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#rockbox log for 2018-08-11

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03:11:03flashpointhow difficult would it be to get the iriver h300 to do usb OTG
03:11:22flashpointdoes it have a kernel or... something
03:12:07flashpointhow would one go about putting a driver into the bootloader
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19:02:46kachmidoes anyone know if the site's registration page is working? I've tried a few times, but haven't recieved an account activation email...
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19:36:02et09i had a sansa clip ... looking for a rockbox compatible replacement... 120gb support if possible - any tips?
19:45:28__builtinkachmi: I think it's either broken or intentionally disabled
19:45:32__builtinsomething about spambots
20:03:52kachmiah, ok. Thanks __builtin
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20:06:34kachmiet09: I recently replaced my old Fuze with an AGPTEK Rocker running rockbox and am liking it so far
20:08:13kachmithe layout of its buttons is similar to the clip
20:10:28kachmihaven't tried a 120 gb chip in it yet though...
20:16:52et09rockbox is still the main mp3 player firmware thing right?
20:19:22__builtinet09: what do you mean by "main"?
20:19:35et09idk, dumb question
20:19:54et09meaning there aren't any other big mp3 player firmware software hack-ons
20:21:39__builtinnot on the scale of rockbox
20:22:16__builtinthere is/was the s1mp3 project, but that's for a different range of devices, and it's much smaller
20:22:21__builtinand it's largely dead
20:24:05et09disappointed with the mp3 player market in 2018
20:24:27et09new sandisks not rockboxable and competitors are meh
20:24:51et09any complaints about the agptek kachmi ?
20:30:35kachminothing major
20:31:21kachmioverall it seems to be well constructed
20:31:36et09real use battery life ?
20:32:27kachmithe batter lasts pretty well
20:32:58kachmiI had it running 12 hours on low-medum volume once and it still wasn't cmopletely discharged
20:33:27et09that's good
20:33:50et09tearing my place apart looking for my sansa clip, i think its battery is dead but want to check
20:34:24kachmiand it's run for at least 3 on louder settings too with about half charge remaining
20:35:09kachmihaven't actually run out of battery while listening yet, so not sure about the maxiumum runtime
20:35:41et09review on that one seem a little lukewarm, but mostly ppl complaining about software i think
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20:38:17et09which version?
20:38:44et09v2, v4 etc
20:39:16kachmiI have the v2
20:43:02et09funny how the dedicated computer hwardware manufacturers make the best ones
21:13:37et09awesome i found my sansa clip
21:13:48et09i thought it was gonna be in the last place i looked, but it turned out it was in the second to last place i looked
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