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#rockbox log for 2018-07-30

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07:32:48GyuritzyGood morning
07:38:29GyuritzyI have a problem with sending the firmware to my creative zen x-fi with sendfirm command. it gives an error message, but I noticed if I have another usb device it is sucesful sending to this usb device...
07:55:24devponies[m]are you doing it as root/admin
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08:20:19GyuritzyI am doing it under windows
08:20:49GyuritzyI am running the sendfirm command in cmd window...
08:22:24Gyuritzyif it is only the player connected , then I get an error message, if it is another usb device, I get sending succesful but to the usb device. My player is shown in explorer 60Mb big (instead of 8Gb). Is it ok?
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11:43:21GyuritzyHi devponies, you mean running cmd window as admin?
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20:14:24kingDiLebellium, is there any progress with Nw-wm1 fw extraction, i passed by some logs you and paumary were talking about it
20:15:55lebelliumkingDi: no idea. I have been idle here for something like 6 months if not more. Haven't talked to pamaury since then
20:23:38kingDiMy wm1a bricked while back, had some mails with pamaury with no luck to solve it, i think i might have managed to pull a dump from the flash but its 128gb, i will try to cut it into partitions, i also sent this to him before i know about this irc channel but he seems to be busy, i will try to hang around here more
20:24:11kingDiI tried to check the dump, but i have too little knowledge to figure anything out
20:28:49kingDiAlso, did you check the latest firmware by sony, for wm1a its v2.0 and different from the ones before it, extracted it and contains no NW_WM_FW.UPG file
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21:22:44user890104are there debug symbols for builds that rbutil uses when the user select Development version?
21:24:03user890104that's on ipod6g
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21:37:27user890104it's a build of git master as of now (210881c)
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23:39:50__builtinuser890104: is that upon usb connection?
23:40:39user890104__builtin: after plugging/unplugging several times
23:41:06user890104and OS says that device cannot be mounted
23:41:14__builtinI remember prof_wolfff fixed that problem a while ago, or at least a similar one
23:41:24user890104it was reported by NO_ob
23:41:35__builtinon the forums?
23:41:41user890104here, in irc
23:42:01__builtinoh, in #freemyipod-support
23:42:03user890104yes :)
23:42:52user890104so are there debug symbols, so we can at least look at the relevant piece of code?
23:43:03__builtin should have the maps, but the links are missing :(
23:43:21__builtinI think you should be able to build the same git revision and hopefully get the same addresses
23:44:05__builtinwow, it's been a while since I built rockbox :/
23:45:11user890104it was built on wks-50-63-pamaury
23:45:56user890104but since all build clients use the same cross compiler version...
23:46:33user890104if i can get the .elf, i should be able to load it in IDA
23:47:39__builtinI don't see the elfs available for download anywhere
23:47:58*__builtin is building the same commit right now
23:48:14__builtinand yes, in theory the addresses should be the same
23:52:04__builtinalright, no surprise: the panic is triggered by usb_storage_init_connection()
23:52:15__builtinlet's see what the stack addresses are
23:54:00__builtinoh, duh...
23:54:16__builtin g#1361, which fixes the issue, was never merged
23:54:18fs-bluebotGerrit review #1361 at : Workaround for usb_storage_init_connection() panic by Cástor Muñoz
23:54:35__builtinI think I'll go ahead and merge it now
23:55:40fs-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8f38f85, 275 builds, 13 clients.

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