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#rockbox log for 2018-10-21

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01:44:21cxlHi, I have a sansa clip+ with rockbox 3.13. The player has been doing weird things for a while, I just took a look at the partition table with fdisk -l, and it lists crazy things like a 930GB Novell partition on it. I suspect the whole FAT is corrupt. How do I go about fixing it? Can I delete all partitions, make one FAT32 partition, and extract the rockbox 3.14 zip file on it and reboot?
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04:48:58_Bilguscxl, maybe
04:49:47_Bilgusyou also run the risk of corrupting it worse, best bet is to just use the sd card from now on
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12:10:13kirvesAxeSo I ordered an AGPtek Rocker now, just wondering if it is supported by the installer or do I have to dig deeper into the Rockbox installation process :)
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17:09:18cxlso I ended up formatting it from the sandisk firmware, connecting it to my linux box again, and reinstalling rockbox from scratch (the bootloader was still there)
17:09:33cxlNow it works well, but I have lost all my setting (expected)
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21:36:32_Bilguscxl if it is working you might want to put the multiboot bootloader on there at least and possibly run from the sd card as well because itll eventually go read only or die
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22:08:36saratoga_Bilgus: could those bootloaders be made default for new installs?
22:08:57saratoga_seems useful to have
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22:10:59cxl_Bilgus: I think the flash just got messed up because it wasn't formatted/unmounted properly too many times, not because the flash is going bad. Didn't write very much to it, all music is on the SD since day 1 a couple years ago
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22:11:31_Bilgusyeah its in head already the bootloaders just need updated
22:11:55saratoga_the builds that have been well tested could be uploaded to
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22:12:34_Bilgusnow as for the firmware to actually run it is (was) waiting for jhmikes to finish his filesystem changes but I can rework if he has left for good
22:13:10saratoga_he comes and goes
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22:13:38_Bilgusfor sure the clip+ zip and fuze v2 are well tested but I didn't add any player that didn't get tested by at least one person
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22:14:07saratoga_as long as his changes don't require bootloader updates, might as well move people to the newer bootloader
22:14:11saratoga_its probably a lot safer
22:14:25_Bilgusno his changes are all firmware side
22:14:48saratoga_so to recover from a read only flash you would just need to install a custom build?
22:15:39_Bilgusfor that matter you could boot the current version on an sdcard with the new bootloaders but it doesn't remap the drives
22:16:45_Bilguswell you couldn't recover from readonly flash but it makes the player able to run and write to the sd card
22:19:27_BilgusI've been running my clip+ from the sdcard daily 8hrs/ day 4-5 days / week since I uploaded those builds what may 2017 not that it had flash issues
22:22:18_Bilgusbasically if you want to run from sdcard you just need a special file on the sdcard and the custom build the bootloader will then recognize this and boot from the path in the special file its up on the forums
22:24:12_Bilgusit also comes in handy for testing multiple builds but I doubt many people would find that useful ;p
22:25:02saratoga_when you get a chance, update the official bootloader builds for the ones you've tested
22:25:46saratoga_is there something in the manual as well? might be nice to have a paragraph in the installation section mentioning it
22:26:46_Bilguswe were debating that at one point but didn't really come to consensus
22:27:09_Bilguswhere do I upload the builds to?
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22:30:15saratoga_have to email bagder or zagor to move the files over I believe
22:30:20saratoga_unless someone else has access?
22:31:01_Bilgusah ok
22:34:53_BilgusI'll recheck everything and add a blurb in the manual in the next week or so
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