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#rockbox log for 2018-08-18

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17:43:21GyuritzyHello Pamaury
17:43:39GyuritzyI need your help
17:44:32GyuritzyI have some problem installing original firmware on a creative zen x-fi
17:45:01GyuritzyI used your bootloader to wake up my creative
17:45:51pamauryah maybe you are the person who sent me an email? I am way behind on email/messages, I have been busy with real life.
17:46:00GyuritzyBut when I try sendfirm, I get an error message Error occured during sending
17:46:04pamaurySo to clarify, you want to reinstall the OF?
17:46:43GyuritzyI am using windows xp sp3
17:46:49pamauryok, so the usual way to do it is to 1) boot in recovery, 2) select Reload firmware in the menu, 3) use sendfirm to send the original firmware
17:47:19GyuritzyI have uninstalled wmp11 and put wmp10
17:47:50GyuritzyI can not boot my creative without your bootloader the one with fresc
17:48:46GyuritzyI send the booloader, then I try erase firmware
17:49:15GyuritzyBut at the end I get a quick dissapearing error message
17:49:26pamauryyou mean your device boots in hardware recovery mode (black screen, special USB ID)?
17:49:51GyuritzyI think yes...
17:50:05pamauryok that's weird
17:50:05GyuritzyI have a black screen
17:50:17GyuritzyAnd sendfirm is not working
17:50:28pamaurydid you reflash the true bootloader ever or did it just happen one day?
17:50:54GyuritzyI tried to load rockbox
17:51:11GyuritzyBut I failed at formatting
17:51:26GyuritzyI am not sure
17:51:52GyuritzyBut I never installed the bootloader of rockbox
17:52:39GyuritzyYou think that I succeeded sending a rockbox booloader?
17:52:46pamauryI see, sounds like it may be a hardware problem but I am not sure. If you load the original FRESC, what happens exactly?
17:53:27GyuritzyI get the creative screen and the reboot and the I get the recovery screen
17:53:48GyuritzyWith format and erase firmware
17:54:10GyuritzyIf I format, the screen gets black
17:54:55GyuritzyIf I choose reload firmware I get an media error message and then it dissapeares
17:55:29GyuritzyAnd sendfirm gets me an error occured durind sending
17:56:23pamauryOk, so I see two possible explanations: 1) your flash is dead, thus rockbox and OF cannot access it which explains the crashes, 2) the proprietary partition table on the flash was somehow modified/corrupted
17:56:53pamauryIf you give me say 15min, I can build and send you a modified FRESC to test either theory
17:57:36GyuritzyNo problem, thanks for your time
17:57:53GyuritzyI try to connect from my pc
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18:02:41gyuritzy_I am connected from my pc with the user gyurity_
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18:12:48pamauryI have a prototype, but I just realized I can't test it on my xfi because I cannot boot in hardware recovery mode (it requires to open the device and disconnect the battery)
18:13:13pamauryI can send you the file for you to try though
18:13:36gyuritzy_I will try
18:13:47pamaurygive me a minute, I will upload it
18:14:47pamauryyou need to upload it using sbtool, just like FRESC
18:14:56gyuritzy_I will have to send it to creative with sbloader right?
18:15:38pamauryif it works, you should see a black screen with some lines printed in white, and it should connect over USB as a disk. DO NOT FORMAT IT
18:17:43 Quit Gyuritzy (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:18:15gyuritzy_something strange happened
18:19:03pamaurywhat exactly?
18:19:43gyuritzy_you are right
18:19:44gyuritzy_I see the lines
18:21:42pamauryout of curiosity, what does the battery line show? It's also possible your battery is super low, I've seen this behavior on older ZEN-V devices
18:21:48pamaurydoes it connect over usb as a disk?
18:22:30 Join gyuritzy [0] (5b175375@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:22:57gyuritzysorry something heppened with my connection
18:23:26gyuritzyare you still here?
18:23:35gyuritzyso I see Boot version
18:23:42gyuritzyI see Boot arg
18:23:47pamauryyes I'm here
18:23:52gyuritzyI see Boot addr
18:24:06gyuritzyNo partition found
18:24:15gyuritzyUSB connecting
18:24:19 Quit gyuritzy_ (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:24:25gyuritzyBootloader USB mode
18:24:41gyuritzy charging status
18:24:58gyuritzyBattery 82%
18:26:01gyuritzyDie temp 39`
18:27:11pamauryok so it seems to be working, mhmmmmm, and did Windows detect a device over USB?
18:28:33 Join gyuritzy_ [0] (5b175375@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:28:53gyuritzy_I don't know what happened
18:29:03gyuritzy_I keep loosing the connection
18:29:49gyuritzy_are you still here?
18:30:05gyuritzy_did you see whatI wrote?
18:30:15gyuritzy_what should I see?
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18:30:43gyuritzy_it says gyuritzy has quit :(
18:30:55pamaurydid Windows detect a device over USB?
18:31:48gyuritzy_I see 2 additional drives
18:32:11gyuritzy_butI can not acces them
18:33:37gyuritzy_what should I see?
18:34:05pamauryWell on Windows I don't know, I only use Linux. I don't expect Windows to be able to open any partition
18:34:44pamauryI suppose you don't have access to Linux?
18:35:29 Join gyuritzy [0] (5b175375@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:37:16 Join gyuritzy__ [0] (5b175375@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
18:37:26gyuritzy__what is happening
18:37:40gyuritzy__I am thrown out...
18:37:44pamaurygyuritzy__: on disconnect, read to see the IRC logs, it avoids repeating things
18:38:04 Quit gyuritzy_ (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:38:19pamaurywhich software are you using for IRC?
18:40:16 Quit gyuritzy (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
18:40:21pamauryok, strange that it doesn't work
18:40:39gyuritzy__the battery is at 82%
18:40:51gyuritzy__it seems ok now
18:41:02gyuritzy__what can I do at this point?
18:41:10pamaurygyuritzy__: did you see my comment about ?
18:41:22gyuritzy__about linux/
18:41:27pamauryyou can read the log so that we don't have to repeat things all the time.
18:41:54pamauryWell if you have a simple way of running linux that would help, otherwise I will need a bit of time to write something that runs under Windows.
18:42:05pamauryI don't really know what is the problem at this point
18:42:45gyuritzy__I can only run a bootable linux
18:42:52gyuritzy__but I am newby
18:43:04gyuritzy__I can not use it really
18:43:30pamaurythe simplest thing to do is to dump part of the disk and send me the data so I can inspect it. That should be doable even under Windows
18:44:22pamauryI don't know yet :P Give me some time, I have Windows in a virtual machine so I can see what options we have :)
19:01:21gyuritzy__is there any way to install the original firmware in this stadium?
19:04:16pamaurywell the usual way to install the original firmware is to use sendfirm
19:04:34pamaurybut in your case it seems like Creative's bootloader is failing for some reason
19:05:59gyuritzy__at the end of update firmware I get a short message media error on the display of my xfi
19:06:16gyuritzy__then its back to the same screen
19:06:43gyuritzy__If I try again to update firmware... it turns the screen black
19:07:04gyuritzy__and sendfirm is giving me an error
19:07:48pamaurystupid question but are you 100% sure you are sending the right file with sendfirm?
19:08:34gyuritzy__I am sending the file ZENXFI_PCFW_L22_1_04_08e_rk.bin
19:09:24gyuritzy__I think you posted it in the forum
19:10:00gyuritzy__is it the corect one?
19:10:04pamauryyeah sounds correct
19:12:49gyuritzy__could it be the sendfirm.exe which is not correct?
19:13:41gyuritzy__you also had to rewrite sbloader to send the bootloader to the zen xfi...
19:14:05gyuritzy__something with smp3700...
19:14:49pamauryboth are heavily tested, it would be surprising
19:15:10pamaurysbloader works since you successfully loaded my modified FRESC
19:15:34gyuritzy__but not any sbloader
19:16:50gyuritzy__sb_loader 246kb does not work
19:16:57gyuritzy__and also sbloader_1
19:17:03gyuritzy__is not working
19:20:00gyuritzy__is it possible to send the original firmware with sbloader?
19:20:38pamauryI don't know what are those sbloader_1 and sb_loader
19:20:42pamauryno it's not possible
19:21:25pamaurymaybe there are still old versions of the tools lying around
19:21:43gyuritzy__you uploaded these files
19:23:03pamaurysb_loader is Freescale's tool
19:23:37pamaurywe don't support sbloader on Windows, we only have a Linux version
19:24:37pamauryour Linux version is more powerful, it supports devices that Freescale's tool does not (stmp3700 based devices mostly)
19:25:14gyuritzy__you think that we could do more if I switch to linux?
19:25:28gyuritzy__I also tried the sendfirm under linux...
19:25:33gyuritzy__but to no avail
19:26:11pamauryI kind of wrote a windows port of the tool at some point but it's unmainted.
19:26:20pamauryIf you can run linux that would be very helpful#
19:26:23pamauryto debug
19:26:52gyuritzy__but I can't do it by myself...
19:27:54pamauryyou mean you don't know how to run linux?
19:30:00gyuritzy__I am newby in linux
19:31:13pamauryok, I will continue to try to make something work on Windows but I can't guarantee anything
19:31:14gyuritzy__if you tell me the command... I can run it...
19:31:23pamauryI can tell you what to run on linux
19:31:46pamaurybut you need to be able to at least boot linux and connect to the internet
19:31:57gyuritzy__I try
19:32:15gyuritzy__I will reboot my computer to boot linux
19:32:48 Quit gyuritzy__ (Quit: Page closed)
19:44:16 Join gyuritzy [0] (5b175375@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:44:25gyuritzyback online
19:44:55pamauryare you on linux?
19:45:38pamauryok, so you need to download
19:45:46pamaury(note that this is not the same as previously)
19:46:29pamauryand sbloader for linux:
19:50:21 Quit krabador (Remote host closed the connection)
19:50:35gyuritzywhat is the command?
19:51:25pamauryto download?
19:51:37gyuritzyto run sbloader
19:51:56gyuritzyI tried sloader_32 but it says command notfound
19:52:09pamauryah ok, once you have it, open a terminal, make sure both files are in the same directory and run
19:52:55gyuritzyno device found
19:53:47pamauryhmmm, try to run
19:54:30pamaurydoes it have a line that says Freescale or STMP recovery mode?
19:54:42pamauryah wait I'm stupid
19:54:59pamauryyou need to run it as root probably:
19:54:59pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32
19:55:02gyuritzyit says creative technology
19:55:38gyuritzyno device found
19:55:40gyuritzythe same
19:57:05pamauryah I remember now, Creative tweaked the usb ID, the version of sbloader_32 must be old. Can you give me the full line of lsusb that has Creative technology?
19:58:15gyuritzyBus 001 Device 005: ID 041e:415a Creative Technology, Ltd
19:58:41gyuritzyhow long will you be here?
19:59:00pamauryok, so try this:
19:59:00pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -b 041e:415a
19:59:05pamauryall of tonight
19:59:18pamauryie for the next 4/5h or so
19:59:33gyuritzycan I get backto you later? Sorry but I have to go now...
19:59:33pamauryoops there is a mistake above
19:59:41pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -u 041e:415a
19:59:44pamaurysure no problem
20:00:49gyuritzycannot probe transfersize
20:01:03gyuritzyplease specify in comment line
20:01:17pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -u 041e:415a -x 1024
20:01:29pamaurynot entirely sure this will work but let's see
20:03:38gyuritzytransfer error at init step
20:04:40pamauryokm unplug the device and replug, and try
20:04:46pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -u 041e:415a -x 64
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20:47:19gyuritzytransfer error at init step
20:47:31gyuritzyerror cannot get status report
20:50:05pamaurymhmmmm, this may require a kernel quirk, wait a minute
20:51:24pamaurytry the following:
20:51:24pamauryrmmod usbhid && modprobe usbhid quirks=0x041e:0x415a:0x0004
20:51:24pamaurythen unplug the device, replug it, and retry (first without the -x flag)
20:51:41pamauryarg you will need sudo:
20:51:41pamaurysudo rmmod usbhid && sudo modprobe usbhid quirks=0x041e:0x415a:0x0004
20:52:18pamauryand then (after you unpluged and replugged the device)
20:52:18pamaurysudo ./sbloader_32 -u 041e:415a
20:53:40gyuritzycould not insert usbhid
20:53:56gyuritzyoperation not permited
20:54:42gyuritzyI forgot the second sudo
20:54:56gyuritzybut another error
20:55:12gyuritzymodule usbhid is not currently loaded
20:55:43pamauryah, ok in this case just do the second one:
20:55:43pamaurysudo modprobe usbhid quirks=0x041e:0x415a:0x0004
20:57:15gyuritzy passed
20:57:53gyuritzydevice notifier rockbox media player
20:59:07pamauryok cool :)
20:59:46gyuritzyaprox the same screen
20:59:47pamauryok now please run the following:
20:59:47pamaurysudo dd if=/dev/sdb bs=1M count=1 of=zenxfi-short-dump.bin
20:59:59gyuritzythe black one with small letters
21:00:29pamauryif everything goes well, it should print something like "1+0 record read", "1+0 record write" or something like that. And you should have a new file called zenxfi-short-dump.bin in the directory
21:01:46gyuritzydd unrecognized operand count
21:02:30gyuritzysorry misstype
21:02:39pamauryah ok, I was afraid ^^
21:03:28gyuritzyI have it
21:03:34gyuritzythe file I mean
21:03:41pamaurycan you email it to me, or upload it somewhere?
21:03:48gyuritzyhow can I send it to you
21:04:32pamauryyou can email it to
21:04:32pamauryor upload it on some sharing website online
21:07:53gyuritzyI sent it to your e-mail
21:08:20gyuritzythe one with
21:09:07pamauryok got it, let me have a look
21:10:17pamauryah I think we dumped the wrong disk
21:10:23pamaurycan you run
21:10:23pamauryls /dev/sd*
21:10:30gyuritzyI sent it also on the other email adress
21:11:23gyuritzysda sda1 sda2 sdb sdc sdb1 sda5 sdd
21:11:36gyuritzywith /dev/
21:11:39gyuritzyin front
21:11:51pamauryok so can you please re-run the above command but replace /dev/sdb by /dev/sdc
21:12:08pamaurysudo dd if=/dev/sdc bs=1M count=1 of=zenxfi-short-dump.bin
21:12:15pamauryand send me the file again
21:12:27gyuritzyno device
21:12:40pamaurydo you still have the device plugged?
21:12:57pamauryhmmm, ok try to unplug it first
21:13:19pamauryyes that's expected
21:13:19gyuritzybt end
21:13:28gyuritzyplug it back?
21:13:38pamauryfirst run
21:13:39pamauryls /dev/sd*
21:13:46pamaurythen press any button and replug it
21:14:33gyuritzybut the same screen with panic
21:15:49gyuritzyit is not detected
21:15:49pamaurydid you run ls /dev/sd*
21:15:56pamauryit doesn't go awat if you press buttons?
21:16:03pamauryif not, hit the reset button
21:16:13pamaury(with a pen)
21:16:37gyuritzynow the screen is black
21:16:52gyuritzyI need to run sbloader again?
21:19:18gyuritzyI get the big list now
21:19:42gyuritzysdc and sdd is new
21:20:00pamauryok, now try again the command with /dev/sdc
21:20:34gyuritzyNo medium found
21:20:51pamauryweird, do you have a SD card inserted or not?
21:20:52gyuritzydd: failed to open
21:21:10gyuritzyno sd card
21:21:22pamaurytry with /dev/sdd
21:21:31pamaurysudo dd if=/dev/sdd bs=1M count=1 of=zenxfi-short-dump.bin
21:21:32gyuritzyalso not working
21:22:06gyuritzyshould I delet the old file?
21:22:25pamaurymmmh, can you run
21:22:25pamaurysudo dmesg | tail -40
21:22:25pamauryand copy paste the output on
21:22:31pamauryno it doesn't make a difference
21:24:57gyuritzyI pasted it
21:25:33pamaurythen press "Create new Paste" and write here the URL of the page
21:26:57pamaurythat's really odd
21:27:12pamaurycan you retry
21:27:12pamaurysudo dd if=/dev/sdc bs=1M count=1 of=zenxfi-short-dump.bin
21:29:21gyuritzystill no medium found
21:29:52pamaurythat's not very good, maybe there is a problem with the flash of your device
21:30:29pamauryI would need to modify the code to print more information to be sure
21:31:03gyuritzywhich code do you mean?
21:32:21pamauryI will send you a modified FRESC later
21:32:23 Quit Moarc (Quit: i znowu NADMUCHAƁ BALONA)
21:32:48pamaury(the code in the modified FRESC)
21:39:21 Join Moarc [0] (
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22:29:08gyuritzywhen do you think you will make it? thanks.
22:37:41 Quit JanC (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
22:39:36 Quit dys (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
22:42:08 Join JanC [0] (~janc@lugwv/member/JanC)
22:47:37gyuritzycould you please send me the file link to my e-mail adress?
22:48:07gyuritzyI will retire this evening...
22:48:29gyuritzywill you be here tomorrow?
22:56:42gyuritzyhave a nice evening/night
23:00:58 Quit gyuritzy (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
23:41:34 Quit smoke_fumus (Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium

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