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#rockbox log for 2018-10-22

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17:06:51speachywho should I ping about some patches to chessbox?
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17:08:38speachylooking to continue merging the lower-hanging fruit in Poretsky's tree, and there's a set of improvements to chessbox in there. (full speech, game saving/replaying..)
17:10:22gevaertsI suspect chessbox doesn't have anyone who counts as an active maintainer these days
17:10:57gevaertsMaybe __builtin cares, as someone who tends to do plugins?
17:10:58speachythere's a ton of speech-related enhancements in his tree.
17:11:13speachyprobably the single main thing he cares about
17:13:26speachyOTOH, the chessbox patches depend on other that enhance the plugin API to better support speech. I expect that that willl warrant proper/wider review.
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17:23:04speachyany thoughts on #1943?
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17:24:00speachyfor audiobook folks, this is a boon. for everyone else, it's potentially annoying.
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17:55:58_BilgusI'm not sure how I feel about doing that I think I'd rather see it stored in the bookmark rather than systemwide
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17:59:52_Bilgusspeachy, I fixed a bug in chessbox dealing with Gamelist overflow and a pgn parsing error so make sure you don't reintroduce the bugs with changes
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18:52:44lolflacSo I've found some reproducible crashing FLACs on latest stable build on iPod 5.5 80GB. After I've checked they're not corrupt and work on other players, what steps should I take to try and debug this? I'm happy to try and fix this myself as a little project. Thanks.
18:52:58lolflacWhen I say crash, they skip to the next song at a certain part of the track.
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19:01:51lolflacpamaury - are you able to help me with some newbie questions about debugging?
19:03:54pamaurylolflac: hi, maybe, I'm not so active in the project at the moment but I can try
19:04:44lolflacThanks. Essentially I have some FLACs that skip to the next track consistently at the same point in the song. I've yet to check they rsynced fine and other players handle them, but if that's okay, how should I proceed to debug it? Thanks again.
19:05:44speachy_Bilgus, I'll need to untangle some of the speech related patches before the chessbox stuff could go in. Or start at the beginnig of the overall series rather than bits out of the middle. :)
19:06:36pamaurylolflac: hmmm, unfortunately I know next to nothing about the codecs :-/ saratoga is the codec expert, maybe _Bilgus can help?
19:07:07lolflacThanks anyway :) I'll wait for any of them to respond.
19:07:41speachylolflac, it does seem prudent to make sure the files aren't corrupt first.
19:07:46_Bilguschessbox is a mess to say the least but a quick glance it looks like there is nothing untoward but I wonder if pgn saves are actually fully fixed
19:08:10speachynot saying the rb flac code isn't buggy, mind you..
19:08:13lolflacspeachy: I will do ASAP, just looking for info on how to proceed when I get a chance to
19:08:28lolflacIs the FLAC a new implementation, or ported from the reference?
19:08:42speachyported from the reference , albeit some time ago
19:08:57_Bilguswhen you say the play fine on other players do you mean other players with rockbox?
19:09:07speachyso it's likely there are bugfixes that aren't in the rb tree.
19:09:37lolflac_Bilgus: other players generally
19:09:59lolflacPlays fine on Android
19:10:01speachyit could also be something that requires more runtime resources to decode than rb can handle.
19:10:21lolflacAny indication given if it is out of resources that I'd be able to see?
19:10:32*speachy has some largeish mp4 files that cause rb to choke.
19:11:32_Bilgusor the ipod corrupting them .. lolflac do you have any non-copyrighted songs that exibit the behavior that you could upload somewhere?
19:11:52lolflacOnly found it on two copyrighted songs sofar
19:12:01lolflacFrom the same album, interestingly enough
19:12:06lolflacPerhaps a newer encoder from BC?
19:12:08lolflacAs in
19:12:13lolflacNewer version of FLAC encoder
19:12:52_BilgusI'd look at album art first
19:13:16lolflacOther tracks from same album are fine
19:13:19speachyrb's flac decoder is a snapshot from ffmpeg back in 2005
19:13:34speachyand "heavily modified"
19:13:57lolflacAs an aside, is there a chance of porting ffmpeg to do all media processing in rb?
19:14:28speachychance, yes. likely, nope. :)
19:14:48_Bilgusnot without a whole lot of work
19:14:56speachyffmpeg isn't targeting the sorts of resource-constrained devices that rb runs on.
19:20:03lolflacFalse alarm. MD5s don't match, so corrupt I guess
19:20:11lolflacI thought rsync checked that
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19:24:19lolflacNope, seems I need to resync with the -c option
19:24:26lolflacThanks for your help, everyone
19:24:29 Part lolflac
19:25:04_Bilgusanytime, eventually :p
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23:25:22CorunHiya. I'm playing writing a plugin for rockbox to track my calorie intake etc. I'd really like to not have to startup the device (iPod Nano 2G), so I disabled the shutdown timer stuff. That works but the battery usage is a little high. I do want to update the screen regularly while the screen is on though so I settled on:
23:25:56CorunCan I reduce battery usage more than that? It feels (although I haven't really measured it) like if I leave it idling in the main menu then I use less battery
23:28:00CorunAlso just want to say that this project is amazing! I showed a few people at work what I was working on and they're like "a fun weekend getting your old iPod to run stuff eh?" and I'm like "no man, took me like 3 hours from scratch because this rockbox project is amazing. No difficulty getting it to build, easy to understand how to write a plugin, just worked, A++++" :-)
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