlight timeout:off backlight fade in:off, but no mention of screensaver.
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10:50:04gevaertsjuly26: if you can't find the right setting, you could always either remove the entire file or try several times, removing half of the options each time to isolate the "bad" one
10:52:28july26i can't see any options. Do you mean remove the config.cfg file?
10:53:39july26Is there a file which hold the screensaver setting?
10:53:47gevaertsAll settings are in config.cfg
10:53:57gevaertsAnd by "option", I mean a setting line in config.cfg
10:55:09july26maybe I will try backlight timout: on
10:56:48gevaerts lists most of the options with their valid values, but unfortunately not with what they do
10:57:07gevaertsBut yes, "on" is a valid value there so that's worth trying
10:57:47july26Wow. That worked ... I have a menu again. Just for info I changed backlight timout: on and backlight fade in: on.
11:01:30july26Thanks everyone for your help. A stupid thing to do, I was getting used to my new controls and accidentally scrolled all the way to '0' and saved it ... it was all over in seconds. Everything is back again. I'm loving Rockbox its so much quicker than sansa's original firmware. Only downloaded yesterday so I'm still learning. Thankyou.
11:10:58july26Having a look at the menu again I actually switched backlight off. It all happened so quick I wasn't sure. Anyway. Thanks again. Bye
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14:39:31alcewodz: i think one menu with all bt devices from which you can select one and new menu pops up. there you would have connect, disconnect, pair/unpair. ideally you could have it connect automatically to any already paired devices when you enter bt menu. if there are more than one device in range and paired, no connect. even better if entering bt menu would start a thread so that you could immediatelly exit
14:39:37alceand it would connect in background. i think the auto connect would make it really slick to use since you would not at least in theory wait for bt scan to complete.
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14:42:52wodzalce: This implies BT is always Off on start. I am not sure this is what users want.
14:43:56alcei do not have an opinion on that but if you boot
14:44:21alcescroll to bt menu, exit and then scroll to resume or other menu
14:44:51wodzand how would you disable BT other then by rebooting?
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14:45:00alcei do not see how how you could make it much faster
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14:45:39alceyou could enter bt menu and select one that is connected to and select disconnect
14:45:58wodzalce: That disconnects and not disable BT
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14:46:16alcewell you could have it automatic
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14:46:53wodzalce: If bt on/off is saved parameter in config it would be faster as player will autoconnect to known headset on boot
14:46:56alceif you enter bt menu and disconnect, it means you want it bt disabled
14:47:18wodznot really, you want to disconnect from given device
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14:47:49alcei would think if one wants bt they would select it first thing starting up
14:49:27alceyou could have it autoconnect on start
14:49:36alcebut disable if no devices are found
14:50:11wodzalce: Suppose you have bt headset and you want to use it with player. After initial configuration of the palyer to connect to headset I'd expect it to remember my choice and auto connect automatically on every boot without any extra steps like entering bt menu
14:50:31alcewodz: your call
14:51:37alcewodz: you decide
14:52:23alcebut if you try to connect to bt device on start does that not make it slow to start if you do not want bt because you have to scan
14:53:03wodzalce: The thing is 1)I am really terrible at designing UI 2) I don't really use BT so have no strong opinion what is convenient.
14:53:12wodzalce: You don't have to scan really
14:53:26wodzalce: You try to connect to known devices
14:54:14alcei know ui design pretty good but i do not need it much either
14:54:36alceit is all about just making thing faster to use or easier to understand
14:55:25alceyes, but there would still be some delay while you bring bt up and try to connect
14:55:52wodzalce: maybe, I don't know how big
14:55:56alcebefore that is done there will be no alsa device and therefore cant play with 3.5mm jack
14:57:08alcei am not sure if it makes much difference
14:57:21alcehave it connect on start or upon entering bt menu
14:58:57alceit would make sense to remember paired bt devices so you can remove them even if not in range
15:03:28alcei think it would sort itself out after some experimentation
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15:13:42alcei think it would probably be better to have seperate thread to do the bt connect
15:47:49alcei do not know if you have heard about this but
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16:30:16wodzalce: well, open baffle speakers are great but HUGE to perform well
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17:13:17alcewodz: good thing about these is that you could ditch the panels and get new ones if needed
17:14:32alcei built pair of speakers long time ago but they weight about 6kg piece so havent carried them around
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18:03:45SammysHPIMHO rockbox should do it the same way as mobile phones: one Bluetooth menu with an on/off toggle and a list (maybe submenu) of known devices. Then there should be a scan option that lists all unknown devices
18:05:47SammysHPThe on/off toggle can be used as a quick config item (currently not sure how it's called in rockbox)
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