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#rockbox log for 2018-10-03

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02:30:32digitalpickleSony NWZ-E385, COMP.1.00.2000, PROD.1.00.2000
02:30:40digitalpickleCan anyone walk me through entering recovery mode?
02:30:52digitalpickleI'm pulling my hair trying to get it to work.
02:57:22digitalpickleVer: V1
02:57:27digitalpickleArg: CAFEBABE
02:57:32digitalpickleAddr: 40000000
02:57:50digitalpickleand so one. Is this a Rockbox or Sony screen?
02:58:54TorCdigitalpickle: pamaury is the primary person to contact about the Sony players. He isn't here right now, though.
02:59:37digitalpickleI guess I can check the logs and see when he's active and try later.
03:00:13digitalpickleMy biggest problem was the freakin' dropbox link. "Save link as" is not your friend.
03:04:43digitalpickleOops. "Loading firmware" "File not found"
03:06:15digitalpickleBut windows did show it as a Rockbox device
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03:13:42digitalpickleWell, crap. I'm guessing I have a rockbox bootloader, but no application firmware.
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03:18:52digitalpickleAnd there's a Panic with Stkov (stack overflow?)
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03:36:12digitalpickleSorry for the noise; I think it's working now.
03:36:29digitalpickleI had the bootloader, but not the -E375 rockbox files.
03:46:13Mir_no problem
03:46:22Mir_i am finding this to be some interesting reading
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03:56:46digitalpickleI think the two big issues were not knowing what the Sony 'recovery mode' looks like
03:57:06digitalpickleAnd not understanding that I needed to copy the .rockbox directory over
03:59:37digitalpickleAnd maybe forgetting that Sony runs in the wrong USB mode by default
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05:36:34AbbottI am having problems with the iPod Video 5.5 with 500GB mSATA drive from I can get past the -11 error from before with the rockbox i built, but on both 3.14 and on latest master, the ipod will freeze shortly after booting and i have to hard reset to get it back
05:36:42Abbottis there anything I can do to fix or troubleshoot this?
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06:27:17AbbottI found a patched version of the 3.13 fw here:,51250.msg237135.html#msg237135
06:27:36Abbottbut they didnt' detail how they patched it, so I don't know how I will be able to update to 3.14
06:27:49Abbottthe 3.13 version there works
06:45:09Abbottk I posted on the forums about all of this:
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09:43:57biglaOkay, so the rockbox version i am using is 3.14, the SD Cards are 2gb (noname) 64gb Sandisk 32gb Kingston, i formatted (fat32, msdos partition table) all of them using gparted (but did not try the windows formatter). Looking at 'disk info' microsd 1 is not found. HWInfo says AMSv2 variant 2. But no luck with the SDCards (neither plugging them in while running, nor plugging them in when off). Sansa firmware is newest version
09:43:57bigla(01.02.18A). Formatting the thing and Resetting to factory settings did not help either.
09:45:41biglaAny clue how i could debug simply wether there is some hardware defect with the card reader? is there any pin, lane i could check visually when opening up the case? I mean i never really threw the clip+ around breaking stuff, but one never knows, maybe there is some problem with the soldering/caps whatever.
09:47:06biglaI don't ever remember seeing the SD card when plugging the clip+ to windows/linux via usb (mtp/msc).
09:48:58biglaah... type of cards... microsd 2gb noname - no type, 32gb Xlayer (not kingston) sdhc, 64gb sandisk ultra sdxc.
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10:15:59Bilgusbigla does the OriginalFirmware recognize the card?
10:16:18Bilgusif not then It is most likely a hardware problem
10:16:24biglaNo - unfortunately not.
10:17:00Bilgusthe device uses a card detect pin that makes contact when the card is inserted so that could be one failure point
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10:18:39Bilgusthe sansas use a click lock type of socket and its possible it got messed up but you can try with one of those nail file emery boards to cut it the same width as the smallest width of the sdcard and insert and remove it from the socket a few times
10:21:41Bilgussomething resembling this:
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10:24:23Bilgusbeyond that I tried to replace the socket on a clip+ and let me tell you it is a fiddly process with the smallest most easily melted pins you have ever seen so I'd recommend you skip trying it and just use the device as is
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10:34:20biglacan't imagine how i could debug the card detect pin (nor where the connection really should happen), never heard of nail file emery boards (gonna look that up now) ... oh you mean to scrub the contacts clean? ... i know a few good solderers - And we have the equipment, but i am not sure what kind of socket i have to look for (name, make etc.)
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10:35:34biglaunfortunately 8gb dont suffice for my music (and hoarding) cravings... i imagine loading 64gb once, and using it for some year(s). I hate to hear songs twice in a short period of time. (1st world problem, i know)
10:36:36Bilgusyes to scrub the contacts clean and I got my card socket from a clip sport
10:38:26biglahm. so i have to look for one of those. maybe i will be lucky in the evening (its 10.37 here) . so i will have a look later. Thank you Bilgus for your advice - is there any way to contact you for some help regarding the fiddly process, pointers where to start etc.
10:39:27Bilgusits pretty straight forward desolder resolder just use a hot air gun
10:41:05biglaokay thanks!
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10:44:01wodz... and kapton tape to protect plastic bits
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11:33:01bigla@wodz, cool, didn't know the name of that. THX
11:37:35wodzyou welcome
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12:13:51XehaAbbott: thanks for the info, was thinking about buying one of the iflash mSATA adapters lately.
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23:11:00MarcAndersenHi. I found these mp3 players in an online shop: Intenso 3601460 and Trekstor i.Beat cebrax 2.0. Is there any chance of rockbox for these?
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